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The 10 Personality Traits Of Successful Survivalists

Preparedness |  | Have you ever noticed that most preppers have a lot in common? There are certain personality traits that seem to be present in nearly every single prepper and survivalist I have met, and the more prevalent these traits, the more successful they are at prepping and survival. We do a lot of talking about what ...Read More »

How to Survive When Prepping Just Isn’t Enough

Preparedness |  | Have you noticed a sense of urgency in the prepping community lately? Maybe it’s the tensions with North Korea. Maybe it’s the slow-motion collapse of the brick-and-mortar retail industry. Maybe it’s a contagion from the other places around the world that are actively preparing for the potential of nuclear war. Whatever the reason, it seems like natural disasters are becoming ...Read More »

The 9 Best Essential Oils For Your Survival Kit

Preparedness |  | There are many reasons why learning about essential oils is useful for preppers.  Not the least of those reasons is to lessen the reliance on expensive and often ineffective and toxic pharmaceuticals.  How often have you filled an expensive prescription only to have side effects or find that the drug simply did not work.  Other ...Read More »

101 Low Cost Items To Barter When The SHTF

Preparedness |  | I would be preaching the choir if I told you that it is wise to gather extra supplies that you can use for bartering in a post-collapse world.  The issue for many, however, is that their budget allows no room for extras.  Finding funds for long term personal preps, let alone daily needs can be ...Read More »

What You Need To Know About Using Old Medicine For Survival

Preparedness |  | When it comes to survival medicine, I make no claim of being an expert.  I am, after all, a mere layman with no medical training.  On the other hand, I do possess a good deal of common sense so when something seems a bit off, I do my own research and make decisions based upon ...Read More »

34 Ways To Use Salt For Survival: Everything You Need To Know

Preparedness |  | One of the very first things I did when I first started prepping was to bolster my pantry with basic staples that could be used for a variety of purposes.  When it was suggested that I store salt, and lots of it, I was a disbeliever. After all, conventional mainstream wisdom had taught me that ...Read More »

Survival Basics: Prepping for An Unexpected Power Outage

Preparedness |  | You don’t have to be a prepper to realize that power outages can happen anytime, to anybody, and anywhere.  Some outages are planned, some are the result of Mother Nature kicking up a storm, and some are the unexpected result of a natural or man-made crisis.  More recently, the threat of a cyber-attack or terrorist ...Read More »

Are You Guilty Of These Prepper Mistakes?

Preparedness |  | Webster defines an expert as a person “who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area”  That being said, when it comes to preparedness, is anyone ever really an expert? Let’s be realistic. Every prepper, myself included, was a novice at one time or another.  Along our journey, we have ...Read More »

How The Perfect Prepper Plans Still Go Wrong

Preparedness |  | When a disaster strikes unexpectedly, there’s nearly always some kind of monkey wrench that causes your well-thought-out prepper plans to work less effectively than expected.  When describing the situation, the person says sheepishly, “Normally we wouldn’t have had X circumstance going on when it happened, and our preps would have worked just fine.” Or, in the ...Read More »

Fight Like Jason Bourne: 7 Key Points To Surviving A Serious Fight (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | I think we can all agree that Jason Bourne is one of the greatest action characters of all time. Anyone who has taken a self-defense class has channeled his awesomeness when practicing. So, how do you fight like Jason Bourne? One of the reasons we love watching this character fight is the close combat defense ...Read More »

Selco on Martial Law: Forget your “movie illusions about being a freedom fighter”

Preparedness |  | Selco interviewed by Daisy Luther – Let’s talk about martial law. This is when the normal law of the land is suspended and the authority comes from the military or federal government. One recent example of undeclared martial law in the US was when the police were looking for the suspects in the Boston Marathon ...Read More »

7 Herbal Remedies You Should Have In Your Arsenal

Preparedness |  | It is time to begin to focus upon building up an arsenal of remedies to get us through the cold and flu season.  Not surprisingly, these are not traditional over the counter meds but rather a variety of herbal remedies that you can concoct yourself from inexpensive ingredients not the least of which are herbs ...Read More »

How the SHTF in Bosnia: Selco Asks Americans, “Does this sound familiar?”

Preparedness |  | Selco interviewed by Daisy Luther. I was recently emailing back and forth with Selco and we were discussing the situation in the US right now, with the political polarization, the rage, and the general cognitive dissonance. I asked him if he saw any similarities between our situation and the one in Bosnia when the SHTF ...Read More »

Martha Stewart Will Definitely Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Preparedness |  | I have always been a big fan of Martha Stewart.  I know, sometimes she does stuff like gluing moss on lampshades which causes you to wonder if she ever uses that lamp and why it doesn’t catch fire, and rolling grapes in goose liver pate sounds like it won’t be on my bucket list, but ...Read More »

Confessions of an Ordinary Everyday Mom…Who Happens to be a Prepper

Preparedness |  | Today, I’m coming out of the closet. No, not that closet. I’m coming out of the hard-nosed, bad-to-the-bone survivalist prepper closet. Because I think a lot of folks have some misconceptions about what being a prepper really means. It certainly isn’t the same thing for everyone. And our rigidity as a community can scare people ...Read More »

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