Pakistan Tells The U.S. To Stop Drone Attacks

Pakistan Tells The U.S. To Stop Drone Attacks | 120905050947-bergen-drone-pakistan-attack-story-top-460x258 | CIA Drones Military News Articles Science & Technology World News

Adviser to the Pakistani Prime Minister Tuesday said that the government was working on a plan to stop attacks of CIA operated drones in country’s northern areas whereas a Pakistani envoy to United Nation also stressed on an end to the predator attacks.

Sartaj Aziz, the adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the national assembly Tuesday that a meeting with the Unites States officials was to be hold and in the coming days they would succeed in stopping the drone attacks.

Aziz said that the government condemned the attacks that were against the sovereignty of the country and posing serious danger to the peace of the region. He said that the prime minister had apprised the US that the attacks could affect the relations between the two countries and that we had serious reservations on them.

The adviser on the foreign policy further said that it would be a high level meeting in which both the countries would discuss the drone attacks and Pakistan would put its case effectively.

Aziz told the parliament that this year 13 drone attacks were carried whereas the last year 14 attacks were carried. In 2010 115 lethal attacks were carried whereas in 2011 the attack came down to 62.

Meanwhile, Pakistani envoy to UN Masood Khan expressed grave concerns over the drone attack while he was addressing a meeting of Security Council in New York. He said that in the attacks innocent people were being killed whereas the attacks were also causing outrage.

Khan warned that the drone attacks were also abetting terrorism in the country. He also stressed the need of comprehensive dialogues on the issue of drone attacks.

The CIA started drone attacks in the northern part of Pakistan nine years ago to target alleged Al Qaida and Taliban militants, but widespread death of innocent men, women and children were also reported.

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