The Process of Independence according to the Catalan People

The Process of Independence according to the Catalan People | madrid | Special Interests World News
Demonstrators march during a Pro-Independence demonstration as part of the celebrations of the National Day of Catalonia on September 11, 2014 in Barcelona., Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The freedom of an oppressed Catalan nation can never depend on the state or form of government that dominates it, should depend only on the determination of their children to achieve it.

The process in favor of the independence of Catalonia concluded, at least for the time being, last December 21, with a clear message to those who intended to derail it: Catalonians want to be independent and sovereign.

The last four months of 2017 were the most challenging for Catalan politicians who were in favor of having their own nation.

On one side, the Catalan people had elected them to carry out the process of independence, on the other, there were forces within Catalonia, although controlled from outside the autonomic region, that did everything in their power to obstruct the legal and constitutional process.

Last December 21, the people of Catalonia were obligated to vote once again; this time the elections were controlled by the bureaucracy led by the government of Madrid.

The result was the same as the one from October 1: The majority of Catalans voted to be independent of Spain.

The government of Spain did not recognize the results of the vote from October 1. It justified its decision by saying it was not legitimate. It claimed that the process had not occurred, despite millions of people casting their vote.

“Batons against ballot boxes. Some advance towards a shame that will accompany them forever. We advance, with dignity, bravery, and courage that will also accompany us forever.”

Carles Puigdemont, President of Catalonia.

The Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, supported by the Monarch, Felipe VI, and three political parties, PP, PSOE and CIutadans, decided to revert the decision of the Catalan people.

They voted, in a decision that the Spanish government had no objection to recognize, to apply article 155 on Catalonia, its government and its people.

The application of article 155, Rajoy claimed, sought to reestablish order and constitutionality in Catalonia; even though it did exactly the opposite. At best, article 155 began a political battle between two political groups.

The first group was legitimately elected by the people to conduct a process that orderly ended in the vote to become sovereign and independent.

The second group, a cabal of corporate crooks, supported by Brussels, was illegitimately influencing the decision of the people of Catalonia by force. That which they could not do in the voting booths, they had to do by force; literally.

Not only did the bureaucracy in Madrid violated the will of the people of Catalonia, but they actually sent an armed group of thugs who repressed the young and the old, the men and the women, the farmer and the executive; all of which were simply voting for what they thought was the future they wanted to have.

“Today, there hasn’t been a referendum in Catalonia. We have done what we had to do”.

Mariano Rajoy, President of Spain.

Self-determination, voting, deciding, voluntarily, not with a gun to their heads. That is what democracy is all about.

That is not what Madrid wanted. Democracy, in the eyes of the politicians that hold power in Madrid, means dominating the people with thugs threatening to break and actually breaking into to steal the ballot boxes just because they said so in Madrid.

“It is the responsibility of the legitimate powers of the state to ensure the constitutional order of a nation”.

King Felipe VI of Spain.

But preventing the vote, which they did not accomplish, was not enough for Madrid. They also took political prisoners, threatened people for speaking in favor of the release of those political prisoners or in favor of independence, banned yellow objects from being displayed, especially at the voting booths on December 21. They even exercised their influence in Europe to extradite the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont.

But nothing they did worked out at the end. The Catalan people went to vote on December 21, a date that was chosen by Mariano Rajoy, and once again chose to support pro-independence parties.

“The Catalonian Parliament approves the declaration of Independence”.

Carme Forcadell, President of the Catalan Parliament.

Not happy with the result of the vote on December 21, Mariano Rajoy claimed that he would only speak with Inés Arrimadas from the Ciutadans political party, because she had been the sole winner of the election.

He also warned that he will do things all over again, if necessary, should the next President of Catalonia and the next Parliament decide to carry out the will of the people: seek independence from Spain.

So you see, for Rajoy and the politicians in Madrid, democracy is not democracy. Democracy is what they say it is.

The pro-independence political parties obtained more votes and more seats in the Catalonian Parliament than any other political party, and they are now waiting for January 17, the date that Mariano Rajoy chose to constitute the new Catalonian Parliament.

“Catalonia becomes an independent State in the form of a Republic”.

Carles Puigdemont, President of Catalonia.

On that day, everything continues. The people of Catalonia will continue fighting for their God-given right to be free and independent. In turn, the politicians in Madrid will try again to violate their rights and to derail their process.

The next chapter in the Catalan struggle will continue to be written by the Catalan people. The process according to the Catalans.

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