Raw Milk Petition to Release James Stewart

Are you wary of raw milk? Are you thinking, maybe Stewart did something dangerous in selling raw goat milk? If so, you can thank Monsanto, the corrupt dairy industry and the corrupt CDC (which participated in the armed raid on Stewart) for your being convinced not to buy milk that is actually 35,000 times safer than any other food – by the CDC’s own data. And if you have Crohn’s disease, you can thank them again for your continuing to suffer for working to make what is healing, unavailable. In fact, Monsanto is working to genetically engineer milk itself.

Raw milk is the only safe milk and it is a prime Monsanto target. Raw milk means no money to the industrial food system, it means local food and adequate money to keep local farmers in business, it means money stay in the local communities, and it means healthy people who do not support the drug industry. For Monsanto, that puts a big target on it and from there one can understand the brutality against James Stewart and how important it is to get the petition out to free him.

All of the four attacks in California are different sides of the same coin – “food safety.” It is a massive corporate lie to take control over the food system. Food safety law in every state needs to be nullified because all of them include a Monsanto trick – they require no evidence whatever. The state can act against people like Stewart based not on contamination or harm – he’d done neither – but merely based on technicalities and plan to destroy real food . Food laws must written that only apply to proven contamination, confirmed by independent scientists, and no prison terms can be applied unless a person or company has been proven, as the peanut company was, to have known in advance that its food was contaminated and to sell it with that knowledge.

Monsanto, is selling products it knows are lethal.

International Petition to Free James Stewart, an Organic Food Provider and Monsanto Hostage

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