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Brazil in Private: Neoliberal Globalists to Take Over National Riches

Corporate Takeover |  | Giving away Brazilian property to international bankers is certainly not part of the solution to get Brazil back to development. SAO PAULO – I recognize that private initiatives work much better than government sponsored ones, at least in Latin America. So, don’t take me wrong as you read the title of this article and hopefully the ...Read More »


Corporate Takeover |  | I can tell you from firsthand eyewitness experience, that there has been an ongoing, yet secretive, civil war among the highest departmental levels of American government for a very long time, perhaps since the end of the first civil American war (circa 1865), as the modern political “Red and Blue map” clearly denotes an almost ...Read More »

Corporatism 101

Corporate Takeover |  | Regular readers of this Corporatocracy series should have a firm grasp on the concept of Corporatism. However, the uninitiated might presume that a corporation is merely a vehicle for protecting the owners of the enterprise from the liability risks of conducting business. Much attention has been devoted to the economic conditions and aspects when examining ...Read More »

City Of London's Ownership Of American Colonies

Corporate Takeover |  | The misplaced reverence to the ill formulated U.S Constitution and hidden subjugation back to the City of London is one aspect of history that is not taught in government schools or discussed in institutes of higher education. This subject is probably new to most observers of the legacy from the Founding Father’s biggest mistake. Regular ...Read More »

Our State-Corporate Plantation Economy

Corporate Takeover |  | (image: Wikipedia) By: Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds Blog We’ve been persuaded that the state-cartel Plantation Economy is “capitalist,” but it isn’t. It’s a rentier skimming machine. I have often discussed the manner in which the U.S. economy is a Plantation Economy, meaning it has a built-in financial hierarchy with corporations at the top ...Read More »

Big Brother in America is Now the U.S. Media (VIDEO)

Corporate Takeover |  | Journalism and a free, open media is another “check and balance on the three branches of Government and we don’t have that check and balance anymore.” – Shadow of Truth One of the hallmarks of a totalitarian political regime is control of the media. In 1996 president Bill Clinton signed into law the Telecommunications Act ...Read More »

Destructive Centralization And The GE Corporatist Culture

Corporate Takeover |  | Entrepreneurs’ versus the corporatists’ mode of business culture are separated by a vastly different view of enterprise. The former deems his work as innovative, creative and beneficial to customers. The later see the corporate organization as an institution end of itself. Competition makes the business pioneer sharp and driven, while any competitor is targeted for ...Read More »

Is TPP Dead or Dormant?

Corporate Takeover |  | The Obama administration went all out for TPP approval – a hugely secretive anti-consumer, anti-freedom, anti-environment, jobs-killing corporate giveaway race to the bottom. It’s all about greater than ever corporate empowerment under its rules, overriding domestic laws for maximum profit-making. Obama lied, claiming it aims to “promote economic growth; support the creation and retention of ...Read More »

China, the New Leader of the Corporate-Controlled Globalised World

Corporate Takeover |  | (The Real Agenda News) Many years ago, people used to tell me that one day, China would be the most powerful nation in the world; even above the United States. Of course, it was hard to imagine how that would happen and what it would mean. Today, as Donald J. Trump ascends to power, and ...Read More »

How Corporations Hijacked Personhood

Corporate Takeover |  | Commerce is not a dirty word, nor is the creation of wealth when it is achieved within a free market economy. The problem is that the remnant of a free market existed only in an age before the mercantile interests were able to redefine the character of business transactions. Today, few question the nature of ...Read More »

These Banks Are Directly Funding The North Dakota Pipeline #Boycott

Corporate Takeover |  | What’s going on in North Dakota at Standing Rock, the site of mass protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, is very important. People have joined Native’s in standing up for the protection of air and water quality, as well as the protection of sacred lands. Now there is something more you can do to get involved ...Read More »

The Link Between Washington and Wall Street is More Alive than Ever Before

Corporate Takeover |  | (The Real Agenda News) While voters reject further liberalisation via transnational treaties, the Democratic administration, under pressure from large corporations, aims to force the Transpacific Agreement on the fast track. To understand why many voters in the United States -and not only those who support  Trump- believe there is a corrupt nexus of interests between ...Read More »

Economic Nationalism: Alternative To Globalism

Corporate Takeover |  | Ivory tower economists, corporate business analysts and financial experts routinely trash any discussion that America needs to institute a national economic policy that actually benefits our own country. The mantra of unchallenged doctrine that globalism is the only path for world commerce has been intensively pushed for well over the last half century. How well ...Read More »

AT&T Buying Time Warner: If Approved, Assures Greater Scoundrel Media Consolidation Than Already

Corporate Takeover |  |   Six corporate giants control most media and related content Americans consume. Comcast, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, CBS and Time Warner dominate US broadcast and cable television news, entertainment and sports, movie and TV production, theme parks, record labels, publishing, and for-profit online operations. On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal reported telecommunications giant AT&T and ...Read More »

How to Have an INDEPENDENT Media (VIDEO)

Corporate Takeover |  | Do you remember that little box to check, or not check, at the end of your income tax form, the one which says “Would you like three dollars of your taxes to go toward the ‘Presidential Election Campaign Fund’ ? ” (This is supposed to go toward political party approved presidential candidates who don’t have ...Read More »

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