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Head of Secret Pentagon Program Says UFOs Can “Warp Space-Time”—What??

Propaganda |  | By Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News |  Luis Elizondo, former head of a secret Pentagon program studying UFOs, is now extending his recent remarks about craft witnessed in our skies… In an interview with the UK Daily Star (2/8), Elizondo made the following boggling comments: “For the first time, we have a compelling picture that what ...Read More »

Mainstream Media: The Historic Purveyors of Fake News

Propaganda |  | Fake news are not new and neither is its progenitor, Yellow Journalism. Mainstream media have been, for a long time, the largest purveyors of fake news. No one can debate such a reality. Indeed, fake news go a longer way and spread faster than real news. It is just a matter of watching CNN for ...Read More »

NYT Anti-Syria Propaganda

Propaganda |  | Throughout years of war in Syria, launched by Obama, escalated by Trump, the Times and other media scoundrels blamed Assad for US-led high crimes committed against the country, grievously harming its people most. After Russia intervened on September 30, 2015 to combat US-supported terrorists at Assad’s request, it’s been vilified the same way. On Friday, the ...Read More »

Explosive Breakdown of Big Picture, Trump, Q Anon (VIDEO)

Propaganda |  | This week discussion focuses on the deep state war we are deeply embedded in, the YouTube censorship, MSM propaganda about George Soros, latest news and Q Anon updates and meanings. Join me as I paint the big picture. Read More »

School Shooting: False Flag - What History Teaches Us! (VIDEO)

Propaganda |  | “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” -Henry Kissinger Russian Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves,” and leading it they are in America today. Leading through opposition simply means that if a tragedy ...Read More »

False Flag Mass Shootings: Stages of Awakening

Propaganda |  | False flag mass shootings continue to be a favored strategy used by the New World Order (NWO) controllers to further their agenda of fear and domination. It seems that every time a gap of time opens up since the last one, the US public is again hit with another incident. This shows that these events must ...Read More »

False East/West Paradigm And The End Of Freedom

Propaganda |  | (Alt-Market) People are desperate for leaders and heroes. This is an undeniable condition of human life and of human civilization. Some historians and social observers, however, seem to think it is enough to simply point out this condition and pretend as if they have made some grand declaration; as if they have come to the ...Read More »

A Glitch in the Matrix: Another “electric shock” to the Dying Media

Propaganda |  |   (The Real Agenda News) As it is more and more evident every day, and as it was explained by Dave Rubin, the mainstream media is based on an old dying model that is being replaced by new media and new technology so quickly that its faults are becoming glaringly obvious. With the advent of ...Read More »

Confession: This is How Facebook Steals your Attention

Propaganda |  | (The Real Agenda News) The key that opened to door for Facebook is apparently, dopamine. To get people to stay on Facebook for a long time, you have to generate dopamine discharges. These discharges are ephemeral instants of happiness and those moments go hand in hand with the LIKES and SHARES. The Modus Operandi of ...Read More »

New YouTube Warnings: An Attempt to Dissuade Viewers From Watching RT, PressTV and More?

Propaganda |  | New YouTube Warnings have been rolled out recently – but only on some channels, and mostly those which challenge the official narrative. Google (founded by Zionists Sergey Brin and Larry Page), now run by Zionist Eric Schmidt, owns YouTube (run by Zionist Susan Wojcicki). YouTube claims its goal is to “equip users with additional information to help them ...Read More »

Dumb As Dirt - The Mindset Of The Collectivists

Propaganda |  | Despotism is not solely the preview of the state. When individuals or groups demonstrate their propensity to use savage force to inflict their world view on others, decent society is at risk. The “Black Lives Matter” thugs who have shown their disregard for civilized acculturation are a prime example of the defective thinking that permeates ...Read More »

How Understanding The Truth Movement May Hold Many Answers For Humanity

Propaganda |  | With all the mainstream media mental junk food now feeding humanity almost daily guaranteed lies in order to secure the stated agendas of the new world order, I want to pose a divider question. That’s a name I made up for a question that is sure to divide people. Nevertheless a question that deserves attention ...Read More »

The NYT Blames Trump for FBI/DOJ Wrongdoing Against Him

Propaganda |  | The Times long ago destroyed its credibility – suppressing hard truths on vital issues, substituting willful disinformation. The self-styled newspaper of record is part of a cabal trying to oust Trump from office for the wrong reasons – a coup d’etat plot to remove a sitting president for defeating Hillary, a media darling, guilty of ...Read More »

Media Scoundrels Slam FISA Memo Release

Propaganda |  | Lots more like it are needed, exposing corrupt practices in Washington – high-level officials responsible for serious ethical and legal breaches. The swamp overflows with wrongdoing. Many officials in the nation’s capital are responsible for what goes on, few ever held accountable. Deplorable practices continue unabated, release of the FISA memo not likely to change ...Read More »

A Cover Up Turns 50: Unpopular Reflections on the MLK Assassination

Propaganda |  | By: George Payne |  Not enough Americans know that in 1999 a jury in a civil suit brought by the family of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ruled that a retired Memphis cafe owner was part of a conspiracy in his 1968 assassination. During the trial, which received almost no media attention, the legal ...Read More »

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