Safeway, Starbucks and Target: Stop Bankrolling Anti-GMO Food Labeling Efforts! (PETITION)

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Whether or not you ever shop at Safeway, Starbucks or Target, the CEOs of these companies need to hear from you today.

Here’s why. Safeway, Starbucks and Target are all dues-paying members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). And the GMA is doing everything in its power to defeat GMO labeling laws, including trying to defeat the critical I-522 citizens’ initiative on the ballot on Nov. 5 in Washington State.

Please sign our petition today asking Safeway, Starbucks and Target to stop bankrolling anti-GMO food labeling efforts!

Last year, the GMA spent $2 million to defeat Proposition 37, California’s citizens’ initiative that would have required mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products. Now, the GMA is the largest contributor to the NO on I-522 campaign, a similar initiative in Washington State.

By supporting the GMA, Safeway, Starbucks and Target are indirectly helping to defeat GMO labeling laws.

Not only that, many of the food products sold at Safeway, Starbucks and Target contain unlabeled GMOs.

The I-522 initiative in Washington State is a critical battle for the consumer’s right to know. We must win it. But we won’t, if we’re outspent 6 to 1 as we were last year in California.

According to a new poll by the New York Times, 93 percent of consumers want food containing GMOs to be labeled. If Safeway, Starbucks and Target expect consumers to spend money in their stores, they need to support consumers’ right to know.

Maybe you shop at Safeway or Target, or buy coffee at Starbucks. But if we can get 200,000 consumers to tell the CEOs of these companies that we’re not shopping there until they support I-522 – financially and publicly – we can make an impression.

Take action today. Ask Safeway, Starbucks and Target to stop bankrolling anti-GMO food labeling efforts! Thank you!

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