Shocking Email: Hillary Asks NFL’s Roger Goodell For Help Treating ‘Cracked Head’ (VIDEO)

Shocking Email: Hillary Asks NFL’s Roger Goodell For Help Treating ‘Cracked Head’ (VIDEO) | hillary-doctor-4 | Economy & Business Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests Whistle Blowers

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In the following video, you’ll learn that a new email has been leaked by WikiLeaks that reveals Hillary Clinton has openly admitted in writing to having a cracked head. Not only that, her aide also reached out to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his advice on how to deal with her concussion.

Of course, we all know that Roger Goodell’s concussion policy is “Lie About It and Keep Playing,” which Hillary likely took no issue with. She’s used to lying anyway.

Liberty Writers reports:

Her aide Philippe Reines messaged then Secretary Clinton:

“And Speaking About Your Cracked Head, I reached Out to both NFL Commish (I remembered that his dad held your Senate seat) and Bill First. First responded wonderfully and is ready to help.”

And that is when Hillary Clinton finally admitted to her horrible injury. She responded:

“Having a Cracked Head is no fun at all.”

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Shocking Email: Hillary Asks NFL’s Roger Goodell For Help Treating ‘Cracked Head’ (VIDEO) | Wiki-1 | Economy & Business Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests Whistle Blowers

So it is now very clear that Hillary Clinton has suffered from concussions as a result of her head injury. There is no other reason to contact the NFL Commissioner. (H/T – The Gateway Pundit).

At her age, a concussion can absolutely be detrimental to your memory and health. Hillary may not want us to know about this, but the email tells the whole story.

So now it is up to you, concerned Americans, to spread this news and not let Hillary and her media cronies bury it under 6 feet of puff pieces and anti-Trump propaganda.

You may have heard about the following interview from earlier this week when Dr. Drew said he is very concerned about Hillary’s health. I covered it previously in a post titled, Dr. Drew Turns Whistleblower on Hillary Clinton’s Failing health, and you can see it in its entirety below. The interview was originally aired on ABC, but like the good little liberals that they are over at ABC, the interview was taken down presumably in an attempt to try to protect their dog in the race. Thankfully, quite a few patriots grabbed it, and then reposted it before being taken down.

During the interview, Dr. Drew went as far as to say that the former Secretary of State may be receiving inadequate health care that is far from optimal for her medical conditions. At one point, he compared the care that she is currently receiving (per the medial records that Hillary personally released), to what might have been provided to someone back in the 1950’s.

Dr. Drew remarks that the treatment Hillary is getting is so strange, that he would be embarrassed to even ask her treating physician about it if they happened to be sitting together in a doctor’s lounge. Remember, the records were already made public by Hillary herself. Perhaps the most damning comment Dr. Drew makes, is when he refers to special “prism glasses” she had to wear for a time after her head injury in 2014. He explains that such glasses are a clear sign that BRAIN DAMAGE has occurred. Uh, ya think?



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