Sandy Hook — Creating Reality (VIDEO)

Sandy Hook — Creating Reality (VIDEO) | sandy-hook-creating-reality-460x258 | False Flags Multimedia US News

When I saw ‘Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions’ by Sofia Smallstorm I could finally see partially-formed explanations for Sandy Hook and realistic, possible motives. I got a rush from once again feeling that the veil was lifting. I’m always balancing on the edge of fact-finding mode and taking-action mode.

All of my uncertainty acts to keep me researching away, which does help prevent the spinning of wheels or making mistakes that can’t be reversed. When I begin to have clarity it’s like being at the par-course. I know in which direction to go and get excited about the prospects of taking action. It’s also exciting to learn, as corny as that might sound.

Sandy Hook isn’t my first experience with manipulated events on a national scale. 9/11 was my introduction and the Aurora Batman theater shooting event was the last straw at which time I knew that I would have to start researching. It was just basic survival instinct.

After creating a blog and pumping out between 40 and 50 articles on an array of topics without taking a moment to promote them, my blog became a ghost town. My YouTube channel was the Internet calling out to me, to try my hand at videos covering the same topics I had been blogging about.

After Sofia’s video presentation hit the Web, and while everyone shared their opinions of the information and praised her for the effort, I set out to redux her presentation, to amplify and catapult it. So I made an attempt, and now you can see the result of that. Thankfully and with great thanks to Sofia, she approved of my idea and even consulted just to the point of keeping my version consistent with her findings while allowing me to apply my unique frame to what is nothing less than a work of alternative media art.

Now I see, as I hope others here will that putting together enough pieces of the Sandy Hook puzzle like a Prosecutor building a case is possible. This is true, despite the State and the media assuming the authority to keep most unbecoming details a secret. There is hope, and it will never be too late. It may not be possible to know exactly when, but world-impacting events do and will happen again. Maybe something presented here will be the spark that begins the unraveling, a word that I credit use of to Sofia. Imagine what the impact of unraveling Sandy Hook might be. Would it leave in its wake a trail to Aurora? Would that, then lead to the final pieces needed to reverse 9/11? It might.

Sandy Hook — Creating Reality (VIDEO) | tyranny-news | False Flags Multimedia US News

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