Science vs Government Science: Exposing The Persistent Lies Of “Persistent Contrails”

Science vs Government Science: Exposing The Persistent Lies Of "Persistent Contrails" | Chemtrails-are-not-a-conspiracy-theory-439x300 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Propaganda Science & Technology

My interest in chemtrails began about four years ago when someone pointed them out and I researched the topic for myself. The first thing I noticed (about myself) is how I was consciously ignoring them until someone actually pointed them out. I’ve since been fascinated by how these crimes against humanity and the planet have been allowed to continue unchallenged. Given that those participating in these programs are also the ones denying they are doing it, I decided to do whatever I can to make a difference, by conducting another simple observational study to see if my observations match the “persistent contrails” claims.

When attempting to hide a crime, government has proven prepared with it’s weapons of mass deception, mind-control, propaganda and lies to push through any idea they want accepted by the general public. Even when evidence is overwhelming (like it is with 9/11, JFK, etc.) government has proven up to the task of boldly denying the truth and carrying on openly with their lies. So, I thought, how much more effective would they be if they are the only ones privileged to the “evidence” which they can easily manipulate? Would you expect the U.S. to make an announcement telling us the truth about missing flight MH370? How about a confession on the errors of the N.I.S.T report regarding WTC 7?  

The “persistent contrails” myth, I reckoned early on, comes with the full package (of disinformation, manipulation and control of the evidence), and it goes something like this: Only we (government) have the evidence, and it is up to you (the individual at home screaming foul about the lines in the sky) to disprove our claims. Good luck getting funded for a counter study that will make it past Wikipedia, the mainstream media or any legitimate science text book because we (government) provide both sides of the argument, thanks for playing.

I’ve never anticipated that the “persistent contrails” theory would turn out to be much of a scientific battle/debate but more a psychological battle of disinformation and propaganda. The “persistent contrails” argument is a psychological operation of denial from a to z, and we have to, at some point, provide a fitting balanced counter-attack to ensure that the undistorted message gets through to the masses in hopes of a future solution, which at this point seems nowhere in sight. For this reason I’ve put together this small scale science related simple study for others to hopefully build upon.

It was only a year ago when I conducted a simple observational study in which I confirmed the radically disjointed relationship between the official “forecast” and the actual (post chemtrails) weather conditions for that day among other things discovered. This year (2014) I decided to do another simple observational study. This time I wanted to observe the skies in the month of July since every year there seems to be a decrease in spraying during July. I’ve always argued that the secret to debunking “persistent contrails” is by exposing when they DON’T occur as much as when they do. With that said, I observed the skies for “persistent contrails” formulating my hypothesis carefully. I hypothesized that in July (in Los Angeles, Southern California) we would see (for the fifth year in a row that I’ve been counting) a radical decrease in sky lines being sprayed by planes. Here are the results:

Sky Observation July 2014 Final Observations (click to view)

1. First, we wanted to know if the globalist private contracted companies and the U.S. Air Force would take a break in spraying the skies as they seem to always do in the month of July in the Southern California area. That was our first observational goal and we observed that predictably they did for almost the first two weeks. That is, despite no changes in the climate conditions in June 2014, from July 1st through July 11th we saw no lines of any kind in the skies (picture this!). The skies looked as clean as they did before the late 1990’s except for the much lighter blue we now see today. For those concerned about chemtrails spraying, you may see this as a deliberate summer vacation taken by the pilots spraying us or perhaps as evidence that, like all government programs, there seems to be a set annual schedule to the spraying operations. For those who claim that all the disfigurement of our skies is due to “persistent contrails”, they would have to explain how exact weather, humidity, pressure and temperature conditions would yield a situation where almost two weeks into July 2014 we would predictably not see a single line appear in the sky. It would warrant an explanation on how someone could predict this pause without foreknowledge of the future or even a background in meteorology. Obviously science does not suspend itself without a specific, clear and reproducible explanation. This is one explanation that those pushing “persistent contrails” would be hard pressed to explain given the known atmospheric conditions during this period.

2. Second, we found that in the second half of July they started an aggressive campaign shooting chemicals high up in the atmosphere reaching as high as the stratosphere in what is being termed “Chembombs“. This interesting and radical change of spraying technique was the greatest finding of the July studies. During this one month study, planes were actually seen spraying primarily in the second half of the month, and even then it was rare. I became much more familiar with what to look for when looking to identify the much broader undefined spraying (chemical plumes) programs. Many people are confirming all around the world that this is what they are seeing in their cities and towns. Apparently the mass chembomb spraying has (for now) become the norm and we are seeing a lot less atmospheric unmarked planes spraying their usual chemtrails like we often have seen over the years.

3. We also observed that with the stratospheric (high and feathery looking) chembombs you will rarely if ever see the planes spraying the massive plumes instead other chemtrails planes will fly into the center of the plume after they are formed, dropping their chemical concoction into it as if mixing chemicals in the sky.

4. At all times throughout this observational study, we observed that all other planes flying at exactly the same altitude were not producing sky lines. One of the purposes of this study was to temporarily blindly accept the “persistent contrails” myth and then try to prove it right. Seeing all other planes flying in the same path and watching them not create “contrails” makes it very difficult to prove “persistent contrails” of course.

5. Specifically, from July 1-16 we witnessed only one day of spraying (making “contrails”). See our results and appreciate that climate conditions (temperatures and relative humidities) were exactly the same after and before the 16th.

6. In this study we adjusted documentation of spraying in response to the sight of chembombs. In other words, on a few days there were no visible planes spraying, while at the same time huge white trails (and plumes) appeared in the sky. Huge trails with no planes seems to be one of the signatures of the ‘chembombs’ phenomenon.

7. All chembombs seem to have very similar shapes. In other words, it seems now possible to photograph a massive chembomb in Los Angeles, another in San Francisco, Phoenix, or Miami and then match the photos to appreciate the similarity in shapes and appearances. Ever see any two clouds shaped the exact same way? This is not surprising since geoengineering spraying programs are automated and sprayed by the same engines and chemical canisters, and sprayed from planes moving at the same speed and at the same altitude.  As I discuss in another video, chembomb plumes always have a stalk and often you see the trails curve. Its seems the pilots need to spray the chemicals while turning. This is likely for the purpose of timed chemical mixing.

This small scale observational study hopefully will begin to smudge and debunk the climate condition claims that government papers like to link to contrails (and persistent contrails) formation. In fact, in an often touted Minnis paper, Minnis concludes that at atmospheric temperatures above -39 Celsius we should not expect to see contrails. In another study by Mark L Schrader, he puts the “Contrails forecast” minimal temperature even colder, around minus 40-43 degrees Celsius and he lists the finding of another (Appleman) study which lists the minimum contrails forecast atmospheric temperature (for the typical airplane cruising altitude atmospheric pressure of 300hPa) at minus 41.93 degrees Celsius. These readings are all based on the assumption of 100% relative humidity (RH). Any lower RH and the required temperature would be even colder.

All of this is important when you realize we have a formula that is useful for calculating the atmospheric temperatures at say, 33,000 feet or 10 kilometers high. The formula for this takes into consideration the temperatures on the ground and the altitude. It’s called the Environmental Lapse Rate or ELR. Applying this formula to the known temperatures on the ground one can come up with a reasonably close approximation of the given temperatures at plane altitude level at any given time. We can say this because the environmental (temperature and humidity) conditions play the most important role in determining and predicting contrails formation according to these government so called studies. In his paper, Mark L Schrader says this regarding the importance of temperature and relative humidity:

“The sensitivity of the forecast to temperature uncertainty is illustrated by the narrow critical temperature range (~3 degrees C) between 0% and 70% ambient relative humidity. Within this region, contrail forecast errors are dominated by errors in forecast temperature and are relatively unaffected by humidity uncertainty. At relative humidities higher than about 70%, contrail forecast errors are dominated by uncertainties in the forecast relative humidity.”

As you can see, the conditions that determine successful forecasting of “contrails” are primarily related to the actual atmospheric conditions (as opposed to fuel quality, flight patterns and frequency, etc.) and they are precise, meaning you must be within the temperature range for contrails to occur, you cannot be above the range and hope that another factor induces the contrails. 

Applying the ELR formula alone helps someone understand that in a stable climate like Southern California, we should be able to apply what we know to predict when “contrails” will appear in the sky. We can apply the formula and using Minnis’ claims of the warmer minus 39 degrees Celsius, we can say that (all things being equal) at temperatures above 79 degrees Fahrenheit we should not see contrails in the sky in Southern California. Minnis himself would have to agree these July 2014 observations are not consistent with his findings published in 2002. This is also not consistent with Schrader’s study which place the predictable contrails in the atmosphere at even colder minimal temperatures.

It is important to note that all of these “studies”, for which no experiments are available to the general public, are conducted by U.S. Air Force, NASA and government contracted personnel. The entire “science” of persistent contrails” is actually 100% government sponsored. That’s right, the same government that brought us global warming, the free fall destruction of 47 story towers due to office fires, and the magic bullet, is the government giving humanity the exclusive persistent contrails theory.

As non-government scientists and contractors, who are not privileged to their private atmospheric science, we need to expose the “persistent contrails” myth by reviewing their claims, abstracts and predictions and showing how these claims don’t fit with what we observe every day in out skies. Know which factors are involved in their “persistent contrails” theory. Know which of the factors are verifiably steady and play a lesser role in predicting persistent contrails formation. Refuse the excuses that the trolls who push these theories offer to dodge challenges to “persistent contrails”. Instead let’s force them to answer basic questions about their own conflicting theories.

Here is a NASA page attempting to explain persistent contrails with graphs showing the relationship with temperature and humidity. Notice how they directly attribute atmospheric temperatures and relative humidity very tightly to the occurrence of contrails. They may have forgotten that some regions, especially in Southern California and other places like Hawaii, have both a steady day to day climate and are nonetheless being bombarded with sky lines every day. In climates like these, big changes in atmospheric temperatures and relative humidities are not commonly seen from day to day.

Understanding this argument is critical to appreciating the observations we’ve made in the Los Angeles region in July 2014. By observing the relative humidity and taking the known temperatures, converting to Celsius and subtracting 6.5 degrees Celsius for every kilometer of altitude we can reasonably predict these environmental factors and thus airplane altitude conditions.

Furthermore, it was observed that the ‘chembomb’ plumes are reaching high up to the stratospheric level where the cruising altitude planes fly. That alone should concern you as the stratosphere is known for one thing, it does not contain clouds. Knowing this to be true has individuals like film maker David Dahl scrambling to find an explanation for placing white trails in the stratosphere. They needed another lie, a twist to throw at environmental activists concerned about the spraying, so Dahl concocts an imaginative theory called the “Vonnegut connection” theory, where he suggests that due to a quietly ignored and underlying “silver iodide” layer that floats all around the planet’s atmosphere, the “contrails” are mixing with this matrix of (never before acknowledged) silver iodide and thus spreading like “plumes” (as in chembomb plumes) including into the stratosphere where (according to Dahl) “stratospheric jet clouds” are waiting to mix with the silver iodide to spread and become massive sunlight blocking clouds. This theory concocted by Dahl (with of course, no proof) shows us how desperate the globalists are to get these theories and the global spraying that come with them, approved by the general public. Anyone following this for 4-5 years or more can think back when the contrails disinformation people just a few years ago were only talking about contrails formation. Remember that? Now we’re talking about naturally occurring global dimming plumes!

Imagine for a second, if one were to agree with the “persistent contrails” government theory,  the accompanying “Vonnegut connection” claims and the new “stratospheric jet clouds” suggestions, here are some (radical) conclusions they would have you believe:

1. That the Wright Brothers are to blame for the condition of our atmosphere (instead of those that are perpetrating these crimes) due to their invention of a weapon of mass destruction in 1903 (which Dahl essentially implies in his video admitting we are experiencing a catastrophic global dimming!).

2. That our memories of blue skies never happened and is only an illusion. Will you fall for this government claim?

3. That loose, secret, unverifiable and non peer-reviewed government “science” is acceptable, even when the argument involves something that is destroying our planet and the entire ecosystem and certain individuals are profiting greatly from all of this.

4. That the solution for the globalist concocted “global warming” theory just happens to match the side effect of the Wright Brothers flying machine. In other words, the similarities between the occurrence of “persistent contrails” and the need for the planet to manage solar radiation is a lucky coincidence.

5. That the fact that no major study has been allowed, published, funded, or put forth from the U.S. government that actually disagrees with the “persistent contrails” theories and attempts to disprove it is also coincidental. Scientist still disagree on things today, don’t they?

6. That the missing American and global history of activism against sky lines up until about tens years ago is also a coincidental mystery. Apparently the globalist geoengineers and persistent contrails trolls would have you believe that no one cared about the environment and the disfiguring of our skies prior to before the turn of the 21st century.

7. That humanity’s collection of a lifetime of family photos, collective images, films and videos which do not include images with sky lines in the background is also a coincidence since sky lines have been the norm all along.

These are just some ideas to consider before abandoning reason and falling for the “persistent contrails” myth.

Don’t just listen to government claims and so called government scientists, but instead pin them against science itself. You will then start seeing a real concrete difference between the two. One is real and the other a counterfeit. Start with the basics and do your own research about ELR and the environmental factors that determine a successful prediction of contrails. This is what critical thinking is all about.

Even without any attempts to crack their psuedo-science we have evidence put forth by Congressman Dennis Kucinich in the 2003 Space Preservation Act specifically addressing “chemtrails”. We also know that geoengineers for years have been talking about spraying the planet with Aluminum, Barium and Strontium for which Hugh Aircraft and other government contractors specifically have patents which state clearly this is for solar radiation management. Whistleblowers have spoken up both here in the U.S. and in Europe. The U.S. Air Force has been caught teaching the Air Force cadets about chemicals. Why would pilots need to know anything about chemistry and chemicals? Tested water, soil and air samples nationwide show alarming levels of these and other metals consistent with the years of spraying we have witnessed.

The time to debunk pseudo-science and expose propaganda and mind-control games is now. We must all do what we can to expose the chemical contamination of our skies and destruction of our planet. Do your own small scale study and share with the internet community. Every small effort counts as we continue to expose these climate altering operations.

Sky Study Exposes “persistent contrails” Persistent Inconsistencies!

We studied the skies in Los Angeles for the entire month of July 2014 and here is what we found. See related article here

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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