Our Children Are Routinely Targeted By Drug Companies, Pedophiles and Corporations

Our Children Are Routinely Targeted By Drug Companies, Pedophiles and Corporations | damnhotnet_beautiful_children_640_01-248x300 | Big Pharma Business Civil Rights codex alimentarius Corporate Takeover Economy & Business Eugenics & Depopulation FDA General Health GMOs Government Control Government Corruption Human Rights Know Your Rights Losing Rights Natural Health News Articles Parental Rights Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Toxins US News Vaccines Whistle Blowers World Health Organization World News Rarely do I get outraged. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade and then becoming a whistleblower/activist/journalist, it is difficult to surprise or shock me. I am accustomed to clearly “seeing” the horrors that others refuse to acknowledge while remaining snug in their cocoons of false programming. It makes for a lonely and frustrating life at times, knowing what I know. Most people would rather shoot the messenger than look for truth in the message that’s being delivered. In other words, as someone once said, “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled!”

What continually goads me into action or forces me to speak up is a pervasive motherly instinct to protect our children – the innocents, the victims. Unfortunately, I have been chastised for “crying wolf” and causing unnecessary angst for parents, particularly where psychotropic drug use in kids is concerned. Parents are often indignant. Professionals are incredulous. The general public is oblivious for the most part about the dangers and motives behind drugging our children.

The wolf is now at front the door. Our children are being openly attacked, and the hungry pack is circling to isolate the weakest among us for the kill – the underprivileged and disenfranchised. If this example is too dramatic for your taste, then open your eyes! WAKE UP AMERICA! How many blatant examples of crimes against our children do you need plastered on your TV screens and newspapers to finally understand? The rich, the powerful, the famous, the corporations DON’T care about our kids. Our children are fodder/fuel for their next investment, experiment, enterprise, and/or war!

Recent months’ headlines are exposing a heinous plague of pedophilia around the world with people of power and position covertly preying upon our innocents.

*Jerry Sandusky, former assistant football coach at Penn State was sentenced to 30-60 years on 45 counts of child molestation with 10 different boys. Sandusky was a celebrated figurehead, mentor and role model who also ran a charitable organization for underprivileged boys. http://www.huffingtonpost.com

*Monsignor William Lynn from the Philadelphia Archdiocese was recently sentenced to 3-6 years in prison for his role in protecting Catholic priest pedophiles and covering up their crimes for well over a decade.

*Attorneys are calling for a congressional investigation into Boy Scouts of America because of a report recently released naming over 1200 scout leaders that were accused of sexual misconduct and abuse of young boys.

*And across the pond in the U.K., Jimmy Savile, a deceased BBC media icon, was recently identified as a major pedophile that had molested and raped hundreds of young girls under the protective wing of British politicians and the BBC. Savile hosted a popular TV show for many years that was somewhat of a Mr. Rogers-Meets-Make-a-Wish-Foundation called “Jim’ll Fix It” in which he granted the secret wishes of children. Savile was closely associated with several children’s homes as well. http://www.cnn.com

My point is if these trusted authorities and highly influential people are capable of these heinous crimes against our children, then why on earth is it so difficult for us to believe that faceless, cut-throat corporations without a conscience would do harm to our kids for billions of dollars in profit? Are we really that naive, or have we been conditioned to live in a media-contained reality that turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the rich, the famous, and the powerful among us?

I am appealing to all good parents and citizens of conscience to take their calcium, grow a back bone, and CONFRONT this harsh reality for the sake of our children. Stop sticking your heads in the sand just because you think the shocking facts are too horrible to possibly be true…After all, surely they wouldn’t do that to our children?! It is we who need to GROW UP people – not our kids!

At the risk of being repetitious, but just in case you still are not convinced, the wolf is at the front door! If you don’t want to take my word for it or the word of hundreds of other researchers and experts who are trying to sound the alarm, then these are a few of the controversial questions you need to ask and perform due diligence in researching the answers in order to inform yourself and protect your kids from the big bad pharmaceutical and chemical companies:

•Why would all babies be forcibly vaccinated at birth for Hepatitis B when this liver disease is known to be transmitted by sex and IV drug use?
•Why are children now given 69 doses of various vaccines by the age of 18?
•Have vaccines been proven safe and effective?
•What is herd immunity versus individual immunity?
•What is the most profitable expansion market and who is the most compliant patient population available to the competition-saturated pharmaceutical industry, and why?
•What is thimerosal and what are its health risks? Is it still in vaccines?
•Do flu shots increase mortality and morbidity in any patient population?
•Are repetitive flu vaccines in the elderly associated with Alzheimer’s?
•Can vaccines cause sterility?
•Is there a causal relationship between vaccines and autism/ADHD?
•Why are there so many children on psychiatric drugs?
•Is there any empirical, scientific evidence for diagnosing a psychiatric illness?
•What categories of drugs make the most money for Pharma? What categories fill the most prescriptions? Why?
•Why did Hitler put fluoride in the water of the Nazi concentration camps?
•Why is there a warning on the tube to call poison control if more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed or systemically ingested?
•What is fluorosis? Why are there warnings against the use of fluoridated water to dilute baby formulas?
•Why is there a campaign to discredit organic food?
•What are GMOs? What health risks do they pose?
•How can pesticides cause cancer, psychiatric disorders, and genetic and organ damage?
•Why is there an ongoing campaign to outlaw/regulate alternative health care methodologies and treatments?
•Who has access to prey upon and profit from our kids and WHERE and HOW do they most frequently gain total access?

We must not only ask the tough questions but we must also be willing to listen to the bone-chilling, mind-boggling facts that are often uncovered in the process. It is imperative, now more than ever, that everyone in our communities accept responsibility and pledge to help stop these abuses and protect our children. Society’s most valuable asset is also its’ most vulnerable.

About the author:
Gwen Olsen, a fifteen year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, worked for industry giants such as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories. Gwen currently wears many hats as a public speaker, child advocate, and health activist. She has testified before Congress and the FDA, and in 2007 received a Human Rights Award.

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