Heading Towards Collapse: How Central Banks Destroy Global Stability

Banks |  |   (The Real Agenda News) From 2000 until today, central banks have done more to destroy global financial stability than at any other time in history. Different from what is commonly believed, central banks do not exist to bring about stability of any kind, but to control and monopolise financial and monetary policy that keeps them ...Read More »

Save the Banks in the Name of the “Greater Good”

Banks |  |   (The Real Agenda News) The liquidation of “too big to fail” banks ensures that large investors will get paid while average Joes will be stiffed with the bill. Taxpayers, will again have to the bailout insolvent banks. Otherwise, central bankers say, the risk of a systemic collapse would be very real. What they do ...Read More »

The Banking Cabal Is Going to Steal Everything

Banks |  | The past few months the cryptocurrencies have captured the attention of just about everyone involved in news, money and precious metals. When these digital blips began moving to higher ground it was as if there was a collective, “what was that?” Then the onslaught of new cryptocurrencies began invading the airwaves. Aside from Bitcoin, and the ...Read More »

Krieger: Wall Street Completely Owns The Trump Administration

Banks |  | By: Mike Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg blog | While America’s corporate press remains singularly obsessed with unproven and likely fabricated Russia-collusion conspiracy theories, Wall Street’s well on its way to getting away with financial murder thanks to an army of cronies embedded within the Trump administration. Indeed, Goldman Sachs running Donald Trump’s economic policy is perhaps the most ...Read More »

Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction: The Top 25 U.S. Banks Have 222 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

Banks |  | The recklessness of the “too big to fail” banks almost doomed them the last time around, but apparently they still haven’t learned from their past mistakes.  Today, the top 25 U.S. banks have 222 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives.  In other words, the exposure that these banks have to derivatives contracts is approximately equivalent ...Read More »

The Federal Reserve Must Go

Banks |  | If you want to permanently fix America’s economy, there really is no other choice.  Even before Ron Paul’s rallying cry of “End The Fed” shook America during the peak of the Tea Party movement, I was a huge advocate of shutting down the Federal Reserve.  Because no matter how hard we try to patch it ...Read More »

Central Banking Warfare Model Readies The Next Step (VIDEO)

Banks |  | The global capacity for debt has reached it’s zenith. So-called developed markets and emerging markets have all reached maximum debt load. Of the all the major countries that impact the global GDP name one that’s not fully levered with debt. I’ll wait here while you look for that needle in a haystack. We came into ...Read More »

American Horror Story: Schools, Banks and Corporations Decide Who's a Terrorist

Banks |  | By: Mass Private I | Imagine speaking out against the government and being labeled a terrorist. Imagine speaking out against police abuse and being labeled a terrorist. Imagine speaking out against corporate monopolies and being labeled a terrorist.You can stop imagining it’s already happening.According to a recent article in the VV Daily Press, law enforcement, first ...Read More »

Sheriff of Wall Street Kept Hands Off Top Officials

Banks |  | Wall Street crooks make money the old-fashioned way – stealing it through fraud, grand theft, market manipulation, front-running them, pump-and-dump schemes, scamming investors, bribing politicians, and having its executives in top administration posts making policies facilitating chicanery. Compared to major Street firms, Bernie Madoff was small-time. So are most other financial swindlers. Key ones plot ...Read More »

Glass-Steagall Essential Banking Regulation

Banks |  | The central struggle since the inception of the Republic has been about the control of money. Since the U.S. Constitution clearly defines coinage, the objective of the mercantile elite was to circumvent the law and establish a National Bank. Woe to any defender of President Andrew Jackson for abolishing the Second Bank of the United ...Read More »

Chris Martenson: The Mother of All Bubbles (VIDEO)

Banks |  | The system is rigged against each of us. If you are not a member of the “big club” then you, like myself, have to live with the fact that we are nothing more than an ATM for the uber wealthy. We supply all their toys, entertainment and wealth. The sad part is, we do it ...Read More »

Vatican Bankers, CIA Gladios and Child Trafficking (VIDEO)

Banks |  | This is the first of a new series of videos concerning the Vatican, the CIA and their connections to banking, pedophilia rings, child-trafficking and organ harvesting. We begin this series by providing some historical context so that anyone seeing this information for the first time can quickly verify some of these facts and gradually move ...Read More »

Alan Greenspan Endorses The Gold Standard (VIDEO)

Banks |  | In his remarkable essay, “Gold and Economic Freedom,” written in 1966, Alan Greenspan stated: Under a gold standard, the amount of credit that an economy can support is determined by the economy’s tangible assets, since every credit instrument is ultimately a claim on some tangible asset. But government bonds are not backed by tangible wealth, ...Read More »

How YOUR Wealth is Stolen In Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

Banks |  | UPDATE – TDC Note – Originally published in January 2015 – If you have the slightest of concerns about your wealth please listen to the interview and read the article. Please keep in mind this is an ongoing crime, it has not been addressed for more than 40 years. Today, the day you read this article, it ...Read More »

Trump Moves to Deregulate Wall Street

Banks |  | His February 3 executive order addressed deregulation of America’s financial system, largely operating ad libitum already – a symbolic action on his part. Congressional legislation is required to repeal or change so-called Dodd-Frank financial reform. Obama’s measure was a scam, doing far more harm than good, virtually nothing to curb abusive practices. Lobbyists and lawyers ...Read More »

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