Phantom Free Syrian Army Rejects Peace

Phantom Free Syrian Army Rejects Peace | free-syrian-army | War Propaganda World News
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The phantom FSA exists on paper alone. All anti-government armed groups are US-backed terrorists – death squads imported from scores of countries.

Syria is Obama’s war, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Its goal is replacing Assad with pro-Western puppet governance like the US controlled Iraqi regime, partitioning both countries, looting their resources and exploiting their people.

Illegally deploying hundreds of US special forces to northern Syria is part of the imperial scheme – on the phony pretext of aiding nonexistent “moderate rebels.”

Russia supports Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity. How far it intends going to protect them remains to be seen.

Washington won’t likely confront Moscow belligerently over Syria. At the same time, the presence of US combat forces on its territory with likely larger numbers coming risks making the nation more of a dangerous flashpoint for potential East-West conflict than already.

So-called FSA US-backed terrorists reject cessation of hostilities and peace. Last Sunday, a group declaration of continued war said “(w)e, the armed groups from across Syria will form a single bloc.

“Any offensive that takes place in an area where our units are present will be regarded as an attack against all the units throughout the Syrian territory, and we reserve the right to respond to it.”

International law affirms the right of self-defense. Syria was invaded by US-sponsored death squads. Assad is responsibly defending his nation and people, Russia aiding him to defeat a scourge vital to eliminate.

Washington talks peace while waging naked aggression. Its rage for world dominance makes conflict resolution unattainable.


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