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5 Ways to Improve Urban Living and Reduce Premature Death

Environment |  | (The Real Agenda News) Science proves it: Living in large cities results in less healthy life. Urban life is harmful to health, so how can we transfer this public health emergency to the citizenship and the decision-making process? More than 100,000 scientific articles talk about air pollution and health, according to Pubmed, the largest database ...Read More »

The Day After Tomorrow is Today

Environment |  | You may all remember that 2004 science fiction film, where a climatologist is ignored by world government officials when warning them that a gigantic superstorm was about to freeze up the northern hemisphere, which meant a catastrophic natural disaster. According to the film, the superstorm would come about due to the interruption in the normal circulation ...Read More »

How Scientists Plan to Feed Billions Without the Help of the Sun

Environment |  | Our most recent article about the most recent minor eruptions at Yellowstone briefly touched on the mitigation process this type of disaster entails and the evacuation efforts that would need to be made for millions before a supervolcano were to erupt. This brings to mind an even greater question of how the world governments would be able to ...Read More »

‘Wi-Fried’ — Is Wireless Technology Dooming a Generation to Ill Health?

Environment |  |   Story at-a-glance – According to many experts, chronic, heavy exposure to wireless radiation is likely having severe repercussions for our health, especially that of children, who are now being exposed even before birth – While a number of different devices contribute to the overall radiation burden, those kept closest to your body on a ...Read More »

These 15 Arguments Will Destroy Chemtrails Deniers (VIDEOS)

Environment |  | Let’s remember that humanity is now subjected to yet another full year of spraying with metal particles. Not just humanity but all the poor creatures on earth are being sprayed, every plant and every tree, the bees and birds, the soil and all the little creatures that live in it, even the fish and inhabitants ...Read More »

Must-See TEDx Talk. Syngenta Weedkiller

Environment |  | Everything changed for Dr. Tyrone Hayes when in 1998, the largest chemical company in the world asked him to use his expertise to try and understand if its top-selling product interfered with the hormones of frogs. The company: Syngenta. The product: weedkiller atrazine. Hayes, an American biologist and professor of Integrative Biology at University of ...Read More »

Harvard just Hosted a Conference on Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails)- Here's What you Missed (VIDEO)

Environment |  | By Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution |  Geo-engineering is the deliberate and large-scale intervention into the Earth’s climatic system. It’s done through several different means, and one of them is spraying chemicals (which are toxic to humans and all life on the planet) into the atmosphere via balloons or aerial vehicles. The CIA and other federal agencies ...Read More »

Yellowstone Officials: There “Could be a Supervolcano Eruption Imminently” (VIDEO)

Environment |  | Underneath the quiet nature preserve of Yellowstone lies the most powerful and largest supervolcano on the planet. The fear of it erupting in our lifetime has put many on high alert, and recently, the Steamboat Geyser of Yellowstone gave another indication that the area is under strain. ‘More than 20 police, fire, and rescue vehicles descended upon the area ...Read More »

Why Do Airlines Force Us To Breath Toxic Air From Jet Engines? (VIDEO)

Environment |  | Most air travelers are oblivious to the fact that the airline industry forces them to breath in highly toxic jet engine air due to what is, from the perspective of the public health, imbecilic and ruthlessly neglectful aircraft design.  When the issue of so-called aerotoxicity first came to my attention, I could hardly believe what ...Read More »

Mysterious Loud Boom Shakes Oklahoma, Locals Report Green and Orange Flashes

Environment |  | (RT) Residents across Oklahoma and Texas were jostled from their daily routines after hearing a loud boom Tuesday afternoon. Many were left scratching their heads and watching the skies for the source of the explosive phenomenon. While the US Geological Survey has not reported any earthquakes in the region, the National Weather Services in Norman, ...Read More »

The Global Elite is Insane Revisited

Environment |  |   In 2014 I wrote an article titled ‘The Global Elite is Insane’. I want to elaborate what I explained in the earlier article so that people have a clearer sense of what we are up against in our struggle to create a world of peace, justice and ecological sustainability. Of course, as I explained ...Read More »

GMO Awareness

Environment |  | The battle to take back our food and farming system from Monsanto was never going to be easy—or quickly won. That said, consumer awareness—and consumer demand—is chipping away at Monsanto’s GMO empire. In this interview with Dr. Joe Mercola, for Mercola.com’s “GMO Awareness Week,” OCA’s Ronnie Cummins outlines some of the ways we are winning, ...Read More »

Over 70 Percent of Deep-Sea Fish Have Ingested Plastic, Study Finds

Environment |  |   (The Irish Times) Plastic pollution is affecting marine life in some of the most remote parts of the Atlantic Ocean with almost three quarters of a sample of more than 230 deep-water fish collected by NUI Galway scientists having ingested plastic particles. The contamination level among the fish species, located in the northwest Atlantic thousands of ...Read More »

Crazy for Grass

Environment |  | In 1999, Jon Taggart converted the 900 acres of crops on his recently purchased 1,400-acre ranch in Grandview, Texas, into 900 acres of native grasses. Then he launched his 100% grass-fed beef business. Everyone, including the “people in the cow business and people in the meat business” said he was crazy. But in 2011, when ...Read More »

Volcanic Activity And Earthquakes In The Ring Of Fire Spark Fears Of ‘The BIG ONE’

Environment |  | By Mac Slavo, SHTFplan.com |  The Ring of Fire appears to be awakening in the past few weeks.  As deaths, injuries, and evacuations occur around the volatile area, new fears have arisen that the “big one” could occur any day now. Many have warned that the Ring of Fire’s activity could produce a large enough earthquake to ...Read More »

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