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Making a Homestead Evacuation Plan

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | With wildfire season approaching in California, my thoughts are with my many friends there who have small farms. Even if you don’t live in a wildfire zone, if you raise livestock, you need to have a homestead evacuation plan.  Any place can have a barn fire, a chemical spill, or other environmental emergencies. I’ve written quite ...Read More »

Grow A Week’s Worth Of Livestock Feed For Pennies! (VIDEO)

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Over the last few years, prices for livestock feed has steadily risen for various reasons, making it more difficult to feed our chickens the organic diet we prefer they have. In order to cut costs, we looked into creating a fodder system that would sprout seeds such as wheat, barley, oats, clover, dandelion, alfalfa, sunflower seeds and ...Read More »

The Self-Reliance Manifesto: More Than 300 Resources To Guide You On The Path To Radical Freedom

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Self-Reliance. It’s a revolutionary word these days and I thought it deserved a manifesto. Manifesto: noun man·i·fes·to ˌma-nə-ˈfes-(ˌ)tō A declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer. ~~~~~ Have you happened to notice that our society is out of balance? The consumers outnumber the producers at such a rapid clip that we can’t possibly ...Read More »

Here’s Why A Prepper Homestead May Not Be A Good Plan For Survival

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Lots of preppers are convinced that they’re going to “live off the land” should the world as we know it come tumbling down around our ears. Seed banks are stockpiled, books are purchased, and people are confident that they’ll be able to outlive everyone else based on the sweat of their inexperienced brows. But no matter ...Read More »

The No-Excuses Guide to Self-Reliance in the Suburbs

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Do you live in the suburbs but yearn for the farm life? The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. There’s a guide that can help you realize your self-reliance dreams no matter where you live. As most of you know, I moved last year from my 5-acre farm in Northern California to my ...Read More »

Sustainable Farming: Starting A Quail Flock

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Getting started raising quail requires a little more effort than raising chickens, but they’re well worth it.  Domesticated quail has a delicious, mild flavor that’s not gamey and they’re prolific layers.  If you’d like to learn more about the different breeds and their requirements, go here. Chicks or Eggs Day old chickens, ducks, and turkeys ...Read More »

No Yard? No Problem! You Can STILL Grow Food!

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Everyone is talking about growing their own food. Lots of people are starting backyard gardens, filling pots on balconies and patios, and even starting little farms in the suburbs. But not everyone has outdoor space. What if you are living in an apartment and have no place to even put a pot for a tomato ...Read More »

How To Build A Survival Shelter. Your Life May Depend On It (VIDEO)

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | I often emphasize that your energy output coupled with your ability to adapt to the situation at hand will play a big part in how successful you are at living in a primitive setting. One of your first concerns in surviving outdoors is finding shelter. Short-term shelters are easy to construct an will serve you well in ...Read More »

So Cold It Hurts: 6 Cold Weather Injuries and How to Deal with Them

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | It has been a few weeks since Snowmageddon hit the east coast. The northeast was struck especially hard. We had a “bomb cyclone” snow storm followed by blistering cold from a “polar vortex”. Temperatures were hovering in the single digits. The wind chill brought us well below zero for days. The time was ripe for ...Read More »

10 Smart Survival Strategies For The Woman Living Alone

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Most preparedness information out there seems to assume that everyone is part of a family with a mom, a dad, three kids, and a dog. Or, if not that, an extended family that includes brothers, uncles, and a grand-pappy.  Somehow, the picture presented always includes a man. The truth is, that is not always the ...Read More »

Hand And Surface Hygiene When There’s No Water To Spare

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Much has been written about the need for drinking water in a survival situation.  And luckily, most people have gotten the message and either store extra water in barrels, have cases or jugs of bottled water, or have a source of fresh water that can be made ready for drinking with filters, chemicals, or bleach. ...Read More »

Quick And Easy Methods For Preparing Tomatoes For Canning

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | I’m not gonna lie – there is nothing messier than a bushel of tomatoes getting turned into jars of tomato-ey loveliness.  It’s a fair bit of work to process your own tomato products, but the intensely flavored results make it all worthwhile. From my book, The Organic Canner, here are some of the shortcuts that ...Read More »

September 23 - Just Another Day

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | As you are reading this on an “Alternative Media” website, then you probably have heard a bit of hype regarding September 23, 2017, as potentially being a day of religious “End Times” significance. On this day, the position of the stars, as seen from earth, appear in such a way that some believe it is a ...Read More »

Survival Food: How To Catch A Fish Without A Hook (VIDEO)

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | In a survival situation, your energy output will play a big part in how successful you are at living in a primitive setting. As well, your ability to adapt to the situation at hand is also a necessary mindset to have when left to your own devices. Your first concern in surviving outdoors is shelter ...Read More »

What Will You Eat When Your Garden Is A Flop?

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | I love growing my own vegetables. I spend many fulfilling hours outside every summer, tending to my plants, nurturing my soil, and babying things along, with the birds for music and a basket full of delicious organic food to show for it each day. Except this year. This year, my garden is a flop. Daisy’s ...Read More »

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