Is Putin Preparing for WW III?


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Newsweek magazine is part of America’s media propaganda establishment.

Like other media scoundrels, it supports all US wars of aggression, portraying them as democracy-building liberating conflicts, ignoring the harsh reality of Washington’s imperial agenda – waging endless wars on humanity at home and abroad.

The magazine turned truth on its head, claiming “Putin’s popularity depends on keeping Russia forever at war” – disgracefully portraying the world’s preeminent peacemaker as a global menace.

In a disturbing disinformation piece, it warned that Putin might start WW III, saying he’s “readying to fight an epic war for survival.”

Claiming “little green (Russian) men” are fighting in Donbass against Kiev is disinformation rubbish, dating from the US-staged February 2014 coup, ousting Ukraine’s democratic government, replacing it with fascist tyranny – an illegitimate regime Newsweek and other media scoundrels support.

“(W)hy is Putin building up the idea that his country is on the verge of a cataclysmic conflict that will require full-scale mobilization of all Russia’s resources,” Newsweek asked?

Instead of explaining the real threat Washington’s rage for wars and dominance poses, including possible nuclear war on Russia and/or other sovereign independent countries, Newsweek falsely claimed Putin “creat(ed) a myth of perpetual war as a mainstay of (Russia’s) survival.”

Newsweek: “(E)ven as…revenues have plummeted, thanks to falling oil prices and sanctions, Putin has ordered a massive increase in military spending…represent(ing) 3.3 percent of Russia’s” GDP.

Fact: Russia spends a small fraction of annual US budgets for militarism, its global empire of bases, its special forces in three-fourths of the world’s countries on destabilization missions, and CIA covert operations.

Fact: Oil prices doubled from their 2016 low, rising to around $60 a barrel. In 2017, Russia’s economy returned to growth, a positive sign.

Its 2018 defense spending is budgeted at 2.8% of GDP (not 3.3%), far less in dollars than what America spends.

Newsweek claiming Russia is engaged in an arms race is utter rubbish, a US specialty, not Moscow’s.

Newsweek: “In deciding to prop up…Assad in September 2015, Putin effectively chose to take the side of Iran in the region’s spiraling Sunni-Shiite fight.”

More rubbish! Putin intervened to combat US-supported terrorism, wanting it defeated abroad, not in Russia’s heartland, Iran engaged in the same struggle – both countries on the side of the angels. America’s agenda represents pure evil.

Washington wants regime change in all sovereign independent countries, aiming to install pro-Western puppet regimes, naked aggression its favored strategy – what Newsweek and other media scoundrels never explain.

Newsweek: “Having scored an easy strategic victory in Syria, the temptation for Russia to get involved in another conflict is great.”

More rubbish! Putin is the world’s preeminent peacemaker, deploring wars, instability and chaos – what imperial America prioritizes, its strategy for global conquest and control.

Newsweek: Putin “back(s) (an) insurgency against the Western-(installed regime) in Tripoli…”

Putin seeks peace, not war, everywhere, mutual cooperation among all nations, a new era of multi-world polarity – an agenda polar opposite Washington’s rage for endless wars of aggression.

“US-Russian relations (indeed) are at their lowest point since the Cold War, making the risks of even a small incident escalating into conflict dangerously high.”

Instead of responsibly blaming Washington for this deplorable state, Newsweek pointed fingers in the wrong direction, irresponsibly blaming Russia.

If planned or accidental war erupts between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, America will bear full responsibility.

The Russian federation never attacked another country. America is always at war, currently in multiple theaters with other nations on its target list.

Newsweek’s Russophobic article took great pains in proliferating disinformation, Big Lies and fake news, suppressing hard truths – the way all media scoundrels operate.

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