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As more and more people begin to awaken from their slumber they seem to be connecting more and more dots. Once people begin changing their diet and moving away from the poison as food and truly nourish their bodies and minds it only makes sense they would demand real food instead of the garbage “conventional” food sold at the grocery store. Organic, clean food makes the body function at a higher level and provides for clarity of thought.

“Can we get this?” asked my kids at the supermarket. It was a snack made by one of the major food companies.

I looked at the ingredients. Maltodextrin. Monosodium glutamate. Disodium phosphate. I said: “No. Let’s get something that doesn’t have all this junk in it.”

Eating healthy and not wanting to put lots of chemicals in your body was once considered a weird thing to do.

However, that’s changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Everyone today looks at nutrition labels to see how many chemicals the food companies have added to help their products look good, take a certain form or sit on the shelf for years. When most people see ingredients like what I listed above, they buy something else.

And this trend of healthy eating is getting a super surge because an entire generation that has been brought up to eat food without preservatives and chemicals is beginning to dominate food buying. And this generation has just hit a critical milestone that is making them the largest force in the economy now.


Millennials’ preference for healthy food is also changing how restaurants select ingredients. For example, the restaurant chain Panera Bread just completed a two-year goal to eliminate preservatives and artificial additives from its menu. And Panera Bread is already reaping the benefits of catering to millennials, with sales up a robust 5% in its last quarter.

Another strong consumer preference of millennials is to eat organic food. 77% of millennials say they’re knowledgeable about organic products, and 52% of parents who buy organic food are millennials. Source

Eliminating all these processed, chemically infused, GMO foods that have been stored in a warehouse for the past month and shipped across the country, averaging a 1,500 mile journey from field to table, and replacing it with local organic food that was picked a few days ago makes all the difference in the world. Most of the readers here at The Daily Coin are no longer in their 20’s and probably remember when food used to have flavor and texture. In the conventional food world that is long gone. Having, once again, a taste of the real thing instantly begins to revive the bodies entire system. Once I got a taste of clean, organic, local food it was game-on and since I have developed my own health drink (with any luck I will actually bring it to market) as well as changed some of my ways to live a healthier life.

A clean diet makes for clean system which in turn makes for a healthier mind. Once your mind begins to clear the presstitute, mainstream media is no longer appealing and the lies, propaganda and deceit can be seen in their true light.

I hope these millennials wake up and begin to understand these mega food corporations, that have taken over the regulation arm of the government, now make the rules and define what is “organic”, “GMO free” and all the other buzzwords for the clean food movement. If your food choices aren’t moving away from big name food companies it is a distinct possibility the label is less than honest.

It only makes sense the rulers of this land would have a desire to control the food supply as they understand the importance of clean health and the effects on the mind, body and spirit. Stop eating their poison as food and begin moving towards clean, organic food and I can assure you, you will not regret it.

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