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It’s standard practice in Britain, not in America, a shadow cabinet never before formed to challenge a US administration.

In the UK, it’s done nothing to change irresponsible governance, at least not in recent decades. Expect nothing positive from the US initiative.

Why now? Why Trump? Why weren’t the deplorable Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama challenged? Why weren’t they impeached and removed from office?

Why were they allowed to govern unaccountably for 24 long, painful years? Why have their high crimes gone unpunished?

Former New York City public advocate Mark Green assembled a group of former undemocratic Democrat party officials and others, including:

Law Professor Laurence Tribe

National Immigration Law Center’s Marielena Hincapie

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson

Former Clinton administration labor secretary Robert Reich

Former Clinton administration Council of Economic Advisors chair Laura Tyson

Journalist David Cay Johnston

Former GHW Bush/Clinton administrations assistant education secretary Dianne Ravitch

Former Carter administration National Highway Traffic Safety Administration head/former Public Citizen president Joan Claybrook

Current Public Citizen president Rob Weissman

Former Carter administration energy official David Freeman

Physicians for a National Health Program co-founders Dr. Steffie Woolfindler and Dr. David Himmelstein

Former Joe Biden national security advisor Colin Kahl

Former Obama administration Defense Department official Rosa Brooks

Historian/foreign policy expert Andrew Bacevich

Mark Green calls the group “an agency-by-agency one-stop portal debunking Trump and staff” via Twitter.

Its mission statement says, “he lacks moral legitimacy when he incessantly distorts, denounces, misdirects, cherry picks and self-enriches in an almost Orwellian long con. Those engaging in daily disinformation deserve daily responses.”

Sounds mostly like a description of the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama – the most vile, lawless regimes in US history. Trump has a long way to go to match their villainy.

Most important is challenging America’s debauched political system, promoting revolutionary change, resistance the only chance to achieve it.

Trump nit-pickers are aiming at the wrong target – instead of a depraved system too corrupted to fix.

Voting is a waste of time. Dirty business as usual always wins. Each wing of America’s duopoly system takes turns governing, privileged interests alone served.



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