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World Trade Center Building 7 Was Brought Down by Explosives

False Flags |  | BY George Cassidy Payne |  I know that World Trade Center Building 7 was not brought down by office fires. I know this because of my capacity to reason.The building fell symmetrically in less than 7 seconds at free fall acceleration for the first 100 feet. The overall building mass fell uniformly through what was the ...Read More »

Wolfgang Halbig, Alex Jones Sued For Defamation By Sandy Hook Families

False Flags |  | FBI Agent Joins as Plaintiff Members of six victims’ families of  the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event in addition to FBI agent Bill Aldenberg have filed a defamation lawsuit in Connecticut Superior Court naming radio host Alex Jones and well-known Sandy Hook Truth activist Wolfgang Halbig as defendants. The suit seeks damages “in ...Read More »

Rahm Emanuel On Sandy Hook: “Tap Peoples Emotion. Make It Simple Assault Weapons” (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | “You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go to Waste” Former Obama administration Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan discussed a scheme to take advantage of the country’s emotional response to the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre. The conversation is documented in emails released to the Baltimore Post under a Freedom ...Read More »

JFK Assassination - New Information

False Flags |  | Dick Russell is the author of thirteen books. Four of his books, which were co-authored with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, spent several weeks on the New York Times Best-Seller list. “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” about the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy, was called by Publisher’s Weekly, “A masterpiece of historical reconstruction.“ Conspiracy ...Read More »

Judge Dismisses Negligence Lawsuit Against Newtown

False Flags |  | Editor’s Note: A Connecticut State Court judge has dismissed a  lawsuit brought by two (Pozner and Lewis) of the 20 families that are said to have lost children in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event. Defendant Newtown was represented by attorney and part-time gun control activist Monte Frank, the same counsel who defended ...Read More »

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Meets with Veteran Florida Lobbyist Ron Book (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Book’s Daughter Sits on Commission Investigating Parkland Shooting Israel Accuses Reporter of “Bullying” In a rare display of South Florida news media committing true journalism and going after a corrupt public official–Democratic Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Miami’s ABC affiliate WPLG News10 reports that Israel, who is under fire after an overwhelming no-confidence vote, recently wined and dined ...Read More »

Concrete Solutions To Ongoing Staged Mass Shootings Are All Around Us

False Flags |  | As most readers know, we are smack in the middle of a seemingly endless Northwood/Gladio B style operation where we’re told by a lying media that people are being murdered. However, with so many lies being told, and with Americans finding themselves too busy to pay attention, there is reason to believe these staged shootings ...Read More »

Parkland Shooting: Police Reports State Broward Deputies Cowered as Massacre Ensued (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | “Already on Scene”, “Hid Behind Cars and a Tree”, Knew Where Shooter Was Numerous Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies under the command of Scott Israel stood down for several minutes as 17 students and educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were shot to death and numerous others were injured by Nikolas Cruz, according to police ...Read More »

Parkland Shooting Event Now Backdrop for Automated Security (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | One may recall how over a decade ago the “Shoe” and “Underwear Bomber” operations provided the rationale for heightening security measures at the nation’s airports. Such efforts included harmful radiation-emitting full-body scanners and addressing menacingly-large containers of shampoo and toothpaste. A similar opportunity to cash in on tragedy appears to be taking shape in the ...Read More »

High Treason- Why It's So Important To Pursue Justice Against Crisis Actors

False Flags |  | *Republished from Dec 2015 –  Are we too busy watching the show that no one has stopped to ask the question of- how can we track down and hold accountable the crisis actors which are destroying freedom in America and around the world? It’s a brand new narrative and it’s something truth and freedom lovers ...Read More »

Second Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Dead at 53

False Flags |  | Two Untimely Deaths in April Word has recently emerged that another Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy has passed. Deputy Marshall “Pete” Peterson reportedly “died at his residence,” according to an April 25 announcement on the Broward County Sheriff’s social media accounts. No specific cause of death was provided. It is with a heavy heart that we ...Read More »

False Flags Launch Wars

False Flags |  | They also escalate ongoing conflicts – incidents staged to deceive, one party falsely accused of something conducted by someone else. They’re a longstanding US tradition since at least the mid-19th century. The mother of all 9/11 false flags launched one imperial war after another, pretexts to rape and destroy nations, no end of what’s going ...Read More »

5 Ways Government False Flags Offer Hope To The Blind

False Flags |  | As many truth seekers have observed over the past year, government false flag operations are now the norm. Almost every week and sometimes every day we hear about some kind of lie surrounding an act of violence. These tales are being told to us by government through their mouthpiece media. Our current day system is ...Read More »

Wolfgang Halbig Files FOIA Request for Records on Lucy Richards' Investigation

False Flags |  | Over the past five years school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig has filed numerous freedom of information requests with Connecticut authorities concerning the Sandy Hook massacre event. Former school safety expert and Sandy Hook truth activist Wolfgang Halbig has filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Palm Beach offices ...Read More »

World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight We Can’t Win? (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Everyone is talking about World War III right now, and I hate to be the one to say this, but…all I can wonder is whether we’re being manipulated into a fight we can’t win. This is probably going to make some folks mad, but there are some facts, statistics, and unanswered questions that support my ...Read More »

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