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How to Become NATO Secretary-General

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Aspirants must be willing to swear allegiance to Washington’s imperial agenda, its wars of aggression, its rape and destruction of one country after another – on the phony pretexts of democracy building and humanitarian intervention. They must abandon their morals, ethics, and integrity, willingly ignore international laws, norms and standards, as well as stay silent ...Read More »

‘Up to 15 Tons of Depleted Uranium Used in 1999 Serbia Bombing’ – Lead Lawyer in Suit Against NATO (VIDEO)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | (RT)  An international legal team is preparing a lawsuit against NATO over the alliance’s alleged use of depleted uranium munitions during its bombing of Yugoslavia. These have allegedly caused a rise in cancer-related illnesses across the region over the years. “The NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 used between 10 and 15 tons of depleted ...Read More »

Serbia Suing NATO for 1999 High Crimes

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Lawyers representing the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists are preparing to sue each of the then-20 NATO member countries – not through the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in national courts of each offending country. Serbian lawyer Srdjan Aleksic explained, saying “(w)e believe that this is within the competence of national courts. These ...Read More »

Russia Intends Responding to US-Led NATO Buildup

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Addressing reporters on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Thursday, Putin’s comments were refreshingly frank and straightforward like all his remarks – whether prepared in advance on in answering questions. US-dominated NATO’s military buildup concerns him and other Russian officials greatly, Putin saying: Alliance “bases are moving closer to our western ...Read More »

NATO: America’s Long Arm

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | The North Atlantic Alliance became obsolete after Soviet Russia dissolved in 1991 and should have been disbanded. Instead it expanded, its aim to have members and partners on every continent, serving US imperial interests. America dominates alliance policy, other member states and partners subservient to its objectives. In 1989, GHW Bush promised Mikhail Gorbachev NATO ...Read More »

WHITE HELMETS: Terrorist Whistleblower Exposes Staged Chemical Weapon Attacks

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | By: 21st Century Wire |  On the back of reports that the White Helmets had recently, sent a team to Ariha in Idlib, with the intention of staging another chemical weapon attack, Syrian Arab News Agency has focused on interviews with captured terrorist fighters. These NATO and Gulf state-armed terrorist testimony adds another layer to ...Read More »

NATO Commander Wants More US Forces to Counter Russia

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | No nations threaten America, not Russia, North Korea or any others. Claims otherwise are Big Lies – a pretext for increased military spending along with fear-mongering to enlist public support. Last Tuesday, NATO commander US General Curtis Scaparrotti said he needs more funding for an increased longterm military buildup in Europe. He wants an additional ...Read More »

Trump’s New Stance on NATO?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Candidate Trump called NATO “obsolete,” saying the alliance needs reframing, focusing on combating ISIS and other terrorist threats, not targeting countries for regime change. He suggested America might not defend certain NATO states if attacked, complained about America carrying too great a financial burden, many other members not paying their fair share. Candidate Trump said ...Read More »

Destructive US-Led NATO Middle East Agenda

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Washington prioritizes militarism, conquest, occupation, colonization and exploitation – longstanding ruthless policies. Adam Smith, in his “Wealth of Nations,” long ago explained how America operates today, saying: “All for ourselves and nothing for other people seems in every age of the world to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.” Russia’s intervention ...Read More »

NATO Auditor Investigating Terrorism Funding Found Dead, Family Disputes It Was Suicide

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | By: Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project | Yves Chandelon, NATO Auditor General, was found dead — by gunshot to the head — in the Belgian city of Andenne last Friday. Authorities are calling the death a suicide, but Chandelon’s family is reportedly vehemently disputing that assessment. Although information remains scarce, there are troubling details ...Read More »

Will Trump Withdraw from NATO?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  |   It’s no more likely than the sun henceforth rising in the west once he’s inaugurated. Though calling NATO “obsolete” and “costing us a fortune,” he said “I don’t want to pull (America) out,” adding “I think the distribution of costs has to be changed.” “We’re paying disproportionately. It’s too much…(I)t’s a different world than ...Read More »

Putin Vows to “Choke” NATO if it Continues Encirclement of Russia (VIDEO)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | How close is too close for NATO to spread Eastwards, and how far will they test the boundaries? Talks of Ukraine joining the military alliance were on the agenda the 2000s, but ceased after Russia’s swift response to the Georgian aggression in Tskhinvali in 2008. Currently, the Ukraine is unable to join NATO due to ...Read More »

EU Convenes Panic Meeting Because Trump Might Stop Funding 73% of NATO

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Angela Merkel and nearly every other national leader in Europe are in a panic because of Trump’s unexpected win in the Presidential election. Why? Because, money, of course. The US money that props up NATO may be coming to an end. During his election campaign, President-Elect Trump described NATO as obsolete. “NATO is something that ...Read More »

NATO, Russia Hold Balkan Drills Amid Growing Eastern European Tensions

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | (RT) Russia and NATO are to hold separate drills with the Balkan nations of Serbia and Montenegro, both formerly part of Yugoslavia. It comes as the Russian envoy to NATO has warned that the Western alliance’s buildup could be harmful for other countries’ security. On Monday, 680 personnel from 32 NATO states and partner countries, ...Read More »

Saber-Rattling NATO Warsaw Summit

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Washington dominates NATO policy, other members and partners pressured to go along with policies harming their own interests. Meeting in Warsaw, Poland on July 8 and 9, 28 NATO countries, 26 partners, the UN and World Bank intend focusing on pre-agreed anti-Russian policies – US-appointed Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg highlighting the alliance’s “biggest reinforcement since ...Read More »

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