The Phony Iranian Threat

The Phony Iranian Threat | iran-flag | Propaganda War Propaganda World News

Washington invents threats to justify its unjustifiable imperial agenda. Israel operates the same way.

Palestinians wanting freedom on their own land in their own country are called terrorists. Netanyahu lied calling Iran a greater threat than ISIS. It threatens no other country.

Addressing the extremist pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) on September 7, former IDF deputy chief of staff General Yair Golan lied calling Iran a greater threat than regional terrorists.

“We cannot fight Iran alone,” he bellowed. Iran threatens no one. Israel faces no threats abroad or internally. Like America, its only enemies are invented ones – part of their agenda to prevent peace and stability, anathema notions to both countries.

According to Golan, Israel needs “three different militaries:”

  • to maintain occupation harshness (my words, not his);
  • to contest “our enemies along the border: Hezbollah, other Shia militias (and) Hamas; and
  • “fighting Iran; we cannot allow ourselves not to prepare for direct confrontation with Iran…We cannot do it alone” – suggesting Israel and Washington should partner in waging war on the country, a recklessly dangerous idea.

It’s not for any threat the country poses. Its sovereign independence prevents an Israeli/US partnership for unchallenged regional dominance. The same goes for Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Last week, Iran’s Chief of Staff Mohammad Hossein Bagheri warned if Washington and/or Israel launched war on its country, “certainly they will not decide about the time and place for its end.”

After over six-and-a-half years of trying, America and its rogue allies couldn’t defeat Syria, Russia, of course, the key reason why.

Iran is much stronger militarily. It’s a much larger country. Moscow and Tehran are close allies. They’re cooperating in combating the scourge of US-supported terrorism in Syria.

If Washington and/or Israel attacks Iranian territory, Russia at some point may intervene if requested.

US aggression on Syria is a lost cause. Would hawkish generals in charge of Trump’s geopolitical agenda dare attack Iran? Would Israel do it alone?

Unlikely unless it has a death wish. Iran likely has the ability to retaliate on Israeli soil like it never before experienced in its history.

Attacking Iran would gravely jeopardize its small territory and population. A joint US/Israeli operation would risk confrontation with Russia.

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