Pentagon Lied Claiming Its “Partners” in Syria Not Supplied with MADPADS

Pentagon Lied Claiming Its “Partners” in Syria Not Supplied with MADPADS | Russia-jet-down | Military Military Weapons Pentagon War Propaganda World News

Official US reports lack credibility. Accept none of them at face value.

In 2011, Washington launched war on Syria for regime change, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, supplying them with heavy weapons – directly or through allied countries.

On Saturday, US-supported terrorists used US-supplied surface-to-air missiles (MADPAD) to down a Russian Su-25 aircraft, its pilot murdered on the ground – the incident discussed in a same-day article.

Washington bears responsibility for what happened. Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon lied saying:

“Alongside by, with, and through our partners in Syria, the United States remains focused on the fight against ISIS.”

“The US has not equipped any partner forces in Syria with surface-to-air weapons and has no intention to do so in the future.”

“Our operations are geographically focused on ongoing combat operations against ISIS in eastern Syria.”

“We will assess the validity of these claims to ensure the safety of our coalition partners. I refer you to the Russian government for information regarding this incident.”

AMN news is a reliable source of information on Washington’s war on Syria. On Saturday, it referred to a January report, citing “sources (confirming) that the US had provided the MANPADS to the Kurds earlier in the month under the agreement between Washington and the YPG,” adding:

“(A)n international arms monitor UK-based Conflict Armament Research (CAR) has earlier reported that the US weapons that were covertly provided to Syrian rebel groups were allegedly in the hands of Daesh within two months of their delivery.”

“CAR studied over 40,000 weapons recovered from Daesh since 2014 and found that a majority of them were US arms given or sold to Syrian rebel groups” – aka US-supported terrorists.

“In one case, an arsenal including anti-tank weapons switched hands from the US to Syrian rebels to Daesh in only a two month period.”

“In at least one instance, a US-backed militia is known to have had its weapons seized by Islamic militants. Division 30, Syrian rebels armed and trained by the CIA, were ambushed by the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front in August 2015, the militants seizing their armaments and effectively destroying the group.”

“Some of the US-trained militants are known to have defected to Daesh or al-Nusra, often bringing their weapons with them.”

“However, the study was not able to conclude whether or not the rebels willingly gave the weapons to the Islamic militant group or if Daesh stole or captured them.”

Sputnik News was one of the sources for this information. It surprises no one aware of what’s going on in Syria.

Together with its rogue allies, Washington recruited, armed, funded, trained and directed ISIS and other terrorist fighters throughout years of conflict – wanting Assad toppled, Syria transformed into another US vassal state, Iran isolated ahead of its government targeted the same way.

US aggression continues in Syria with no end of conflict in sight.

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