Remnants of the “Manhattan Project” is Leaking Radioactive Waste in Washington State

A recent inspection has reconfirmed that a Washington state site left over from the “Manhattan Project” is not only leaking radioactive waste, but it is also at risk of a nuclear explosion.

Remnants of the "Manhattan Project" is Leaking Radioactive Waste in Washington State | radioactive-Copy-300x168 | Environment General Health Military News Articles US News The Manhattan Project was the military program that developed the atomic bomb. This project was considered by most people to be a “conspiracy theory” for years, until the bombs eventually dropped. Whole towns were built to test the first nuclear weapons.

All of the residents were sworn to secrecy and spread out between one of the 30 testing sites across North America and the UK. The Manhattan project started out as a small testing operation in 1939 but in the few years it was in operation it grew to have over 130,000 people, all under strict secrecy.

One of these sites was in Washington state, and the leftover radioactive waste is still posing a threat today.

According to The Daily Mail:

“Underground tanks that hold a mix of toxic radioactive waste at America’s most contaminated nuclear site pose a possible risk of explosion.A nuclear safety board made the announcement in advance of confirmation hearings for the next leader of the Energy Department. State and federal officials have long known that hydrogen gas could build up inside the tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, leading to an explosion that would release radioactive material. The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board recommended additional monitoring and ventilation of the tanks last fall, and federal officials were working to develop a plan to implement the recommendation.”

In reference to The Manhattan Project, they said that:

“The federal government created Hanford in the 1940s as part of the secret Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb.It spends billions of dollars to clean up the 586-square-mile (1518-square-kilometer) site neighboring the Columbia River, the southern border between Washington and Oregon and the Pacific Northwest’s largest waterway. Federal officials have said six underground tanks at the site are leaking into the soil, threatening the groundwater, and technical problems have delayed construction of a plant to treat the waste for long-term safe disposal.”

In addition, ABC reported that:

“Central to the cleanup is the removal of 56 million gallons of highly radioactive, toxic waste left from plutonium production from underground tanks. Many of the site’s single-shell tanks, which have just one wall, have leaked in the past, and state and federal officials announced in February that six such tanks are leaking anew.”

The news coming from this specific site is disturbing, but there are dozens of sites from the Manhattan Project alone, and that wasn’t the only military project involving toxic, radioactive chemicals that are nearly impossible to store. The whole coast surrounding the country is littered with stored bio chemical weapons produced around World War 2 and the cold war.

Some of them are stored in underground facilities, others buried under the seabed, and there are even some in above-ground vaults. Regardless of where they are stored, they are being held in leaky containers, because these chemicals are stronger than most of the containers that they are have been placed in.

While the government uses the EPA to tax drivers and regulate how people are landscaping in their back yards, that same government has uncontrollable biological weapons sitting all over the country like toxic time bombs.

I will be doing a full series of reports on this specific site, as well as other toxic government bases all over the world, stay tuned to for more information.


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