Post-Election NY Times Crow-Eating Time

 Post-Election NY Times Crow-Eating Time | Post-Election-NYT-Crow-Eating-Time | Mainstream Media Propaganda US News

Never before throughout its dubious history did the nation’s leading broadsheet devote so much time, energy and newsprint to supporting one US presidential candidate over the other – featuring misinformation, deception and Big Lies, standard Times fare, deplorable by any standard.

Despite going all-out since mid-2015, its favorite, war goddess/racketeer/perjurer Hillary lost to billionaire tycoon Trump.

The day after the day after, postmortems keep coming, the usual deplorable stuff, typical Times misreporting, maintaining an anti-Trump drumbeat.

Its editors cited “Mr. Obama liken(ing) Mr. Trump to a teammate in a relay race, promising a smooth handoff. His words were gracious, but had a tragic dimension. He is, after all, leaving an eight-year legacy of achievements in the hands of a man determined to erase them…”

Fact: Let’s hope so. Obama gave us war on humanity at home and abroad, neoliberal harshness during protracted Main Street Depression conditions, poverty made a growth industry, mass unemployment and underemployment, and police state repression, among number other examples of serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others.

Fact: He wanted his leadership baton handed to an emotionally unstable neocon lunatic war goddess – nuclear war possible on her watch if elected, thankfully not.

The Times: “We Americans can be heartened by Mrs. Clinton’s and Mr. Obama’s decency.”

Fact: Their imperial agenda killed millions, waging naked aggression against one country after another, serving Wall Street and other corporate predators exclusively, doing nothing to reverse US streets turned into battlegrounds, killer cops lethally shooting unthreatening victims unaccountably, largely inner city Black or Latino youths.

Times editors accused Trump of “many disgraceful things…to get elected, the promises he may may not keep, the falsehoods he peddled that were either delusions or lies.”

Fact: Times editors, correspondents, columnists and contributors one-sidedly supported a woman I call the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history – practically portraying her as America’s sweetheart, ignoring her high crimes, while inventing reasons to bash Trump.

Times editors: Trump is “a reckless, unqualified leader…Americans (should) reject bigotry, misogyny and fear.”

Fact: Whatever his failings, bombast and racism, he doesn’t have blood on his hands like the Clintons and Obama – not yet at least.

It remains to be seen how he’ll govern – likely facing continued scoundrel media hostility no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

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