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Congress Wants to Start a War with Russia Using Senate Bill 722 (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | Would the new bill that the Senate has quietly passed actually remove executive powers from the President and start a war with Russia? Our US Congress is filled with criminals, liars, people with serious health problems that could impair their judgment, and lifers with all the signs of advancing dementia, and yet these people are ...Read More »

How World War 3 Will Happen: “The citizen will be the last to know.” (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | Anonymous has released a video that puts all the pieces into place – and those pieces point straight to World War 3. Unlike the proxy wars fought in Syria and Afghanistan, Anonymous says of the upcoming conflict. “…There will be ground troops. The battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also ...Read More »

First Time Hacker Shut Down 20% Of Dark Web In Fight Against Child Porn

Anonymous |  | By: Josie Wales, The AntiMedia |   A vigilante hacker associated with Anonymous managed to take down twenty percent of the dark web last week after discovering that large amounts of child pornography were being hosted by one provider. Visitors to more than 10,000 sites hosted by Freedom Hosting II were met with an error ...Read More »

Was Julian Assange Taken by the CIA in October? (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | We’ve all been worrying about the fate of Julian Assange, and more than one person has expressed suspicion that all is not well with the founder of Wikileaks. (This fascinating documentary about Wikileaks is FREE on Prime right now.) Until we see proof of life, all we have are theories. The video below asserts that ...Read More »

Anonymous: “World War Is Upon Us – It’s Only A Matter Of Who Will Get Blamed” (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | Love them or hate them, the controversial hacktivist group Anonymous always has something interesting to say. In their most recent message to the world, the topic is the impending world war. Anonymous isn’t alone in thinking that the world is on the warpath. That’s a topic we’ve been feverishly warning about, both here and on The ...Read More »

Day Of Rage Protests Are Scheduled For July 15th In These American Cities (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | There’s a war in America right now.  Black vs. white. Citizen vs. police officer. Race grievances have become an industry, and business is booming. The rage is boiling over across the nation. First, videos emerged that showed the graphic deaths of two black men at the hands of police, with what appears to be no reason. ...Read More »

Anonymous Leaks UN Personal Data Of Those Attending Paris Summit! (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | In a shocking turn of events the infamous hacktivist group known as Anonymous has just published a Pastebin file containing the personal information and passwords of those who attended the Paris Climate Summit on Friday, December 4th. The reason given by Anonymous for the hack was because they were protesting the arrests of 208 peaceful ...Read More »

Anonymous: Operation Bureau Of Land Mismanagement (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | Recently the BLM has been caught having ‘public’ meetings that do not conform to ‘public meeting’ laws. Are we surprised? Of course not! They are operating, as are all FOREIGN CORPORATE AGENCIES, under Color of Law and Fraud. The goal is to create areas of Critical Environmental Concern, meaning human-restricted management areas. These restricted areas ...Read More »

Anonymous: ‘Internet Has Power To Bring Down Regimes’ (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | The Internet is the greatest tool of free speech ever created that gave voice to billions of people along with power to bring down regimes, a member of the Anonymous movement told RT, adding that such power terrifies governments around the globe. Crowds of people wearing masks to hide their faces have marched in hundreds ...Read More »

Homeless People In US Deported To Camps (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | It begins with the homeless. Then another group, then another, Until, well, just remember Germany. It isn’t pretty! According to MSN, the Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating special police patrols, that would enforce “quality of life” laws, involving loitering, public urination, and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population. Those ...Read More »

New Leak Exposes How The FBI Directed Anonymous’ Hacks

Anonymous |  | Dozens of pages of previously unreleased documents pertaining to the prosecution of hacktivist Jeremy Hammond have been released, further linking the United States government to a gamut of cyberattacks waged against foreign nations. Hammond, 29, made waves last November when he defied a US federal judge’s order and told a packed New York City courtroom ...Read More »

FBI Used Anonymous To Attack Foreign Government Systems

Anonymous |  |     Below we try to explain every details about how US used Anonymous hackers. It is claimed by the Startfor hacker Jeremy Hammond that the “FBI” used the convicted hacker Hector Monsegur, better knows as sabu to coordinate attacks against foreign governments. Hammond wrote a statement in prison while awaiting trial, he wrote: “It is ...Read More »

Prison For Copy and Paste?

Anonymous |  |   You may have heard about this — it’s crazy. We’ve entered an age where copying-and-pasting a link can land you in jail. Barrett Brown, a journalist who often reported on the activities of Anonymous, has been locked up for almost a year for just that. Barrett copy-and-pasted a link from one chatroom to another ...Read More »

Anonymous Operation NSA - Exposing Dianne Feinstein (VIDEO)

Anonymous |  | A new video has been released by “Anonymous” called Operation National Security Agency. Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein has taken over $698,000 in bribes from the surveillance-industrial complex since PRISM has been in place.  She votes in favor of them and against your rights. She violates the U.S. Constitution.Read More »

Monsanto Website Downed As Anonymous Claims Hack

Anonymous |  | Hackers from the Anonymous collective claimed to have infiltrated the website for the biotech giant Monsanto, which has been the subject of recent international protests. The cyber-attack was carried out as part of #OpMonsanto, an attempt to demonstrate against Monsanto’s reach into every aspect of the food industry, from nature to farmers to consumers. The ...Read More »

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