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Did NASA Really Send Astronauts 1000 Times Farther Than They Can Today - 50 Years Ago?

False Flags |  | Have you ever wondered why they claimed to have walked on the moon in 1969, on the very first attempt, even though right here on earth Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success, allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with fifty year older technology (a cell phone has one million times more ...Read More »

CNN Accidentally Airs the Truth about #Borderline Event (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | BY: High Impact Vlogs |   Original CNN vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzYc1… My Bitchute channel: http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixonBitChute Join Discord Voice chat: https://discord.gg/GzMWaPC ? GAB – http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixGAB Steemit: http://bit.ly/HighImpactFlix-SteemitRead More »

Parkland Shooting: Revisiting the "David Hogg/'Alex Vieux' Interview" (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | “It’s Not Real” (Memory Hole Blog) In the wake of the Parkland shooting a handful of individuals pointed to one of many especially glaring discrepancies in the event’s coverage. An odd video depicts an apparent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student rehearsing a pro-gun control rant. She’s doing so at the prompting of David Hogg, ...Read More »

The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Preview of New Documentary on TracyvFAU Federal Civil Rights Case Now on Appeal Independent Media Solidarity proudly presents the first preview of our new feature-length film, The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You. From the makers of We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, this forthcoming documentary goes behind the scenes of ...Read More »

Disputing Gov't Narratives Now Limited to Youtube Comments Section (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | #FakeNewsMedia’s Rearguard Sandy Hook Propaganda YouTube content providers can no longer publish videos deemed controversial by owners of the Youtube platform without experiencing financial censorship or outright banning. This has been experienced most recently by the popular YouTube channel, Life the Veil.   YouTube ‎@YouTube Nathan Stolpman@lifttheveil411 This interview was enough to get my entire channel ...Read More »

Burying the Undead: Sandy Hook Was Truly Stranger than Fiction

False Flags |  | By Cinderella Broom, PhiBetaIota.net |  Cinderella Broom: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Burying the Undead: Sandy Hook was Truly Stranger Than Fiction Mr. President: The story we’ve been told about Sandy Hook is so laden with anomalies, contradictions and absurdities that, were it proposed as a screenplay, producers would likely reject it as simply ridiculous. ...Read More »

Russian Evidence Shows CW False Flag Planned in Syria

False Flags |  | US dirty hands are behind horrific high crimes of war and against humanity in Syria and other war theaters – along with its imperial partners and terrorists they support. Nothing hostile in Syria and elsewhere happens without US involvement. ISIS, al-Nusra, and other terrorists don’t act on their own. Washington orchestrates and/or OK’s every significant ...Read More »

Syrian Documents Reveal CW False Flag Coming

False Flags |  | During a Tuesday special Security Council session on Syria, its UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari minced no words saying: “I put in your hands documented information on the preparations taken by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the affiliated groups to use the chemical weapons against civilians in Idlib province to accuse the Syrian Arab Army and ...Read More »

Sandy Hook Promise Rolls Out Nationwide School Surveillance Program (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Multimillion Dollar Charity Aligned with US Secret Service. Sandy Hook Promise, the multi-million dollar 501(c)3 predicated on the Sandy Hook Massacre event, is actively partnering with school districts throughout the United States to institute a nationwide, extralegal intelligence-gathering system targeting students at taxpayer-funded public schools. The trade-marked “‘Know the Signs’ prevention programs” feature the “Say ...Read More »

Suckering The Public On A War Of Terror

False Flags |  | *Editor’s note: Republished from September 8, 2014, but still just as relevant today.  The gullibility of the American public is only exceeded by the ease that the fascist establishment is able to conduct their criminal government without any meaningful protest – just keeps rolling along. The mainstream media is still able to practice their black art ...Read More »

MGM Is SUING the Survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | In the most outrageous act committed by a corporation in a long time, MGM Resorts International is brazenly suing the survivors of the deadly mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. MGM owns the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the site from where Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of country music ...Read More »

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre?

False Flags |  | By Diane Jakopovic, Memory Hole Blog |  Editor’s Note: The author of the article below, Diane Jakopovic, is an experienced respiratory therapist who has done considerable research on the Sandy Hook School mass shooting event. Please see her 2015 study, Medical Aspects of the Shooting at Sandy Hook School. Although many of the links from that ...Read More »

Annapolis Shooting: Mayor Discusses Active Shooter Simulation on National Television

False Flags |  | Attended Drill, Spoke With Gazette Editor Minutes Before Shooting Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley pointed to the fact that there was an active shooter drill conducted by the city’s first responders less than one week before the Capital Gazette shooting, on June 22. In a somewhat uncomfortable exchange on Fox&Friends, Annapolis’ mayor repeatedly glanced downward and stumbled through what appear ...Read More »

Annapolis Capital Gazette Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | City of Annapolis First Responders Drilled For Event June 22. National news media today are proving wall-to-wall coverage of an apparent mass shooting event at the offices of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis Maryland.  NBC’s Washington DC affiliate station reports: Five people have died and several others are “gravely injured” after a shooting Thursday ...Read More »

RFK Assassination - Shane O'Sullivan Interview (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Shane O’Sullivan, author of “RFK Must Die”, is interviewed by Conspiracy Corner News. Click on the Youtube Window Below to Watch. (References In Video’s Description Underneath It) –Brother Bart- Donate Thank you for your kind and generous support! Shop on Amazon with This Button Conspiracy Corner is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, ...Read More »

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