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NATO, Russia Hold Balkan Drills Amid Growing Eastern European Tensions

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | (RT) Russia and NATO are to hold separate drills with the Balkan nations of Serbia and Montenegro, both formerly part of Yugoslavia. It comes as the Russian envoy to NATO has warned that the Western alliance’s buildup could be harmful for other countries’ security. On Monday, 680 personnel from 32 NATO states and partner countries, ...Read More »

Saber-Rattling NATO Warsaw Summit

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Washington dominates NATO policy, other members and partners pressured to go along with policies harming their own interests. Meeting in Warsaw, Poland on July 8 and 9, 28 NATO countries, 26 partners, the UN and World Bank intend focusing on pre-agreed anti-Russian policies – US-appointed Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg highlighting the alliance’s “biggest reinforcement since ...Read More »

NATO Ready To Bomb Libya Again

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | (The Real Agenda News) Libya is a man-made disaster. It can easily be pinned to the American column. The fall of Libya happened under the Obama administration and under the watch of current presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Since Libya’s president, Muammar Gaddafi, was dragged out of hiding and killed by alleged “peaceful” opposition forces, the ...Read More »

Montenegro To Become NATO’s 29th Member

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Part of Yugoslavia before US-led NATO raped and dismembered it, tiny Montenegro with less than a million people and minimal military capability borders four other former Yugoslav republics. NATO foreign ministers together with Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic signed the Accession Protocol. US-installed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called the move “a clear sign that ...Read More »

Outgoing NATO Commander Calls The Alliance “A Linchpin For Peace”

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | US-dominated NATO is an imperial tool, a global killing machine, maintained for offense, not defense. Its members and partners comprise nearly one-third of world nations. Exponential expansion is planned, Washington wanting NATO’s footprint spread globally on every continent, wanting it used as an instrument for world conquest and domination. Since its 78-day rape of Yugoslavia ...Read More »

Donald Trump Disavows NATO And The UN In One Day

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | (The Real Agenda) The globalist Establishment must be even more concerned now with Republican frontrunner, Donald J. Trump. The magnate issued two explicit warnings on Monday regarding two of the most obscure and out of control organizations in the planet: NATO and the United Nations. On the UN, Trump clearly pointed out its weaknesses and ...Read More »

Lunatics In Washington Want NATO Article 5 Invoked For Total War

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | NATO Article 4 calls for members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened. Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members, an attack against all. Collective self-defense is called for – perhaps in the ...Read More »

NATO To Deploy More Troops Near Russia’s Borders

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | America dominates NATO, calling the shots, pressuring or bullying other members to go along. They serve US interests, an agenda threatening world peace. Meeting in Brussels on October 8, NATO defense ministers announced “further steps to enhance collective” security at a time no threats exists – except invented ones used as pretexts to increase military ...Read More »

New ‘Safety Zone’ Will Be A Launchpad For Terrorism In Syria

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | NATO wants to place war refugees in a so-called safety zone from which anti-government forces, armed and funded by Turkey, NATO and the US, will attack civilians in Syria. Should Assad respond to those attacks launched from the safety zone, he will be accused of bombing the refugees, which will in turn build support for ...Read More »

NATO's Exercise Trident Juncture 15: Preparing For More War?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | Provocative US-led NATO exercises risk direct confrontation with Russia and other independent countries Washington targets for regime change. TRJE15 intends “showcas(ing)” US-dominated Alliance capability “on the world stage,” an official statement says. It’s scheduled from September 28 to November 6 in Italy, Spain and Portugal, other Alliance nations, and the Mediterranean Sea involving around 36,000 ...Read More »

America’s Military Conquest Of Europe

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | The Pentagon is ready to send heavy weapons at bases in the region due to Russia’s expansionist threat (The Real Agenda) The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the Crimean decision to become part of Russia and the intervention of NATO in global affairs seem to be the keys for Washington to return to its old ...Read More »

Hague Court Rejects Genocide Accusations In Balkans War

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | The Court fails to point out, despite abundant proof, that genocide was committed by American-led NATO forces. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejected the accusations of genocide by Croatia and Serbia but stressed their responsibility in the deaths of civilians during the war in the Balkans. The president of the high court of the UN, ...Read More »

ISIS Conveniently Develops Air Force As NATO Seeks "No-Fly Zone" Over Syria

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | By: Brandon Turbeville | Activist Post – Abdurrahman and his SOHR organization, it should be noted, have long supported the death squads fighting against the Syrian government; and the SOHR has repeatedly acted as a propaganda outfit for NATO in its attempt to frame Assad for war crimes or paint the death squads as freedom ...Read More »

New NATO Secretary General Wants “Constructive Relationship” With Russia

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | The new Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, says he will seek “a constructive relationship with Russia” in order to overcome the current stage of confrontation. The former Norwegian Prime Minister, who took possession Wednesday in front of the Atlantic Alliance, seeks to balance a difficult situation to reconcile two positions: the realization that Russia ...Read More »

Russia And NATO On A Collision Course To World War III

North Atlantic Treaty Organization |  | While Anders Fogh Rasmussen speeds up the creation of a rapid action force against Russia, Vladimir Putin will alter Russia’s military doctrine to repeal new threats coming from within NATO. MOSCOW – NATO is prepared for any contingency that threatens its Member States. In line with the increasing Russian involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, NATO ...Read More »

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