The Scoundrel Media Lying Machine in Action on Syria

The Scoundrel Media Lying Machine in Action on Syria | mainstream-media | Mainstream Media War Propaganda World News

As expected in the aftermath of Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun, killing scores, injuring many more, media scoundrels pointed fingers the wrong way.

Despite no evidence suggesting it, Assad was falsely blamed for what happened – declared guilty by accusation, ignoring what’s most obvious.

Dark forces wanting him ousted alone benefitted from the incident. Government and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, are combating US-supported terrorists, not attacking Syrian civilians they’re trying to protect. Nothing suggests otherwise.

When incidents like Tuesday’s attack happen, scoundrel media reporting is worst. Some despicable disinformation examples include:

New York Times editors deplorably headlined “A New Level of Depravity, Even for Bashar al-Assad” – declaring him guilty of Tuesday’s CW attack, despite no evidence suggesting it.

The “attack…bore witness to a new level of atrocity…victim(ized) (by) airstrikes apparently by (Syrian) forces…a new marker for a leader with a record of brutality,” Times editors willfully lied.

“…Russia and Iran are complicit in the brutality,” they added – ignoring horrific US high crimes of war and against humanity in all its war theaters, including the ongoing rape and destruction of Mosul, massacring civilians indiscriminately.

Neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors: “In Trump’s world, is it okay to use chemical weapons? Now we will find out.”

WaPo editors lied, citing unnamed so-called witnesses, saying “Syrian planes bombed the community of Khan Sheikhoun…with chemical agents.”

“United Nations investigations have established that the Assad regime has dropped barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas on civilians on multiple occasions since agreeing in 2013 to hand over its chemical arsenal and abide by a treaty banning chemical-weapons use.”

Fact: No so-called “barrel bombs” exist. No evidence suggests CW use by Syrian forces. Plenty proves use by US-supported terrorists.

Fact: In all its wars, Pentagon forces routinely use banned chemical, biological, radiological and other illegal weapons. Media scoundrels report nothing, ignoring US high crimes instead of highlighting them.

The  Wall Street Journal headlined “Chemical Attack in Syria Puts Focus on Trump Policy,” saying:

“Graphic images of dead and dying Syrian children following Tuesday’s suspected chemical attack are forcing the Trump administration to confront the war just days after officials signaled the US would no longer demand that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad leave power.”

Fact: No evidence ever suggests his culpability for these type attacks when they occur.

Fact: Syria is a sovereign independent nation. No others may legally interfere in its affairs for any reasons – unless authorized by Security Council members to respond in self-defense if attacked.

Other deplorable headlines include:

Reuters“Scores reported killed in gas attack on Syrian rebel area” – claiming a “suspected Syrian government chemical attack (believed to be) sarin…almost certainly” carried out “by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” – citing an unnamed US government source.

AP News: “Chemical attack kills dozens in Syria, US blames Assad.”

Al Jazeera: “ ‘Chemical attack’ in Syria draws international outrage.”

Note: Al Jazeera is owned, operated and controlled by the despotic Qatari monarchy, allied with Washington, NATO and other Gulf states against Syria – providing weapons, munitions and possibly toxic agents to anti-Assad terrorists.

Time magazine: “US, France and Britain Propose UN Resolution to Condemn Deadly Syria Gas Attack” – wanting Assad irresponsibly blamed for what happened.

Fox News: “At least 72 dead in suspected chemical attack in Syria” – repeating what other media scoundrels reported.

CNN: “Suspected gas attack in Syria reportedly kills dozens” – citing unnamed “activists” irresponsibly blaming Assad.

BBC: “Children killed in Syria ‘chemical attack,’ “ blaming Assad for what happened.

London’s Guardian: “Assad has unleashed horror on Syria. The EU must not make a deal with him.”

Syria’s military and Foreign Ministry categorically denied use of chemical or other toxic agents in Khan Sheikhoun or anywhere else throughout over six years of conflict.

No evidence suggests otherwise. Accusations against its government are despicable Big Lies – inciting irresponsible rage for greater US-led aggression than already.

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