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Governments Can’t Stop The Use Of This Cancer Cure … (VIDEO)

Government Control |  | Cannabis oil is gathering an unstoppable momentum as a world class healer, and there is little or nothing Western Governments are going to be able to do stop it. Cases are popping up all over the world showing that cannabis oil has healed some very serious diseases, including anxiety disorders, epilepsy, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), cerebral ...Read More »

Continuity Of Government Commission

Government Control |  | It is amazing that so many citizens are eager to espouse the virtues of democracy. Multitudes of Americans love their government, no matter what it does or where it goes – the State is their mistress. Trusting in the institutions of the federal government is an article of faith, democracy protects the public, voting selects ...Read More »

The Slippery Slope to a Constitution-Free America

Government Control |  |   By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute | “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”—Benjamin Franklin The ease with which Americans are prepared to welcome boots on the ground, regional lockdowns, routine invasions of their privacy, and the dismantling of every constitutional right ...Read More »

Did They Go to the Moon? Interviews by Bart Sibrel (VIDEO)

Government Control |  |  –Brother Bart- Thank you for your kind support. Donate . References Sibrel’s Detailed Article on the Moon Landing Fraud A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? Astronauts Gone Wild Apollo ZeroRead More »

American Town Moves to Confiscate 'Assault Weapons', Fine Violators up to $1,000 Per Day

Government Control |  | A village in Illinois has declared a ban on “assault weapons,” and has given gun owners 60 days to turn them all in. After June 13, residents of the Village of Deerfield have 60 days to sell, render inoperable or turn their “assault weapons” over to local police. “Any person who is found to have ...Read More »

The Tools Collectivists Use To Gain Power

Government Control |  | ( While many divisions within our society are arbitrary or engineered, there is one division that represents perhaps the most pervasive and important conflict of our time; the division between collectivists and individualists. Now, people who do not understand the nature of collectivism will often argue that individualism and collectivism are not mutually exclusive because ...Read More »

Methods For Fighting Back Against Collectivist Tyranny

Government Control |  | (Alt-Market) In any examination of historical precedence, it is easy to see that the sheer number of collectivist and tyrannical systems have far outweighed any experiments in individual liberty. I have explored the reasons for this in numerous articles, including pieces such as “How To Stamp Out Cultural Marxism In A Single Generation” and “The ...Read More »

Betrayal: How the REPUBLICANS Are Gutting the Second Amendment

Government Control |  | Everyone likes to blame the Democrats for gun control, but here’s a news flash: those of us who fervently believe in the Second Amendment are actually being betrayed by members of the Republican party who are in Congress right now. The budget bill on the table right now would gut the right to bear arms ...Read More »

Deep State Preparing For Shocking Revelations + Gun Control: What You Need to Know (VIDEO)

Government Control |  | In this week’s podcast I discuss how more than ever future is proving past exactly as the patriot group Q Anon predicted in early March 2018. That includes the social media (Facebook) exposure and the mainstream media panicking attempting to flip everything upside down. Recall Q talked about “up is down” and “left is right”. ...Read More »

The Psychology Of Being A “Non-Conspiracy Theorist”

Government Control |  | There is a brand of people amongst us. They have no name but they exist. They are everywhere, at work, at home, at school, and in the streets, stores, and shopping malls. It is highly unlikely to not know someone who belongs in this category. It’s the so called non-conspiracy theorists. You know, the guy ...Read More »

States' Rights Confronts Federal Supremacy 

Government Control |  | Look around. The country is inverted and upside down. As any follower of BREAKING ALL THE RULES knows, States’ Rights are a central position of our paleo-conservative populism. A sincere review of the U.S. Constitution clearly identifies that the Tenth Amendment specifies that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the ...Read More »

Forefathers Face-off with Modern Politicians - The 2nd Amendment is a God-Given RIGHT, Americans, Not a Privilege! (VIDEO)

Government Control |  | “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” – Samuel Adams, Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, 1788 With all of that is going on with these anti gunner politicians (surrounded by armed security detail) working hard for their special interest groups, rather then ...Read More »

Nicola Tesla Wasn't the Only One: U.S. places 'Secrecy Orders' on Thousands of Inventions

Government Control |  |   By Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution |  Government secrecy is running rampant in an age where more and more people are demanding transparency. Did you know that the U.S. Government classifies over 500 million pages of documents each year? Justification for the mass classification of information is (apparently) done for the sake of “national security,” but ...Read More »

Dictator for Life: The Rise of the American Imperial President

Government Control |  | By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute |  “The presidency will survive. The real question is what leads American presidents into the imperial temptation. When the American presidency conceives itself as the appointed savior of a world in which mortal danger requires rapid and incessant deployment of men, weapons, and decisions behind a wall of secrecy, power ...Read More »

Pope Francis: World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’

Government Control |  | By Baxter Dmitry, Your News Wire |   Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.” The Pope made the observation in an interview with La Repubblica reporter Eugenio ...Read More »

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