Trump Won’t Nuke Obama for Wiretapping. Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Trump Won't Nuke Obama for Wiretapping. Here's Why (VIDEO) | obama-wiretapping | Multimedia Obama Exposed Trump US News

By: Barry Soetoro |

Obama bugged Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign, but what’s really behind ObamaGate wiretapping? Obama’s excuse is ‘Russia,’ but Obama also bugged AP and the House of Representatives cloakroom.

On the surface, the Deep State appears to be ‘going after’ Trump in a brutal turf war. So why doesn’t President Trump just “nuke” Obama? Because Obama (and his family) are CIA creations. Obama breaks laws without consequence. That’s because Obama is career CIA — and nobody wants war with CIA.

Since Obama bugged Trump (and Obama works for CIA) that means CIA actually bugged Trump. Trump could expose Obama’s forged ID and stolen SSN, but that means blowing the lid off Obama’s fake Presidency and declaring war on CIA. So far, Trump isn’t willing to go nuclear.

The question now: Since Obama and his ‘shadow government’ remain in DC trying to sabotage Trump, how far will Trump go to win this Deep State turf war? Trump can prosecute Obama Regime criminals and jail CIA-blackmailed perverts, but that means a death match against the Deep State.

And why are there TWO Presidents locked in this battle royale? Watch the video.

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