Polls Show Anti-Russia Propaganda Works

Polls Show Anti-Russia Propaganda Works | propaganda-war-on-terror | Mainstream Media Propaganda US News War Propaganda

Given unrelenting anti-Russia propaganda, ongoing for so long, during much of Obama’s tenure, continuing by Congress and media scoundrels, public hostility toward Russia is no surprise.

Most Americans think Moscow interfered in last November’s election to help Trump defeat Hillary – despite no evidence suggesting it, baseless accusations alone claiming it.

According to a mid-January Reuters/Ipsos poll, 82% of Americans consider Russia a threat – up from 76% last March. Only North Korea ranked higher at 86%.

A Russian poll showed slightly more than half of respondents believe relations with America will improve ahead. Nearly 80% said Russian leadership should try improving bilateral ties.

A week ago YouGov poll showed 22% of Americans consider Russia an enemy. Another 33% said it’s an unfriendly state. Only 16% consider it a friend or ally. One-fourth of respondents had no opinion.

Asked which countries among listed choices respondents consider an enemy of America, Russia ranked sixth behind Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran and North Korea.

A mid-January Pew Research poll showed Americans consider ISIS, cyberattacks from other countries, North Korea’s nuclear program, and Russian power and influence most threatening – in that order.

Only 7% of respondents said Russia poses no threat – 54% calling it a major threat, another 36% a minor one. Opinion on China was about the same.

Neither country poses any threat to America. Nor does North Korea or ISIS (Washington’s creation). America poses an unprecedented threat to humanity.

Whether Trump can change things is very much in doubt – even if he tries.

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