RFID, Revealed: Secret Plan to Tag Every Man, Woman and Child (VIDEO)

RFID, Revealed: Secret Plan to Tag Every Man, Woman and Child (VIDEO) | implantable-rfid-chip-150x150 | Globalism Government Control Government Corruption Martial Law Military Weapons Multimedia New World Order RFID Chips Science & Technology Surveillance Trans humans Tyranny & Police State United Nations Paul Scully-Power of Connecticut is proposing a serious discussion of RFID chips embedded in license plates. This action would enable police to track cars in real-time from state to state. Scully-Powers has clear ties to the corporations that would directly profit from such a move. He has stated:

“An RFID program would be phased in gradually and then expanded to accomplish other policing tasks without having to change equipment … the second phase would be to implement speeding violations.”

As being tracked and traced in every avenue becomes a social meme (and disturbing norm) the objective of continuous surveillance and control is the government’s true agenda. This includes the move toward a cashless society and RFID chipped population.

This video explains exactly where our society is headed.

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