North American Free Trade Agreement

North American Free Trade Agreement | NAFTA |

CFR: 2016 Candidates Must Build An ‘Integrated’ North America (VIDEOS)

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | By: Aaron Dykes, TruthStreamMedia – Former General David Petraeus and former World Bank head Robert Zoellick are leading the Council on Foreign Relation’s latest push for an ‘integrated’ North America. Today, these men are leaders of predatory global finance: Petraeus now heads KKR Global, the leveraged buyout firm, while Zoellick is a senior advisor to Goldman ...Read More »

Sad Leaves

North American Free Trade Agreement |  |   The Flattening Forces of Globalization Continue to Advance. My first trip to Europe was when I was a young boy and Kennedy was still president. Everything seemed so different there, from the public restrooms at the Brussels airport where the men’s and women’s entrances led into the exact same room to the frothy, thick, ...Read More »

NAFTA Is 20 Years Old – Here Are 20 Facts That Show How It Is Destroying The Economy

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | Back in the early 1990s, the North American Free Trade Agreement was one of the hottest political issues in the country.  When he was running for president in 1992, Bill Clinton promised that NAFTA would result in an increase in the number of high quality jobs for Americans that it would reduce illegal immigration.  Ross ...Read More »

The Ugly Face Of The North American Union

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | “Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark? I threw that away — threw away the question mark — and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now.”- General David Petraeus For the last several years, the press on the disastrous North American Union has been off front-page ...Read More »

Another Secret Trade Agreement - TISA

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | The significance of the TPP -Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement has your head spinning already, now add another globalist gift to the Corporatocracy model of total trade domination, the TISA – Trade In Services Agreement. According to the trade group, Coalition of Service Industries, “the TISA is currently being negotiated in Geneva, ...Read More »

Nixon, Rockefeller, IG Farben, And Global Control

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | To learn why Richard Nixon was really blown out of the White House, you could begin with the infamous Nazi chemical/pharmaceutical cartel, IG Farben. The cartel that pushed Hitler over the top into power in Germany. One of its lasting legacies is the multinational corporation expanded to titanic proportions. Farben didn’t just buy smaller companies, ...Read More »

NAFTA Partners Pushing North American Competitiveness Integration Agenda

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | The recent North American Leaders Summit in Mexico was seen as a perfect opportunity to try and kickstart the trilateral partnership. While there was no headline grabbers or major breakthroughs, the NAFTA partners still moved forward on some crucial issues that centered around North American competitiveness. They developed a shared set of priorities and established ...Read More »

Reid Derails Fast Track

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D. NV) opposes fast track legislation. He broke with Obama on trade policy. “I’m against fast track,” he said. “I think everyone would be well-advised not to push this right now.” Senator John Cornyn (R. TX) said: “You can kiss any new trade deals goodbye. I think the majority leader’s ...Read More »

NAFTA And The Next Phase Of North American Integration

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | In preparation for the upcoming North American Leaders Summit which will be held in Toluca, Mexico on February 19, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently held a meeting with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts. Over the last number of years, not as much attention has been given to the trilateral relationship. Instead, the U.S. ...Read More »

NAFTA’s Deplorable Legacy

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | Wall Street Journal columnist Mary O’Grady reinvents history. She does it her way. It’s the wrong way. She turns truth on its head. Her commentaries read like bad fiction. They substitute misinformation for indisputable facts. Responsible editors wouldn’t touch this. Journal editors embrace it. NAFTA was hugely destructive trade policy. It’s opposite of what’s needed. ...Read More »

Twenty Years Of NAFTA Sucking Sound

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | Ah, what a better world the Free Traders built. With the rush to the bottom, the commemoration of the NAFTA 20th anniversary is a most hollow celebration. Those who have a memory of an actual economic prosperity, lament that H. Ross Perot’s warnings were ignored. Business literates urged the public to elect Perot as President. ...Read More »

How TPP Resembles NAFTA, And Why Both Create Some Of The Largest Health And Human Rights Emergencies Of Our Time

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | “Today we say, enough is enough! We have been denied the most elemental preparation so they can use us as cannon fodder and pillage the wealth of our country. They don’t care that we have nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a roof over our heads, no land, no work, no health care, no food nor ...Read More »

Canada Being Assimilated Into a U.S. Dominated North American Security Perimeter

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | Canada’s prime minister recently addressed the CFR, a globalist think tank who have been a driving force behind the push towards deeper North American integration. The U.S. and Canada are now further advancing this agenda through the Beyond the Border agreement. Both countries are increasing bilateral border transportation and infrastructure coordination. This includes a common ...Read More »

Obama’s Super Secret Treaty Which Will Push The Deindustrialization Of America Into Overdrive

North American Free Trade Agreement |  | Did you know that Barack Obama has been secretly negotiating the most important trade agreement since the formation of the World Trade Organization?  Did you know that this agreement will impose very strict Internet copyright rules, ban all “Buy American” laws, give Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade risky derivatives and force even ...Read More »

US-Style Free Trade in Good Hands with Michael Froman

North American Free Trade Agreement |  |  On May 2, Obama named Froman his new US trade representative. He’s a former Harvard law school classmate. He’s currently a key adviser. More on him below. He replaces Ron Kirk. He served from March 2009 – March 2013. He’s joining Gibson Dunn. It’s a prominent US law firm. It advises global clients. It’s ranked ...Read More »

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