Putin: ‘Russia Destroy The U.S. In Less Than Half An Hour’ (VIDEO)

Putin: ‘Russia Destroy The U.S. In Less Than Half An Hour’ (VIDEO) | putin | Military Weapons Multimedia Special Interests US News World News

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin has claimed that he could destroy America easily if he wanted.

Those who have been paying any attention to politics know that Putin is a potential danger not only to Russia itself but also to America. Jokes have been made about how Putin banned memes of himself, and how the American people ought to be sharing them anyway. While these jokes are all in good fun, it is important to realize that Putin is limiting his people’s right to speak. This can be very dangerous and is often the first step of a dictatorship.

The fear has risen slightly since Putin made the claim that he could destroy America in less than a half hour. Putin and the American president, Barack Obama, have a current relationship that seems amicable but is unstable at best.

Putin took personal offense at America’s plan to build a missile defense system. He believed that this was a betrayal of his trust.

The fears that this will cause comes from the possibility that these countries could get into an arbitrary “my armed forces are bigger than yours” fight. In this instance, there is a possibility that individual building could quickly escalate into violence.

Russia has also been very outspoken about America trying to spread an American version of democracy through the Middle East. Russia believes that America is sticking its nose where it does not belong and that it is causing more problems than it is worth. To make matters worse, the American military claims it may have attacked Syria in an attempt to attack an ISIS group. If this is true, America will be responsible for over 60 deaths and many men harmed, on top of unnecessary destruction. The following comes from a post titled: The Real Reason Putin Hates Obama and Clinton, and Wants Trump To Win.

In the video below, Putin tells a very different story than the one Western media has reported about what happened in Crimea. In fact, he becomes quite angry when asked about it by German reporters. Putin says that contrary to western media reports, there was no “invasion” of Crimea, there were no gunshots ever fired, and not one person died during events in Crimea… not one. He says the people of Crimea held their own referendum, and they chose to leave Ukraine, and become part of the Russian Federation.

Like before, Putin says the leaders of the United States need to learn to respect the interests of others, and not go changing the rules whenever it suits them. Diplomacy is the art of being able to reconcile your national interests, alongside those of other States, compromising on certain aspects along the way. However, Putin points out that the Atlanticist world view (EU/US/NATO) has shown that it does not allow for mutual respect, nor for cooperation. Through a number of covert means, the west asks for nothing less than for Russia to no longer ascertain its national interests, which makes President Putin #1 Bogeyman in the western media today. When asked if he is a friend to the West, Putin says:

“I am not your friend, I am not your bride, or your groom… I am the President of Russia…”

Russia has made no comment on this, but it does not bode well for the rocky relationship the two countries already have.

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Putin: ‘Russia Destroy The U.S. In Less Than Half An Hour’ (VIDEO) | Monster | Military Weapons Multimedia Special Interests US News World News


The S-400’s are so advanced, they can follow up to 300 targets simultaneously ranging from anywhere between just a few feet off the ground, all the way to 40 miles above the earth’s surface. That’s roughly 5x the reach as it’s western counterpart, the Patriot Missile. The S-400 can also acquire targets up to 600km away and take them out at 400km away. Finally, for efficiency, the super high tech missile defense platform only requires three people to operate, and as you can see in the videos provided, the system is highly portable.

Also, don’t forget the Chinese “Carrier Killer” that Russia could no doubt get its hands on if it wanted to. Originally developed as a strategic weapon, the DF-21’s later variants were designed for both nuclear and conventional missions. As well as a nuclear warhead of around 300 kt, it is thought that high explosive and submunition warheads are available. The latest DF-21D was said to be the world’s first anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM). The DF-21 has also been developed into a space-capable anti-satellite weapon/anti-missile weapon carrier.

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