“Senior Helpers” Helps Themselves to 140% of Workers’ Wages

Senior Helpers“, a company which provides their employees to monitor and administer assistance to senior citizens, such as those with early stages of dementia, charge their clients $24 an hour for their services, all the while paying their employees, who actually do the work, just $10 an hour, thusly taking a 140% commission, for life, off of the labor of someone else whom they only trained for one day.

Obviously companies are entitled to make a profit. The typical “Temp Agency”, which might send in extra workers to UPS during the holiday season, takes an average 75% commission (which already seems high), so that if they charged UPS $24 an hour for the employee they sent, the laborer would make $15 an hour. This seems like relatively reasonable pay for the job, and at least the person doing the actual work is getting the majority of the money. If Senior Helpers did this, you would think that making $9 an hour, off of thousands of employees, every day forever, would make you content, instead Senior Helpers demands 50% more, $14 an hour, while the person doing the actual work gets just $10.

As McDonald’s employees are starting to make $15 an hour, and being 100% responsible for another person’s life for forty hours a week is substantially more important than cooking french fries, why is it then that a french fry cook at a fast food restaurant is making 50% more pay than a person who has the life of another in their hands?

I interviewed one of Senior Helpers clients, who wishes to remain anonymous and not be directly quoted, yet they made it clear to me that they found the 140% commission off of another person’s labor to be outrageous and it angered them greatly. I also interviewed one of Senior Helpers most respected and qualified employees, who has a college degree in psychology and who is dearly loved by their client, who wants no other employee but them, which nevertheless makes no difference to the company, as they too made just $10 an hour out of a billed $24 an hour, despite their exceeding qualifications. This employee also informed me that Senior Helpers promised them a raise “after their initial 90 day probation period”, which never happened, then promised them a raise “at the first of the year”, which never happened, then promised them a raise “at the first of March”, which never happened. When I asked them why they continued to work for Senior Helpers after being lied to repeatedly by them, they said that their client had become so attached to them because of their skilled personableness, that they feared their client would elapse into a deeper state of dementia if they left.

I telephoned both Senior Helpers national office, as well as a local branch, informing them that I was a journalist writing an article about their company and that I would like to conduct a brief telephone interview with someone in upper management. A month went by and no one ever replied. What kind of company is so afraid of the media, without even knowing what the interview is about, that they refuse to talk with them? What other unscrupulous things might they be up to that they are so afraid to talk with a journalist about?

Even heartless Google, which will promptly deplatform a person after they point out a bedfellow’s corporate or government corruption, knows that taking half or more of someone else’s earnings is unethical, as they take just less than that, a 95% commission, off of advertising revenue which comes entirely from someone else’s labor. If Senior Helpers did this, they would make $11 an hour and give their workers $13, at least showing the respect of behemoth Google, that the person doing the actual work deserves the majority of the pay. Another employee of Senior Helpers said, “Having diarrhea up to your elbows is worth a lot more per hour.” When they shared this insight and plea with the management of Senior Helpers, who they said just sat around all day doing nothing, they only got laughter and ridicule from the company in return.

Senior Helpers recently contacted their clients to notify them of yet another rate increase, that of an additional $2 an hour, assuring them, “The vast majority of the rate increase will go to the workers”, after which Senior Helpers actually took a 150% commission of the rate increase, giving their employees a pay raise of just fifty cents an hour, to which one of their own clients said was highly insulting.

Feel free to contact Senior Helpers with this clickable link to let them know what YOU think.

“You have lived in luxury and have fattened yourself for the day of The Lord’s slaughter with the wages you failed to pay the workers, which cry out to The Lord against you!”

James 5: 4-5

-Brother Bart-

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