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Victory at Codex Over Dangerous Vet Drug!

Codex Alimentarius |  | But Cult Leaders Excoriate NHF for Having Challenged its False Religion. Imagine a drug for animals that has no purpose other than to bulk up that animal with muscle so that when it is slaughtered, the rancher (or more likely the ranch industry) can make a few extra dollars off of each animal. The drug ...Read More »

Crashing Monsanto's Pesticide Party in Beijing

Codex Alimentarius |  | By: Scott C. Tips |  NHF Slams the Global Pesticide Empire. “A business that makes nothing but business is a poor business.”  – Henry Ford They have been running amok for years, unchallenged. The Codex Alimentarius Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR) is their playground and they know it. Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow, Bayer, and other ...Read More »

Codex Nutrition Committee Condemns 90% of World to Poor Health

Codex Alimentarius |  |   By Scott C. Tips, NHF President & General Counsel | At the beginning of this week December 5-9, 2016, the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) became the very thing that Codex Secretariat Tom Heilandt warned against in his opening speech there – “lazy monkeys.” For those unfamiliar with ...Read More »

WORLD REPORT: Deep State Investing And The Prostitution Of Our Children

Codex Alimentarius |  | Feeding babies is Big Business – Deep-State style. The essence of the Deep State is “a combination of government and private businesses, working arm in arm to take advantage of the public.”[1] Here, that public is “mother and child.” Where infant and follow-up formula (FUF) are concerned, whether purchasing, consuming, or investing in that increasingly ...Read More »

World Report: Leadership Lessons From A Freedom Pioneer

Codex Alimentarius |  |   Charles Isaac Crecelius March 10, 1921 – August 31, 2015  “Don’t tell me it’s hard, tell me it’s worth it in three to five years.” The first time I saw him was October of 2011. A slight, yet commanding figure perched on the balcony scanning the street below; piercing blue eyes with hawk-like intensity ...Read More »

Codex Alimentarius: A Serious Threat To Your Health

Codex Alimentarius |  | Imagine a world where you need a doctor’s prescription (and thus, health insurance), to buy your every-day organic health supplements. Imagine a world where some of your most-trusted vitamins and supplements are not even on the market! If this sounds like a bad scene from Big Brother, think again. Our government may be advancing towards ...Read More »

Hot Times In Geneva

Codex Alimentarius |  | How to Force More Drug Ill-Effects on Billions of People and Make Tons of Money. Most people would not think of Geneva, Switzerland as an uncomfortably hot city. But each and every time I’ve been here, it has been. The city was so hot this most recent trip that I actually saw two trees fighting ...Read More »

Pressure Applied On The U.S. Codex Office Regarding GMO-Contaminated Infant Formula

Codex Alimentarius |  | The National Health Federation (NHF) participated in an FDA-arranged conference call earlier this week in preparation for the U.S. position to be taken at the upcoming meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses to be held in Bali, Indonesia, this late November. The topic was the proposed draft Nutrient ...Read More »

What Is The World Health Organization?

Codex Alimentarius |  | The World Health Organization, or WHO, was officially established in 1948 by the United Nations. It was created with the goal of standardizing international health policies and practices to achieve “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.” WHO is the organization behind the curtain (or one of such) that pushes ...Read More »

The National Betrayal Of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen

Codex Alimentarius |  | By Joshua Foster with Katherine Carroll, Associate Editor NHF –   SUPPORT DR. BIGELSEN and visit Just as the FDA and Codex are stripping away your ability to use nutritional supplements with therapeutic levels so are your alternative practitioners being attacked in a vicious attempt to force them out leaving you at the hands of ...Read More »

Money, Markets, And “Get Out Of Our Way”

Codex Alimentarius |  | The National Health Federation at Codex Committee on Food Additives in Hong Kong  The National Health Federation (NHF) returned again to Asia in mid-March 2014, to attend the Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) Forty-Sixth Session in Hong Kong, China. [1] Last year’s CCFA meeting, held amidst the death-smog of Beijing, yielded a great victory ...Read More »

The FDA’s New Food Label Guidelines – A Sneak Attack On Your Dietary Supplements

Codex Alimentarius |  |       By Scott C. Tips, President NHF In a glitzy roll-out last month featuring First Lady Michelle Obama and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the FDA proudly announced its first major changes to nutrition and supplement labeling in 20 years.[1]  If the FDA gets its way, you will see a large ...Read More »

Success In Norway: Aluminum Eliminated As A Food Additive For Fish

Codex Alimentarius |  | By Scott C. Tips, NHF President   Despite Winter’s frosty embrace, the Sun and the Norwegians conspired to overwhelm the cold and provide a warm reception for the nearly 180 Codex delegates gathered here in Bergen, Norway in mid-February 2014 for the Thirty-third meeting of the Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products (CCFFP). Chairman ...Read More »

Will Codex And The Drug Companies Raid The Spice Rack To Steal Your Eyesight?

Codex Alimentarius |  |   By Kat Carroll Culinary Indian spices are rising superheroes of the nutritional World. When most of us were growing up, these spices were not a regular part of many of our diets.  Today, though, they are commonly available high-profile healers of the highest order. But if history repeats itself, we can anticipate a raid ...Read More »

Magnesium Miracle, Medical Mafia And Codex Alimentarius (VIDEO)

Codex Alimentarius |  | Dr. Carolyn Desn joins the Bob Tuskin Show to talk about health. Carolyn Dean is not only a medical doctor, but also a naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant and author or co-author of over 30 books. Carolyn has been in the forefront of health issues for over 30 years. We’ll mainly focus on her ...Read More »

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