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Why The American Revolution Against “Lockdown” Must Begin Now

Martial Law |  | Is America now caught like a deer in the headlights staring at one “lockdown” event after another not knowing what to do? Or is everyone happy that lockdowns are happening so that the government can keep you safe? Are we not paying attention to what is slowly becoming the greatest freedom crisis ever in American ...Read More »

The Psychology Of “Lockdown”

Martial Law |  | How It Has Been Used to Make Martial Law the Norm. The establishment has been working hard over that past few years to make martial law the norm in the United States. A few events which are most responsible for the normalization of martial law stand out in most of our minds. First there was ...Read More »

US Collapse Underway As Government Preps A Civil Force! Crash Worse Then 1929/2008 Combined (VIDEO)

Martial Law |  | “…the battlefield may no longer be limited to regions afar, but may include the U.S. homeland.” That is the unnerving quote found in a government study titled Unconventional Operational Concept and the Homeland. While American’s may not yet feel like we are living in the middle of a battlefield, we could very well become caught ...Read More »

Red Alert: Secret ISIS War Powers Act Covertly Allows Martial Law On US Streets (VIDEOS)

Martial Law |  | By: The Voice of Reason | When it comes to the federal government as of late, there is bad news, and then there is really really really bad news, and this falls under the second category I mentioned… the really really really bad kind. This is a head scratcher to end all political head scratchers if you ...Read More »

Army Not Prepping For Battle; Training For Riot Control And Martial Law (VIDEOS)

Martial Law |  | By: The Voice of Reason | In my first video below, I break down some very disturbing events going on around the country again where federal agents are squaring off directly across from citizen militias. I am SHOCKED it has taken this long to see these types of events starting to spring up again. Why? ...Read More »

What They Plan To Do To Americans And Why It’s Crucial You Know About It (VIDEO)

Martial Law |  | “…the battlefield may no longer be limited to regions afar, but may include the U.S. homeland.” That is the unnerving quote found in a government study titled, Unconventional Operational Concept and the Homeland. While America may not yet feel like we are living in the middle of a battlefield, we could very well become caught ...Read More »

Huge! Jade Helm Returns As “UWEX 16”—This Time Under The Radar And Once Again In Texas! (VIDEOS)

Martial Law |  | “Apparently the quiet streets of Bastrop County worked so well for the U.S. military and their Jade Helm exercise this summer that they’re coming back. This time Special Forces has an unconventional warfare exercise with a catchy acronym,” KEYE TV reports. That new “catchy acronym” is UWEX16, short for “Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016.” Once again ...Read More »

Propaganda Alert: Feds Arrest And Charge Three Men “Accused Of Prepping For Martial Law”

Martial Law |  | By: Melissa Dykes | Truthstream Media – As reported by SHTF Plan, three men have been arrested on federal conspiracy charges for buying guns, stocking up on ammunition, and attempting to build explosives. We will get to the actual details of those arrests in a moment. Look at the headline of this story. Feds charging people ...Read More »

Something So Dangerous It Is Sure To Spark A Revolution That Will Change The Future Forever (VIDEO)

Martial Law |  | So how close are we really to martial law and FEMA camps? Do I begin with the fact that out government is secretly preparing for all hell to break loose and doing massive military drills across the nation? Or do I begin with the fact that the US is agreeing to the UN Arms Treaty ...Read More »

Jade Helm 15 Military Exercises: Preparing For Martial Law Enforcement?

Martial Law |  | Post-9/11, human and civil rights eroded markedly. They’re incrementally disappearing altogether – the hallmark of a police state. America’s military/industrial complex, its gulag prison system, militarized killer cops, city streets turned into battlegrounds, along with ongoing war on fundamental freedoms at home and against humanity worldwide define it. America’s phony war on terror is duplicitous ...Read More »

Domestic Slave Camps Authorized In Gov’t Documents. This Time It’s Roundups Of All Opposition (VIDEO)

Martial Law |  | Don’t fool yourself into believing that the Supreme Court will never again allow a wartime violation of civil rights like it did in allowing internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II, those are the powerful words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in his address to law students at the University of Hawaii, ...Read More »

Reaction To Charleston Church Shooting Fits Perfectly With Jade Helm Martial Law Agenda

Martial Law |  | We owe it to ourselves as truth seekers, concerned Americans and citizens to decode the meaning of the recent Charleston South Carolina Church shooting and see how the greater agenda fits in with the new world order plans. Just as globalist controllers won’t ever let a good problem go to waste, so it is with ...Read More »

Jade Helm: 10 Deeper Implications

Martial Law |  | Operation Jade Helm 15 is coming to a state near you! People all over America are wondering what the true purpose of Jade Helm is, whether it is linked to coming emergencies or catastrophes, and whether it is being used to condition the public to accept military intrusion in their lives (or a possible marital ...Read More »

James Tracy On Jade Helm: Drift Towards Martial Law (VIDEO)

Martial Law |  | Kevin Barrett | Veterans Today, Truth Jihad Radio – James Tracy of Memory Hole Blog is a communications ——— at a university that wishes to remain nameless. Tough luck, guys – it’s ——- ——– University ; – )  The faculty, administrators and students there should be proud that they actually have a professor with the courage to think ...Read More »

10 Ways To Use JADE HELM 15 Against The New World Order

Martial Law |  | It’s been said, in times of great deceit truth is revolutionary. Here we are in 2015 and now that martial law “practice” drills or “urban warfare” exercises are begun, let’s all think for a minute and consider where the lies and deceit surrounding Jade Helm begins. First, it all starts with the names they use ...Read More »

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