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Bill Gates loves to talk about solving the hunger problem in Africa, mostly by forcing the failed U.S. GMO-intensive agribusiness model on a country that doesn’t want it. Yet according to a recent in-depth analysis by Grain, a mere 4 percent of the $40-billion foundation’s grants have so far gone to NGOs in Africa. Who’s reaping the bulk of the Gates Foundation’s funding? U.S. organizations, which have received about 75 percent of the foundations grants so far. As if that weren’t phony enough, the foundation claims that “Listening to farmers and addressing their specific needs” is its “first guiding principle” when it comes to its work in agriculture. Not so, says the Grain report:

Listening to someone, if it has any real significance, should also include the intent to learn. But nowhere in the programmes funded by the Gates Foundation is there any indication that it believes that Africa’s small farmers have anything to teach, that they have anything to contribute to research, development and policy agendas. The continent’s farmers are always cast as the recipients, the consumers of knowledge and technology from others. In practice, the foundation’s first guiding principle appears to be a marketing exercise to sell its technologies to farmers. In that, it looks, not surprisingly, a lot like Microsoft.

Maybe that “marketing exercise” has something to do with the $23 million Bill and Melinda have invested in Monsanto?

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