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There was a time when the words “secret ingredients’ meant something good. But now when we hear those words we think: What are food corporations hiding from us now?”

We know one type of ingredient they’re hiding, thanks to lobbyists with deep pockets and corrupt politicians: GMOs.

“Secret Ingredients,” a film in the making by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart, chronicles the stories of people like Kathleen DiChiara. Dichiara and her family suffered from a long list of chronic health disorders, including allergies, asthma, auto-immune disease, autism. They sought medical treatments, but nothing helped—until they eliminated GMOs (and the pesticides used to grow them) from their diets.

The film highlights many other families with similar stories, and the physicians who witnessed their dramatic recoveries. It also reminds us that even though our politicians and regulatory agencies refuse to protect us from—or even require labeling of—these secret ingredients, we can protect ourselves by learning which foods are likely to contain GMOs, and by choosing to never buy them.

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h/t: Organic Consumers Association

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