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How To Build A Gluten-Free Pantry On A Budget

Preparedness |  | There is an almost epidemic hierarchy of wheat-related ailments in America today. From intolerance that causes gastrointestinal discomfort to a debilitating disease, the number of people who do not consume wheat is multiplying exponentially. At the pinnacle of this is Celiac disease. Sufferers are highly sensitive to gluten in any form. The Celiac Disease Foundation ...Read More »

11 Mistakes And Goofs That Every Prepper Should Avoid

Preparedness |  | We have all done it – made a mistake with our preps that was either a stupid use of our time, a waste of our money, or both.  The good news is that with a couple of years of prepping experience behind you, you will begin to recognize those things that are worthwhile and those ...Read More »

The First 10 Things Every New Prepper Should Do (Some Of Them Are Free!)

Preparedness |  | Over the past couple of years, here in America…. Contaminated water caused a complete loss of municipal services in both Ohio and West Virginia, resulting in almost a million people vying for the stock in local stores. A freak confluence of storms caused a “Superstorm” that took out power to much of the Eastern Seaboard, ...Read More »

How To Survive Anything In 3 Easy Steps

Preparedness |  | You can have enough food to ride out 15 years of Armageddon. You can have a fully stocked retreat or a bunker. You can have so much ammo stashed that your floorboards are groaning.  You may have followed your favorite preparedness book’s guidelines to the letter, and thus have all of the physical aspects of survival ...Read More »

Would Your Kids Know How to Survive a School Shooting?

Preparedness |  | What Your Kids Need to Know to Survive a School Shooting Imagine getting a phone call like this from your high school aged child. “Mom, there’s been a shooting. I’m running.” Those were the chilling words heard by a mom in Kentucky yesterday when her son was fleeing from a classmate who killed 2 students ...Read More »

These Rich and Famous Preppers Are Coming Out of the Bunker. Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Preparedness |  | Prepping just doesn’t seem as “crazy” as it used to. It appears that prepping isn’t just for doomsday-fearing, tinfoil hat types anymore. Lots of people have woken up to the fact that the worst can happen, and they’re getting ready for it. Even, it so happens, rich and famous folks. Whether they’re worried about a giant ...Read More »

EMP: An Elaborate Hoax or a Legitimate Threat?

Preparedness |  | As a prepper and avid reader of post-apocalyptic fiction like One Second After, Alas Babylon, and Going Home, an EMP has long been on my mind as one of the most catastrophic threats we could face. After reading numerous reports from the Congressional EMP Commission, I figured that the reality of such a threat was a given. So when I ...Read More »

11 Ways To Prepare Your Family For Survival

Preparedness |  | When I meet someone for the first time and am asked “What is your blog about”, I always answer “Family Preparedness”.  This does two things.  First, if they are already prepper-centric, they will get it and start asking questions.  Second, if they don’t have a clue, they will look at me glassy-eyed and again, will ...Read More »

How to Convince Loved Ones to Prep (and When to Give Up)

Preparedness |  | Lately, those who live the preparedness lifestyle have been more concerned than ever about the events going on in the world, and for many of us,  the urgency to convince loved ones to prep is at an all-time high as worries increase. The economic collapse of Venezuela, our own shaky markets and banking system, the threat of ...Read More »

Hurricane Expert Warns: “Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario”… U.S. Could See Up to 5 Major Hurricanes in 2018

Preparedness |  | Before 2017, there was a relatively quiet period for hurricanes. In fact, a decade went by without a major hurricane. But all of that changed in 2017, when monster hurricanes Irma and Harvey hit. Due to their unprecedented damage, the 2017 hurricane season became one of the most expensive on record. With nearly 200 billion dollars worth of damage, ...Read More »

A Prepper’s Guide to MRSA (and a Cautionary Tale)

Preparedness |  | You’ve probably heard some horror stories about MRSA infections lately. It’s a superbug that is difficult to treat because it is resistant to most of our antibiotics. This, to me, makes it of particular concern in an SHTF world. The CDC explains: MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to several ...Read More »

How to Make a Faraday Cage in 4 Easy Steps, and What to Put In It (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | If you’ve been in the prepper world for long, you’ve probably read some horrifying books about what can happen after a disaster called an EMP.  And if you’ve done that, you know you need to protect vulnerable electronics. Today, we’ll talk about how to make a Faraday cage to do just that. Don’t worry – ...Read More »

The 10 Daily Habits Of Prepared People

Preparedness |  | For some people, preparedness is about the big things: the well-stocked retreat home, buying yet another firearm, or getting a super-fancy generator. While these things can certainly be classified as preparedness endeavors, it isn’t the expensive and dramatic gestures that make us truly prepared people. The way prepared people spend their time before an emergency ...Read More »

5 Important Considerations When Forming A Prepper Community

Preparedness |  | One of the key strategies for every prepper is the formation of a prepper community.  Yet, as strategic as this may be, it is conceivably the most difficult of all of the prepper strategies. There are issues, not the least of which is who do you trust, how much do you trust, and what are ...Read More »

Six Must-Have Blades For Off-Grid Living

Preparedness |  | When it comes to survival, there is nothing more important than a dependable knife. This tool, in my humble opinion, is indispensable. It will cut down branches for a survival shelter, used to cut down branches to make a fire, make traps or skin animals. It can also be used for cooking and defense, if need be. Because of ...Read More »

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