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The Warrior Mentality: Controlled and Purposed Action in a Post Collapse Combat Situation

Preparedness |  | By Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition |  This article is not for the faint of heart, but there is an important point to it that needs to be the central focus.  The focus is simple: We are a nation founded by citizen-soldiers who did not win freedom or liberty playing Yahtzee.  They won it by fighting.  When ...Read More »

15 Videos Show What It’s Really Like Trying to Survive the California Wildfires (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | The Northern California wildfires are fast-moving, unpredictable, and for some, unsurvivable. The videos below will show you what it’s really like, trying to survive an ever-changing inferno…and why you shouldn’t wait for the official evacuation order. A lot of folks have been critical, saying blithely, “They knew there was a fire. They should have evacuated.” It’s ...Read More »

Nuclear War: Challenges with Livestock and Farm Animals

Preparedness |  | This piece is designed to give possible solutions to problems you may face with your livestock that may not have been considered. Naysayers are just an addition to the problem, instead of being part of the solution. That being said, let’s start out with an excerpt from the government regarding livestock and poultry, just to ...Read More »

Long-Term Disaster Training: A Primer on Prepping Your Body

Preparedness |  | All the readers at ReadyNutrition know how much emphasis and importance I have placed on physical conditioning and training as part of your preps.  You need to take care of your body and mind.  Exercise and nutrition are critical for you.  I believe that I have emphasized this repeatedly and that they both go together.  So, what’s this?  What ...Read More »

6 Questions About the Vegas Massacre That Will Make You Wonder What They’re Hiding (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News You know, I tried to keep from going full-on tinfoil with the Las Vegas massacre, but they’re making that completely impossible. Sure, there were questions from the very beginning. A lot of ...Read More »

The Disaster Myth Narrative: No One Panics, No One Loots, No One Goes Hungry

Preparedness |  | “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”  ~ George Orwell A few years back, I was doing some research about the aftermath of some natural disasters that took place here in America. I was shocked to find that the articles I was looking for ...Read More »

The Greatest Conspiracy

Preparedness |  | Many fans of “Alternative Media”, including myself, are continually swept away by one fascinating “Conspiracy Theory” after another.  I believe the good reason for this, is that we are mutual Truth Seekers, and when the Truth about any subject is revealed from the mire of lies surrounding it, a great satisfactory sense of revelation is ...Read More »

Why Prepping and Current Events are Inextricably Entwined

Preparedness |  | I’ve gotten a few comments lately asking why I write about current events. I’ve gotten every variation from “I follow you for prepping information. Why is there so much news on your website?” to “You’re an idiot. Why don’t you stick to canning?” Before I hurry back to the kitchen where I belong, there’s a ...Read More »

How To Create An Emergency Ammo Can First Aid Kit

Preparedness |  | When it comes to having a well-stocked first aid kit, I want to be prepared.  I truly do.  Having spent weeks at a time on a boat in the remote waters of British Columbia, I have always understood that a drugstore and medical doctor may not be accessible.  If sick or wounded, I would be ...Read More »

How to Survive a Sniper Attack

Preparedness |  | Of a tragic necessity, we’ve all read articles and watched videos about surviving an active shooter terror situation. But an entirely different set of rules apply when it comes to surviving a sniper attack. The thing with an event like the one in Las Vegas is that a great deal of your survival depends on ...Read More »

15 Priorities You Need to Follow In the Event of a Nuclear War

Preparedness |  | By: Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition |  One of the most important characteristics of survivalists, preppers, and their ilk is the ability to concede that no matter how improbable it may be for a situation to arise, it is still possible.  With the current state of affairs of the world being the way they are, there ...Read More »

FEMA Director Urges Americans to Develop “a true culture of preparedness” But No One Is Listening (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | It looks like preppers aren’t that crazy after all. FEMA’s new director, Brock Long, has repeatedly said that Americans do not have a “culture of preparedness,” something that is much-needed with the startling uptick in natural disasters. Long has only been the director of FEMA since June 20 of this year and already has had ...Read More »

Compilation of Epic Disasters from the Past Few Months (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | Over just the past few months, we’ve seen unprecedented disasters, not just in the United States, but all over the world. Wildfires. Floods. Hurricanes. Drought. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Everyone is quick to theorize about the cause of such a season of catastrophe. Some blame manmade climate change. There are groups who suspect a rogue planet is wreaking ...Read More »

Patrol Skills: Using Tactical Hand Signals to Communicate in Silence (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | Law enforcement, corrections, probation, and military Special Operations teams worldwide use hand signals to communicate in the field to lessen their risk and to avoid compromising their position. Good security requires efficient forms of communication and when audible communication like speech and radio comms cannot be used, hand signals are a good alternative. So, why signals? ...Read More »

South Korean Preppers: Government Instructs Citizens How to Get Ready for War

Preparedness |  | The government of South Korea is making every effort to turn its citizens into a country of survivalists. With the ever-increasing threats from the North, South Korean preppers are becoming mainstream, instead of a quirky fringe element. Kim Jong Un fired yet another ballistic missile over Japan, spitting in the face of international pressure. It seems ...Read More »

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