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“In the Last Days there will be a Great Tribulation,

Unequalled in all of World History.

Unless those days are shortened,

No one will survive.”

Matthew 24:21-22

{Documentary Film at End in References}

Many people suspect that some kind of “tribulation” is headed our way. Economic, political, or geological, are some of the best guesses. What if the global trial that is anticipated encompasses all of theses at the very same time? An unprecedented simultaneous combination of all of these scenarios would make such a cataclysmUnequalled in all of world history.”

The outer planets of our solar system, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, were each successively discovered by observing the perturbations (or gravitational deviations) of the next closest planet to them. That is to say, the existence of a yet unknown planet, more remote than the farthest one from the sun presently known at any given point in history, was discovered by studying the unusual gravitational motions of the farthest known planet, which indicated that at least one more planet was beyond it. Saturn had deviations in its orbit indicating Uranus existed beyond it, even though Uranus was not actually seen for more than 150 years later. When Uranus was finally observed, its orbital path deviations indicated that Neptune existed beyond it, even though Neptune did not become visible until many decades later. When Pluto was discovered in 1930, it too gave evidence that another, much larger body, was beyond it. About this time the term “Planet X” came to light to best describe this yet to be seen mysterious object at the edge of our solar system.

My military sources informed me that it was sometime during President Eisenhower’s second term (1957-1960) that his leading scientists confirmed the existence of Planet X by using specialized space radar equipment, which is still classified to this day. The Pioneer 10 (1972) and Voyager 1 & 2 (1977) unmanned space probes were all specifically designed with their primary purpose being to triangulate the precise location and trajectory of Planet X. In early press releases of these probes, NASA even mentioned this very purpose for their mission, though they never mentioned this purpose again. The New York Times even published a story about these NASA space probes having discovered Planet X in 1981, yet there was no mention of the mysterious Planet X ever again. In 1983 the Washington Post also reported that Planet X was discovered, this time by a newly launched infrared satellite telescope, yet they too never published such a story ever again.

In 1990 the chief astronomer for the United States, Dr. Robert S. Harrington of the Naval Observatory, announced with certainty the approach of Planet X into the inner solar system, crossing the very orbit of Earth, and then after his death, he was replaced by a presidential appointee who never mentioned this controversial and alarming subject ever again. It seems like each new generation of scientists and journalists gets excited about the repeated re-discovery of Planet X, and then for some strange reason, are asked not to talk about it ever again. Why is this? What is the big secret? Why would the discovery of a new outer planet be a taboo subject? Why indeed?! I suspect the reason is because the powers-that-be want to keep the information to themselves, in order to use it to their advantage. The question then arises, why the secrecy, if Planet X merely orbits the sun in a normal fashion? This may mean that Planet X does not orbit the sun in a normal fashion. What other kind of orbit is there? A highly elliptical one, like a comet, that may bring Planet X perilously close to the Earth in the future!

The next question is, why is the government not telling anyone the details of Planet X and why would this be to their advantage? The so-called “super-rich elite” at the top of our societal pyramid (who are the ones who actually control the government) have long been on the record with saying that the world would be a much better place if seven and a half billion “inferior” people would just go away. Not wanting to be the next genocidal villain, the powers-that-be may simply be privately preparing their bunkers with the plans of letting “mother nature” (Planet X) do their dirty work of population reduction for them. That is to say, if Planet X gets close enough to earth in the next 1-10 years, there would be so many cataclysmic earth changes, that unless you specifically prepared for them, you would not at all survive, like they would.

I was first told about Planet X by a high ranking source at NASA in 1989, thirty years ago. They said that Planet X might make a dangerously close approach to earth sometime in the first half of the 21st century, and that I might live to see it. In 1989, worrying about something several decades away was not one of my top priorities, yet now, here I am, twenty years into the first half of the 21st century, with the Planet X warning from them now reappearing in my mind. Because Planet X is estimated to be anywhere from seven to forty-four times larger than the earth, its dramatic gravitational effects would cause apocalyptic disasters upon the entire Earth if it came near.

Planet X  may be what astronomers call a “Rogue Planet”, which is one that floats freely through space, or has a highly eccentric orbit like a comet, rather than circling a star on the traditional elliptical plane. As noted in the Guardian article subtitled “Twice as Many Rogue Planets as Orbiting Ones” (linked at the end of this article under “References”), this would mean that there are 200 to 800 billion rogue planets in our galaxy. Additionally, some believe that Planet X is pitch black and very cold, thus making it impossible to see through traditional optical telescopes, until it is very close to the Earth and glows red as it nears our sun. By this time, preparation for it would likely be far too late. Only our government officials, and the vatican (of all entities), have the required specialized infrared telescopes and satellites to observe such a “Planet X”, the equipment of which, I am told, was specifically designed and launched for this highly confidential purpose. In fact, the most powerful Earth based telescope, which has the infrared capability to detect such a cold non-reflective rogue planet, is not only owned by the highly secretive “jesuit” sect of the vatican, it was mysteriously named by the papacy itself as the “Lucifer” telescope.

Why in the world would the supposed christian” papacy honor the world’s best telescope with the name of Lucifer”?  I believe this is because the telescope was specifically designed to track Planet X, whose nickname is “Lucifer” (aka “The Destroyer”; see John 10:10; as it will destroy most of the Earth). Planet X was also nicknamed “The Dragon” in 1054 A.D. by Chinese astronomers during a previous passing, because of its red color and “wings” of meteor storms on each side as it neared the sun. In fact, Malachi Martin, a “jesuit” priest who disavowed the sworn secrecy of this sect just prior to his death, said this about the “Lucifer” telescope’s hidden purpose, “The highest levels of the vatican governance know what is approaching the Earth and it will be of the utmost importance in the coming years.

In regard to Planet X playing a significant role in “End Time” events (as potentially God’s chosen instrument to bring about the “Final Great Tribulation”), there are basically two opinions on this matter: 1) Those of a strictly scientific background, who acknowledge the existence of Planet X and its potential for future Earth cataclysms, yet dismiss any scriptural reference of such a past occurrence or future prophetic fulfillment. 2) Those who are only religious, who disregard the scientific or historical evidence that such a rogue planet may have played in past secular or scriptural history, as well as disregarding any future geological or biblically prophetic events that may be caused by such. Personally, I think the most accurate perspective is one which includes both, science and the scriptures. The available downloads at the end of this article do an excellent job of merging the best of both perspectives, showing Planet X’s potential for causing the science-based forecasted effects of upcoming worldwide geological catastrophes (which the scientific community acknowledges would result from a nearby large passing rogue planet’s intense gravity), as well as the prophetic fulfillment of numerous scriptures warning of “a time of trouble coming upon the whole world which will be greater than at any other time in all of history.” (See Bible chapters: Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Ezekiel 7, Joel 2, Isaiah 13 & 24.)

Both the Planet X scientists and the End Times scriptural scholars I have interviewed are predicting the exact same soon coming events, which would be caused by such a large approaching heavenly object coming near the Earth: 1) An increase in newly discovered unpredictable comets and asteroids headed toward the Earth, which are thrown out of their normal orbits by Planet X’s gravitational field as it approaches (which has already started to happen, as dozens of previously unknown asteroids have been spotted recently, with only a few days warning before nearing the Earth; see Revelation 8:8-11). 2) An increase in global earthquakes, as the much larger than Earth Planet X approaches, it pulls at the Earth’s crust with ever increasing intensity (which has already started to happen, as worldwide earthquakes have risen by 1000% in the last ten years; see Matthew 24:7). 3) Upcoming disastrous meteor showers, as the Earth passes twice through Planet X’s debris field of millions of accompanying asteroids (see Revelation 6:13). 4) Hailstones of up to 100 pounds falling from the sky, as the Earth tilts on its axis temporarily by Planet X’s gravity, causing arctic air (which does not tilt) to suddenly appear atop warmer climates, resulting in the moist air instantaneously freezing and falling from the sky as massive sheets of ice (see Revelation 16:21). 5) Worldwide tidal waves and coastal flooding, caused by Planet X’s approach and accompanying major earthquakes (see Revelation 16:20 & Luke 21:25). 6) An increased in solar flares, as the sun’s energy is magnetically drawn toward Planet X (see Revelation 16:9). 7) Economic collapse and food shortages, caused by the lack of conventional distribution of food caused by the subsequent destruction of most bridges, railroads, and power grids from the foregoing earthquakes (see Revelation 6:6 A quart of wheat for a denarius”, that is a labor’s day wage, or about $100). 8) Disease epidemics, caused by the lack of sanitation due to the earthquake’s destruction of plumbing infrastructure (see Revelation 2:23, 6:8, 18:8). 9) Widespread war, resulting from all of the aforementioned escalating events, as nations fight over dwindling resources (see Matthew 24:7). 10) Martial Law and domestic political unrest, due to the the fighting over resources at the local level (see Isaiah 3:5-7).

The Messiah said that all these things

would immediately precede His return:

There will be signs in the sun,

in the moon, and in the Sky;

and on the earth, distress of Nations,

with Perplexity,

As the sea and the waves roar,*

{*Caused by the Increased Tidal Effects from Planet X}

Men’s hearts failing them from fear

and expectation of those things

which are coming on the whole earth,

For the powers of the Heavens will be shaken.”

Luke 21:25-26

Unusual weather patterns (summer and winter); Unexplained deaths of thousands of land and sea animals; A rash of sinkholes and cracks in the ground (resulting in random gas pipeline explosions, bridge collapses, and train derailments); An increase in volcanic eruptions; and most importantly, the Earth’s magnetic north pole moving at an astounding 579 feet per day, all may be the result of rogue Planet X’s increasing gravitational interaction as it slowly approaches the Earth. The magnetic poles changing alone could spell disaster to the Earth, as this could dramatically disrupt electrical power grids, which by itself would mean an end to traditional fuel and food delivery worldwide.

The Earth is not alone in feeling these unprecedented effects. The temperature, orbit, and luminosity of all the planets in the solar system have been dramatically altered recently. The pressure on the surface of Pluto has increased by 300%. Neptune’s poles have completely reversed (as Earth’s are about to do). Never-before-seen gigantic storms have been appearing on Uranus. The size of Saturn’s rings have decreased by 20%. Jupiter’s atmosphere is undergoing unprecedented changes in color and radiation, all the while unknown vast meteor storms are approaching and pelting Jupiter (the remainder of which will be heading our way soon). The polar ice caps on Mars have melted, for the first time in human observation. The otherwise highly consistent eleven year solar cycle is becoming longer, for the first time ever recorded. The sun’s medium optical spectrum has changed from yellow to white, and the sun is emitting never-before-seen mutagenic particles . . . and all of these are simultaneous unprecedented dramatic solar-system-wide effects.

The rogue “Planet X” can be found numerous times in both secular and biblical history. The Sumerians, who predate the Egyptians and are often called the first civilization, called this heavenly intruder that has a comet-like repeatable pattern of appearance the planet “Nibiru”. The Hopi Indians called it “Kachina”. The Bible refers to it as “Wormwood (Revelation 8:11). Astronomers in the know call it “Nemesis”, “Tyche”, “Planet X”, or “Planet 7X”as some estimate it to be seven times larger than the Earth (with seven being a significant Biblical number of the End Times).

It is most accurately believed that this wandering planet visits our solar system about every 360 years, not the 3600 years as wrongly predicted by Zecharia Sitchin, who is said to have mistranslated the zero, or tenth decimal point in his mistaken calculations. The idea that Planet X only appears to traverse our solar system only one-tenth as frequently as it actually does is due to the fact that it generally and randomly approaches on the opposite side of the sun than planet Earth is located at that time. Its passages are mentioned in the historical records from various ancient cultures: Babylonian, Egyptian, Roman, Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Iranian, Hebrew, Persian, Hindu, and Chinese. Only the NASA record remains secretive to the public, allegedly to not cause global panic, though this is likely to deliberately destroy the majority of us whom they perceive as “useless eaters”.

Planet X’s previous passages correspond to Noah’s flood, Sodom & Gomorrah’s “Fire from Heaven, the famine of Joseph, Joshua’s battle victory with a meteor shower, and the time of Moses with the ten plagues of Egypt. (At this same time, it is historically recorded that enormous earthquakes were devastating parts of China, while the Minoan civilization near Crete was destroyed by an enormous volcanic eruption.)  Today it is believed by some Christian astronomers that Planet X (Wormwood) will be God’s chosen instrument for bringing about the long foretold “End Times Great Tribulation”, when it is said, “The heavens will be shaken and the seas will roar and men’s hearts will melt with fear for what is coming upon the earth. (Luke 21:25-26)

I believe that the false “Year 2000 Computer Meltdown” and the following dud of the “Mayan 2012 Apocalypse” were both a deliberate hoax by the elite-controlled media to generate in the public the cognitive dissonance of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, specifically designed to disregard the coming reality of the approaching rogue Planet X, with its similar “End of the World” scenarios. By intentionally building up two previous false cataclysmic events, both of which ended in a “great disappointment”, these media deceiver’s intention may be for the citizens of the world to not believe the real impending doom when it is about to befall them. I believe the same is true of the numerous false dates “leaked” out by clever CIA/NSA run “Planet X” websites, in order to discredit the actual impending reality. By repeatedly having date after date come to no fruition, I believe that these manipulators of public opinion hope to jade the public into discounting the actual serious matter, so as to catch them unaware, “like a thief in the night(1st Thessalonians 5:1 – 4), and thusly rid the world of the “inferior” population, due to their lack of preparedness for the coming global crisis. You might even equate the similarity of this to those who try to predict the second coming of the Messiah. Just because repeated specific forecasts of His return prove to be unreliable, it does not mean that He is not coming soon nonetheless.

The confusion and diversity of opinions regarding the Book of Revelation may be similar to the dividing camps of “Science vs. Religion” in regard to understanding Planet X, with the true answer being found by incorporating all points of view. With the Book of Revelation, there appears to be two distinctive opinions as well: Literal vs. Symbolic, as well as that the events described therein occurred before (or at) the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 A.D., vs. that these events will occur in the Last Days right before the Messiah’s return. Some argue wholeheartedly that the Book of Revelation is either one or the other. What I propose, is that the Book of Revelation may be all of these. God is such an artist, and a scientist simultaneously, with depth of mind beyond human understanding, that it may be that the Book of Revelation is both symbolic and literal, at the same time, and that the events described therein took place before (or at) the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 A.D., and will take place again, on a global scale, at the end of the age. The Book of Revelation may be symbolic, and it may also be literal, it may have been fulfilled in 70 A.D., and it may also be re-fulfilled, worldwide, in the Last Days! Has anyone ever considered this possibility?

One of the most important and under reported events in the entire history of the world, which is recorded in numerous independent countries (though you have to dig for it), is the fact that prior to 705 B.C. all of the advanced civilizations of the world, which had amazingly accurate calendars based on the Earth’s rotation around the sun; the Hebrews, the Mayans, the Egyptians, and the Chinese, all recorded that the Earth’s orbital year around the sun was exactly 360 days, not the 365.25 day year which we have now. (This is also quite a testimony of a Divine Creator, as each month, of the twelve months, had precisely 30 days, like meticulous clockwork . . . Also note the 360 degrees on a compass, which came from this original solar year pattern.) Around 705 B.C., literally overnight, all of these same and separated cultures immediately changed all of their independent calendars to a 365.25 day year. The question is, how could the Earth’s year (the number of days needed to travel around the sun) change from 360 days to 365.25 days overnight?

Around 705 B.C. the Scriptures record in 2nd Kings 20:8 – 20:11 that the prophet Isaiah asked God for a sign that He would fulfill His promise of a Divine healing of King Hezekiah. The requested sign was for the shadow on their version of a “sundial” to go the opposite direction of normal. (Their “sundial” was actually a stairway built to precisely calculate the hours of the day, based on the degree to which the sun’s shadow fell upon the increasing steps, not the traditional circular sundial.) In order to accomplish this requested miracle, rather than the Earth stopping and rotating the other direction (as would be required on a traditional circular sundial), the Earth would just have to tilt on its axis temporarily, and many researchers now believe that is precisely what happened, due to a “cosmic freak of nature” around 705 B.C.

As you can see from an amazing recent Weather Channel special about “Rogue Planets”, that is Planet X (a link to which is at the end of this article under references”), there are at least Two Hundred Billion rogue planets free floating in our own galaxy, which is twice the number of planets estimated to be orbiting stars. If such a planet were to just come relatively far away from Earth, somewhere between Saturn and Jupiter, or about 600 million miles away from the Earth, it would still likely pull Jupiter a little further away from the sun, which in turn would pull the Earth a little further away from the sun. I believe that this is exactly what happened to the Earth around 705 B.C., that it was pulled, ever so slightly, farther away from the sun by the regularly passing rogue planet (now known as “Planet X”), which caused the Earth to take an extra 5.25 days to orbit the sun than it previously did, because of the newly increased distance from it.

What we have here is concrete historical evidence that a rogue planet (Planet X) has passed near Earth before, with severe global consequences, and thusly it could happen again, even in the near future. Virtually overnight, the highly respected scientists at the Weather Channel have turned Planet X from being the craziest of all conspiracy theories, into one that is entirely logical and possible. (Be sure to watch this video, which is the first link under “References”, at the end of this article.)

It is clear through numerous presidential executive orders pertaining to a future scenario of a worldwide disaster, as well as the United States government buying up all available ammunition for “homeland security” (enough to shoot all 300 million Americans six times each), all the while arming local police with automatic assault rifles and armored vehicles, that the U.S. governmental authorities are preparing for a catastrophe that will result in Martial Law. People assume that this will commence because of economic collapse. While this may be partially true, the question is, what will trigger such a national or international economic collapse, all at the same time?

My sources are telling me that the recent rash of mass deaths of fish and birds are coming from the increase in minor (as of yet imperceivable to the public) underground earthquakes caused by the gravitational influence of this large approaching heavenly body, which then releases underwater and underground methane gas, which then kills these animals. If true, this is why recently so many comets and asteroids are being discovered with so little advance warning, when previously they were detected decades before their arrival.  It is may be the result of Planet X pulling them off of their normal predicted courses as it slowly approaches the Earth.

Just as President Eisenhower waited until the very last day of his presidency to speak his mind on the truthful depraved corruptive state of the American nation (likely to evade assassination by the “power-elite” of whom he critically spoke, who indeed assassinated his successor when he likewise critically spoke, though that time in the prime of his office), Janet Napolitano, outgoing director of “Homeland Security”, also said some very startling and frighteningly truthful words recently in her farewell speech regarding an upcoming national calamity.  As reported by ABC News she said: “A natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen, is likely on its way.”  What exactly does this mean???

What natural disaster has never before been seen in the United States? It cannot be a hurricane, earthquake, volcano, tornado, or blizzard, because we have seen all of these before. The only thing that comes to mind is a natural disaster from outer space. This can only mean a devastating comet, asteroid, or newly discovered large rogue planet is heading towards the earth, which would bring about all of these calamities at the same time! These are the only natural disasters that I can think of that Americans have “Never before seen”. Additionally, only a catastrophe from outer space, such as a rogue planet, comet, or asteroid, would be a natural disaster that would be also be predictable, due to such calculable trajectories, as Napolitano said, “It is on its way”. 

Again, this candid top government official just recently said, right before she left office, “A NATURAL DISASTER, THE LIKES OF WHICH THE NATION HAS NEVER SEEN, IS LIKELY ON ITS WAY.” Do you now see why the government has been preparing over the last few years for impending Martial Law?

While some may argue that without effort on their part “The Lord will take care of them in times of crisis”, the method through which The Lord may take care of you during this coming tribulation may be the foreknowledge of such impending cataclysmic events. The books of the Minor Prophets”, at the end of the Old Testament, were written to prepare God’s people for the “Last Days”, or the “Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord”.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4:6

How was Joseph and the family of Israel protected from the seven years of famine and tribulation? Did God drop food from the sky every day for seven years for them to eat?  No!  He gave Joseph foreknowledge of the events to come, and he acted on the information accordingly to prepared for the impending calamity.  He stockpiled food and supplies for him and his family to survive. Yes, he was a “Prepper”!   (Genesis 41:25-37)

It wouldn’t hurt to purchase and tuck away a few extra can goods, batteries, bottled water, and toiletries. You have a spare tire for your car, even though a flat is a one-in-a-thousand per trip occurrence, right? Better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it. As the Terminator said in movie 3, “Judgment Day is Inevitable”. You might want to ready your house and ready your soul for it.

I have been personally researching the topic of Planet X for about fifteen years, and as more and more information comes to light, it appears more and more likely that it might very well be true. You have been informed.  What you do with the information is up to you. (Ezekiel 33:1-5) Again, while the exact time of the return of the Messiah is unknown, what we do know, is that a great “Time of Trouble”, “Unequalled in all of world history”, will immediately precede His arrival.

“If the owner of the house had known at what hour

the thief was coming,

he would not have let his house be broken into.

So you also must be ready,

for The End will come

at an hour you do not expect.”

Luke 12:39-40


Brother Bart-


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