Russia Sends Bombers Over Gulf Of Mexico

Russia Sends Bombers Over Gulf Of Mexico | russia-military-bomber-600x428 | US News

By: Mr Conservative

Russia has just announced that they will be sending long-range bomber planes on regular patrols over the Gulf of Mexico.

“We have to maintain military presence in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, as well as the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico,” said Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense for the Russian Federation and General of the Army.

This announcement is believed to be a reaction to NATO’s moves to support Ukraine in the crisis there. Earlier this week, the European Leadership Council released a report in which they said there has been an increase in military encounters between Russia and NATO in recent months.

The Russians are clearly trying to prove their military capabilities to NATO in an attempt to deter them from further supporting Ukraine.

This latest move is not the first time the Russians have moved towards the United States this year. In June, U.S. fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers off the coast of Alaska and California.

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