Secretive Court Renews NSA’s Ability to Conduct Surveillance on Americans

Secretive Court Renews NSA’s Ability to Conduct Surveillance on Americans | nsa-424x300 | Civil Rights Government Government Control National Security Agency Special Interests Surveillance US News

The secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court last Friday renewed the NSA’s ability to continue collecting millions of Americans’ telephone records.

Media disclosures provided by Edward Snowden forced the DNI to publicly announce the continuation of the surveillance that has been in place for years but requires renewal every three months.

The continuation of the massive dragnet surveillance is proof that the Obama administration and the secret court of 11 federal judges are committed to keeping telecommunication privacy nonexistent, despite the outcry of resistance from the American people. Multiple New Polls Show Americans Reject Wholesale NSA Domestic Spying.

The NSA has also come under fire recently from unlikely groups, including tech companies, elected officials, and a coalition ranging from Churches to gun rights groups. 

Paul Lawrance writes for Eyes Open Report where this article first appeared.

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