Organic Food Benefits Human Health

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A Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA)  report published in December 2016 suggests what organic food consumers have known all along.

A diet consisting of these foods contributes to human health. Studies of their use show a lower risk of childhood allergies.

Adult consumers are less likely to be overweight. At the same time, it’s hard separating organic food consumption from other lifestyle practices contributing to or harming human health.

According to the STOA report, “consumers who regularly buy or consume organic food have healthier dietary patterns, such as a higher consumption of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products and a lower consumption of meat, compared to other consumers.”

“These dietary patterns are associated with various health benefits, which include a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.”

Recent studies show pesticides to be far more harmful to human health than previously thought. Some of their ingredients, including ones called inert or non-toxic, actually amplify toxicity enormously.

Monsanto’s Roundup used in producing GMO crops is most toxic of all, a major human health hazard, information the company wants suppressed.

Organic farming avoids these toxins, the main reason why these products are healthier for human consumption, especially for children during their formative cognitive development years, as well as for pregnant women.

Vitamin and mineral content of organic and conventional foods are similar. Higher amounts of phenolic compounds and less cadmium are believed to protect against certain chronic human diseases.

Antibiotics in animal food production contributes to increased bacterial resistance, reducing their effectiveness when used for medical purposes.

Pesticide and cadmium exposure, along with bacterial antibiotic resistance are major public health issues. Organic food production minimizes or eliminates these risks.

Healthy dietary practices promote human health. Organic foods have a positive effect. Consuming these foods lower the risk “several chronic diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

It’s a whole lot better being well than ill.

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