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Gazan Casualties Accidental?

Human Rights |  | There’s nothing accidental about Israeli snipers killing and seriously wounding defenseless Gazans, demonstrating peacefully for rights they’re systematically and illegally denied. The IDF claim is a bald-faced lie. Numbers harmed on five Great March of Return Fridays reflect official Israeli policy – harshness intending to terrorize Gazans into submission, no matter how many are killed ...Read More »

Israeli Soldiers Ordered to Shoot Palestinian Children

Human Rights |  | In Occupied Palestine, defenseless young children are considered a threat to heavily armed Israeli soldiers – authorized to shoot them with impunity. Defense for Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP) documented the worst abuses against Palestinian children in 2017. They include Israeli military and police brutality, highlighted by the killing of 15 Palestinian children last ...Read More »

Where’s the Outrage and Accountability for Israeli Mass Murder?

Human Rights |  | Two Fridays in Gaza and days in between left 32 Palestinians dead so far, over 6,000 others injured, scores seriously, a third or more from live fire, including from exploding bullets causing serious internal wounds – no Israeli soldiers or civilians harmed. IDF viciousness was premeditated, the way its soldiers always operate against Palestinians and ...Read More »

Another Gaza Bloodbath Ahead on Friday?

Human Rights |  | The death toll from last Friday’s bloodbath and aftermath stands at 22 – an Israeli atrocity against defenseless Gazans, protesting for their long-denied rights. Will numbers killed and wounded on April 6 match or exceed week-ago horrors? What happened last Friday amounts to cold-blooded murder and rampaging by a vicious rogue state, the world community ...Read More »

Israel Vows No Change in Free-Fire Policy

Human Rights |  | Throughout the Occupied Territories, Palestinian lives and welfare are threatened daily – Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem virtual free-fire zones. Shooting, killing and injuring Palestinians demonstrating for their fundamental rights is one of many threats they face under repressive occupation. Israel intends no letup in viciousness against Palestinians wanting to live free on ...Read More »

Reality Check: Would Trump’s New CIA Director Reinstate Torture Program? (VIDEO)

Human Rights |  | By Ben Swann, Truth in Media | The next director of the CIA might be one of the most controversial picks ever. Gina Haspel not only helped to oversee the CIA’s torture program, but may have also destroyed evidence in an effort to hide torture techniques. And one CIA whistleblower says Haspel and those around her ...Read More »

Reality Check: How Prevalent is the Global Child Sex Trade in the U.S.? (VIDEO)

Human Rights |  | By Ben Swann, Truth in Media |  It’s a horrific issue that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage in U.S. mainstream media. Child sex trafficking is a booming black market business. Most parents can’t imagine it happening in their own backyard. While we know it’s a global issue, child sex trafficking is finally starting to become ...Read More »

South Africa Demise of White Heritage

Human Rights |  |   The self-hatred and false guilt that underpins so many indoctrinated Caucasian race fools, who have zero understanding of the real history of civilization, are doomed to be sheep for the slaughter. Most do not give a second thought to the bold and courageous settlement of cultural and  economic accomplishments that was established in the ...Read More »

United States Eugenics Program Targeted Latin American Women

Human Rights |  | (The Real Agenda News) In the first half of the 20th century, approximately 60,000 people were sterilized through eugenics programs in the United States. Different laws in 32 states allowed public officials in institutions, both public health and social work, to sterilize people they considered “unfit” to have babies. In the best style of Nazi Germany, California ...Read More »

Israeli Soldiers Murder Disabled Palestinian

Human Rights |  | In America, killer cops get away with murder repeatedly nationwide. Inner city minority communities are virtual war zones. Police kill over 1,000 victims annually, mostly Black and Latino youths, accountability almost never forthcoming. So-called “justifiable homicides” most often are cold-blooded murders. A badge in America is license to kill. Israel operates the same way against ...Read More »

Reality Check: Obama/Clinton to Blame for Slave Markets in Libya? (VIDEO)

Human Rights |  |   By Ben Swann, Truth in Media |  It’s been three months since the media outcry over the open market slave trading in Libya and yet, the problem persists. And the root cause of how these slave markets were created, thanks to U.S. foreign policy, has been ignored. Do you want to end the slave ...Read More »

Israel Kills Palestinian Fisherman for the Crime of Fishing

Human Rights |  | Gaza fishermen are repeatedly terrorized for fishing in Palestinian waters Israel considers off-limits. Numerous incidents occur regularly, including use of live fire against fishermen threatening no one – at times wounding or killing them. Days earlier, Israeli gunboats opened fire on Palestinian fishermen, operating legally three nautical miles offshore – forcing them to flee for ...Read More »

Brutal Bahraini State Terror Continues

Human Rights |  | On the 7th anniversary of the popular uprising against despotic Khalifa regime rule, brutal state terror continues – nonviolent demonstrators attacked with tear gas and live fire, several casualties reported. Despite regime state terror and intimidation, the world community looks the other way, complicit in severe repression by failing to condemn it – notably Washington ...Read More »

US Rape of Raqqa Revisited

Human Rights |  |   Raqqa was raped and destroyed, not liberated as falsely claimed. Months of US-led terror-bombing turned most of the city to rubble – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington supports. Life is Raqqa was normal before Obama launched war on Syria. Today there’s rubble everywhere, countless numbers of rotting corpses beneath it. Like ...Read More »

Turkish Aggression in Syria Massacring Children

Human Rights |  | Ankara lied claiming its military operation in northern Syria is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. Just the opposite! Turkish forces are massacring them in cold blood, notably children, according to UNICEF’s representative in Syria Fran Equiza. On Friday, she issued a statement, asking: “Is the world becoming numb to the killing of children ...Read More »

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