This is What is Really Behind the European Refugee Policy

This is What is Really Behind the European Refugee Policy | syria-refugees | World News
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(The Real Agenda News) No one who has even the slightest clue about what is like to be a refugee would ever oppose helping those fleeing war, famine or disease or any other threat to their lives.

Ideally, the world would be better without wars, famine and disease, but this ideal is very far from becoming true due to the geopolitical agendas being pursued by multinational corporations and the governments they control.

The world has always had refugees and people who are displaced from the homes and countries do to the hunger and thirst for power and control.

Countries will not seek for real solutions to large migrations of people as long as this hunger and thirst exists and as long as there is an economic reward to keep it going.

One of the aspects that feeds the existence of refugees and large migrations, aside from war, famine and disease is what CEAR, the Spanish Commission of Assistance to the Refugee, calls the lack of legal challenges to the refugee calamity.

This reality, CEAR says, guarantees the abundant flow of money to those who make a sweet profit from large numbers of displaced men, women and children.

Recently, CEAR published a video that promises to anger the European Union, its member states and large companies that benefit from the mobilisation of large number of refugees.

The video begins with an ‘appealing’ call from who is purported  to be a the head of a human trafficking enterprise: “Hello, there, billionaire in the making,” the man says as he openly begins to explain how companies like his are making a killing from the refugee crisis.

The video denounces the disastrous consequences of European policies for refugees and migrants, who are condemned to put their lives in the hands of traffickers.

The images also ironically show how a large fictitious company makes big business at the expense of “myopic and out of focus” policies in Europe and the suffering of thousands of people. But the European Union is not the only body that is addressed by the video. It also includes a  ‘nod’ to the new president of the United States.

The video was presented Thursday at a press conference in which CEAR criticized the measure taken by European leaders at the Malta summit to “allocate millions of euros to Libya as they aim to seal the central Mediterranean route, the one used by refugees to reach Europe.

By closing that route, Europe quietly avoids the arrival of thousands of migrants and refugees a day. Unfortunately, it also “guarantees that thousands will get in a country that systematically violates their human rights and where their lives are still in danger,” explains CEAR.

“Whenever Europe negotiates with third countries to close a route, it is condemning thousands of people to look for more dangerous and deadly options,” said a CEAR spokeswoman, who added that “Europe is not currently granting visas” and said that “when a refugee is denied entrance and temporary or permanent residence in Europe, he or she faces the reality of having to deal with traffic networks, that in turn gain  a new customer.”

CEAR also criticized that “EU countries are unable to meet their meager commitments to relocate and resettle 182,504 refugees,” since “to date they have only managed to transfer 25,825.”

Clearly, the Spanish organization is in favor of opening the doors to tens of thousands of migrants and refugees with little or no vetting, which is not a real solution to the problem.

As we explained at the beginning of the article, the main causes of large migrations such as the one taking place right now, are war, which is more often than not perpetrated by corporate interest who use governments to carry out their agendas.

Neither western Europe nor the West as a whole have the capacity to absorb millions of refugees a year.

The movement of the large numbers of people from Northern Africa and the Middle East to western Europe and North America will only stop when western powers decide to stop bombing defenseless nations to accomplish geopolitical goals, which is what causes millions of people to leave their home countries.

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