Saudi Regime Terror-Bombs Yemeni School Bus

Saudi Regime Terror-Bombs Yemeni School Bus | saudi-arabia-bombs-yemen-school-bus | Special Interests World News
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Yemen is Obama’s war, now Trump’s, Saudi-led terror-bombing doing US dirty work.

Civilians have been massacred indiscriminately since March 2015, terror-bombing their residences, schools, hospitals, marketplaces, mosques and other targets – many chosen by Washington and Britain, their weapons and munitions used to commit mass murder.

The death toll is likely in the hundreds of thousands, not the official sanitized 10,000 number, unchanged since late 2015 – deaths resulting from war, untreated illnesses, malnutrition, starvation, and overall deprivation.

On Thursday, Saudi-UAE warplanes targeted a school bus in Houthi-controlled northern Saada province’s Dahyan city, killing dozens, including at least 29 young children under age-10, injuring a reported 48 others.

An ICRC tweet said: “Scores killed, even more injured, most under the age of 10.

According to the head of Saada’s health department, 43 were killed, another 61 wounded. A Houthi source said young children aboard the bus were attending summer classes on the Koran.

A Saudi/UAE statement turned truth on its head, saying their warplanes struck Houthi missile launchers, disgracefully claiming the terror-bombing “conformed to international and humanitarian laws” – a bald-faced lie.

According to Yemeni journalist Nasser Arrabyee in the area, no Houthi fighters were near where the incident occurred, adding:

The targeted site is “a market. There is no military installation (or activity) nearby.” The Saudis and UAE committed similar atrocities numerous times before, “target(ing) schools, weddings and so on” – falsely claiming their war crimes are legitimate.

The death toll from Thursday’s incident is sure to rise. Yemen’s decimated healthcare system can’t handle large numbers of severe injuries.

UNICEF’s regional director Geert Cappalaere condemned the latest terror-bombing incident, saying:

“No excuses anymore. Does the world really need more innocent children’s lives lost to stop the cruel war on children in Yemen?”

Thursday’s attack came days after Saudi/UAE terror-bombing killed dozens of civilians near Hodeidah city’s hospital.

On Thursday, multiple Saudi-UAE airstrikes targeted civilian residential areas of Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, causing unknown numbers of casualties.

Countless numbers of terror-bombing incidents are conducted monthly, many against non-military targets.

Yemen is devastated, in a state of collapse, nearly the entire population threatened, an estimated near 9,000 young children alone perishing monthly.

False claims of around 10,000 deaths since March 2015 are disgraceful bald-faced lies.

Even RT reported the fabricated figure in its report on Thursday’s terror-bombing incident.

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