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Emergency Water For Preppers: Resources You Need To Know About

Preparedness |  | The focus has been emergency water, that most vital but often under-appreciated prep. During this time, I have highlighted various aspects of water preparedness, including storage, acquisition, and purification.  These recent articles, coupled with those that have been posted in the past, bring to you a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to be water-prepped, ...Read More »

101 Easy Ways to Prep Every Day

Preparedness |  | Do you prep every day? A lot of people have the wrong idea about the preparedness lifestyle. They think it’s all big things, like digging a bunker, buying a year’s worth of food at a time, having an arsenal, or moving to an off-grid retreat in the mountains where you will live in conditions so ...Read More »

Here’s How You’ll Die When The SHTF (And How To Prevent Your Untimely Demise)

Preparedness |  | When it hits the fan…I mean REALLY hits the fan in a permanent kind of way, the most likely outcome is death. That’s not pretty, and I’m well aware of it. I always try to be positive and optimistic, because for me, preparedness is the ultimate act of optimism, but sometimes we have to look ...Read More »

What Life Is Like for a Million People in Puerto Rico Who STILL Don’t Have Power

Preparedness |  | If you ever wondered what it would look like if the grid collapsed here on the mainland, the island of Puerto Rico is a tragic, real-life case study. These stories show us what life is like for more than a million people who STILL don’t have power and running water nearly 3 months after Hurricanes ...Read More »

The Reader’s Choice Survival and Preparedness Library

Preparedness |  | Last week, I showed you the list of my personal favorite preparedness books and asked you for your favorites. Many of these, I hadn’t heard of, while others, I just hadn’t read or overlooked. But what we have here is an amazing list of books to add to your survival and preparedness library. For some, I was ...Read More »

12 Ways To Save Money With Reusable Stuff In A Disposable World

Preparedness |  | We live in a convenience-driven society. Fast food businesses thrive while home cooking flounders. Trips to the pharmacy can now be undertaken without getting out of your car, using the handy drive-through. Standard cleaning products are quickly being overtaken by disposable items you toss in the trash after one use. We’ve been brainwashed by the marketing ...Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Gun

Preparedness |  | You’ve chosen a new gun but are you ready to use it? We have talked about the things you need to consider when buying a firearm and choosing the gun that will be right for you, but there are other decisions once you’ve made your purchase. If this is your first firearm, chances are, you’re NOT ready yet. ...Read More »

10 Smart Survival Strategies For The Woman Living Alone

Preparedness |  | Most preparedness information out there seems to assume that everyone is part of a family with a mom, a dad, three kids, and a dog. Or, if not that, an extended family that includes brothers, uncles, and a grand-pappy.  Somehow, the picture presented always includes a man. The truth is, that is not always the ...Read More »

The Psychology of Desperate People: 15 Dead, 40 Injured in Food Stampede in Morocco

Preparedness |  | In prepper lore, there is a theory about how badly desperate people are likely to behave. Many folks outside the community scoff at this theory. They believe that we have become more civilized than to utilize violent measures when hunger strikes. But an incident in Morocco the other day showed us exactly how hungry people behave. ...Read More »

‘The Currency Of The Apocalypse’? Doomsday Preppers Flock To Bitcoin As It Surges Past $8000

Preparedness |  | Once upon a time preppers would hoard gold and silver in anticipation of the meltdown of society, but now Bitcoin is becoming the alternative currency of choice for many in the prepping community. On Monday, Bitcoin hit an all-time record high as it surged past $8,200, and it has now gone up nearly 50 percent ...Read More »

Hand And Surface Hygiene When There’s No Water To Spare

Preparedness |  | Much has been written about the need for drinking water in a survival situation.  And luckily, most people have gotten the message and either store extra water in barrels, have cases or jugs of bottled water, or have a source of fresh water that can be made ready for drinking with filters, chemicals, or bleach. ...Read More »

Semi-Automatic, Revolver, Caliber, Cartridges: What You Need to Know When Buying a Gun

Preparedness |  | What do you really need to know before buying a gun? Last week, in the first installment of our series, we talked about some of the things you needed to think about, like how you plan to be using it and some basic definitions. But there’s a lot more to buying a gun that will ...Read More »

Quick And Easy Methods For Preparing Tomatoes For Canning

Preparedness |  | I’m not gonna lie – there is nothing messier than a bushel of tomatoes getting turned into jars of tomato-ey loveliness.  It’s a fair bit of work to process your own tomato products, but the intensely flavored results make it all worthwhile. From my book, The Organic Canner, here are some of the shortcuts that ...Read More »

Financial Problems: The Most Likely Disaster to Strike Anyone

Preparedness |  | Preppers think about a lot of doomy, gloomy stuff about various types of apocalypses. After all, disaster is everywhere. We watch the spread of pandemics, like the pneumonic plague and Ebola. We prepare for hurricanes and wildfires. We keep our eye on events that could turn into episodes of civil unrest, watch the weather for pending snow storms, and have kits to see ...Read More »

Bugging Out and Bushcraft Skills: 7 Reasons Why You Need Them

Preparedness |  | By Conrad Novak, |  As a prepper, so much of our focus goes into the planning stages. This makes sense considering that the best way to deal with the unexpected is to develop a series of contingencies explicitly designed to deal with them. However, no plan will follow accordingly. As such, it requires an agility of ...Read More »

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