Something Blue This Way Comes: The United Nations Armed Effort To Disarm Americans.

Something Blue This Way Comes: The United Nations Armed Effort To Disarm Americans. | UN-Gun-Confiscation-1024x601 | Civil Rights Government Control Gun Control Losing Rights Sleuth Journal United Nations US News

By: Brooks A. Agnew |

There are an estimated 270 million firearms in the United States right now. That does not take into account weapons bought before interstate records were available. There is actually no Federal database, and there is no list of people who own guns that is even close to being accurate. Most news services agree that about 1 in 3 adult Americans own at least one firearm. That means America potentially has the largest armed populace in history with more than 110 million armed individuals. There are also an additional 21 million teenagers who are probably highly advanced shooters that don’t show up on the records as adults.

Even more to consider is the fact that when gun ownership is perceived to be under threat in any way, Americans respond within minutes by spending billions of dollars to buy more guns and more ammunition. Barack Obama has a legacy that will last in the history books beyond every other self-aggrandizing theme. He is the undisputed world heavyweight champion gun salesman. He has been directly responsible for the biggest boom in gun sales in world history.

The 21st century gun customer is no ordinary gun buyer. They buy high quality hand guns, rifles, shotguns, holsters, scopes, and other accessories. Federal Firearms License holding guns stores are selling so many guns, they have to add online sales to keep up with the demand. They also have added thousands of indoor and outdoor gun ranges. Every Saturday and Sunday, those gun ranges have a two-hour waiting list for gun owners who pay an hourly fee to use the range for practicing. Any given weekend, it is not uncommon to see 70 thousand people a day honing their skills at drawing and firing their weapon. Women are getting just as good as men. Teenagers are getting just as good as adults.

But what does that mean; getting good? It means the ultimate form of gun control; being able to hit your target. Let’s talk about the target for a moment. After visiting numerous ranges and interviewing hundreds of shooters of all ages and sexes—yeah, more than two—I was amazed at what I discovered. Hardly anyone was using round paper targets. They almost exclusively used paper body silhouettes. When asked why they were using that style of target, they virtually all had the same answer. They were practicing for home defense or self-defense. Defense against what? Almost universally, the answer was government.

These people were afraid. They were excited that they have the freedom to defend themselves, but they were scared. They watch the news. They see hundreds of thousands of citizen soldiers in jogging suits and blue jeans fighting street by street against professional troops to defend their neighborhoods. City after city is turned to rubble and dust and broken glass, and yet they fight on. Not even American forces hold a city against ragtag fighters who can scarcely read and have no decent firearms and ride around on 30-year old small motorcycles and fight armored vehicles and billion-dollar aircraft. In more than 25 years in the Middle East, America has been sent on their way without a single square yard of secure territory, week after week. What hope could any invading force on earth have against the armed American? None.

But there is a new force that is coming of age. It is funded by the American government. It has the finest intelligence ever known. It has unlimited armaments. Up until now, it has lacked a trained and motivated force of men who were willing to fire on civilians. The United Nations now has such a force, and it is made of many nations, none of whom have an ounce of respect for the armed American. They are currently marketing their mission to the main stream media and preparing us for the day when their signature blue helmets will march into our towns.

The recent publication of international speeches by Miss Step-and-Fetch, now heading the Department of Justice, inspired me to put some pieces together. First, she expressed endorsement for the Strong Cities Network, which is a multi-national police force empowered to disarm the global community. Second, the new Federal standing army led by Jeh Johnson’s Department of Homeland Security is boarded inside the United States and recently purchased a billion rounds of 40-caliber hollow point bullets—non-Geneva Convention—and publicly announced it is aimed directly at Constitutional Americans. This led me to have a conversation with a former FBI agent, who was a Special Forces commander, on this subject, and we are at odds.

I say that millions more Americans are now armed, and they are training for war. He says, if an American raises his weapon to law enforcement, they will be locked up. I say that enforcement actions will not be tolerated very long against law abiding citizens. He says that law is what the DOJ decides it is, and that we are a nation of laws, and that without the rule of law there will be anarchy. I say that there is a difference between rule of law, and the rule by law. Americans are a governed people, not a ruled people.

The former FBI agent asked me what I thought the armed American would do if United Nations troops marched into town to collect firearms. I said that the people would surrender for a while, and then something terrible would go wrong. One of those blue helmets is going to rape someone or beat someone. Retaliation will be swift and terrible. There will be nowhere to run, and there may be no prisoners.

I told the former FBI agent that if any nation, including our own, comes after the law abiding, peaceful American, they will face certain destruction. I told him it is not a threat, but that the prospect of that threat was written into the Constitution, because the founding fathers knew it would keep us free. That is why the second amendment is second, right after the right to free speech; the very right under which I write this article. The second amendment is there so that government cannot take away the other rights that come after it.

A word to the unwise at the United Nations; do not tread on the armed American. Your blue helmets will end up in trophy cases on the American mantle. We the People allow our government to exist. When the order comes to march into America to collect weapons, United Nations soldiers should lay their arms down they are and go home to their families. This standoff has kept Americans free for 375 years, and so it shall forever.

Something Blue This Way Comes: The United Nations Armed Effort To Disarm Americans. | Blue-Helmet-Trophy3 | Civil Rights Government Control Gun Control Losing Rights Sleuth Journal United Nations US News

Brooks Agnew is a 6-Time Amazon best-selling author, an internationally acclaimed public speaker, and a multi-patented engineer. He is the host of X-Squared Radio with a live call-in program on the Truth Frequency Radio Network every Sunday evening from 8PM to 11PM Eastern Time. His Twitter and Facebook accounts are under his own name.

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