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We Are Entering An Era Of Shattered Illusions

Society |  | The structure of history is held together by two essential and distinct kinds of links, two moments in time to which no one is immune: moments of epiphany, and moments of catastrophe. Sometimes, both elements intermingle at the birth of a singular epoch. Men often awaken to understanding in the midst of great crisis; and, ...Read More »

Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

Society |  | It is often said there only two kinds of people in this world: those who know, and those who don’t. I would expand on this and say that there are actually three kinds of people: those who know, those who don’t know, and those who don’t care to know. Members of the last group are the kind of people ...Read More »

Virtual Personal Relationships

Society |  | One of the most familiar themes that children are taught is that mankind is a social being. From the earliest age, the process of socialization is integrated into every learning experience or social contact. Getting along with one’s peers is preached as a primary objective for each succeeding generation. Departing from previous contemporaries has been a common ...Read More »

The American Dunning-Kruger Epidemic (Or Why Ignorant People Are So Sure They’re Right)

Society |  | It’s time to address an epidemic in the United States. It’s one that could be deadly, particularly to liberty. It’s an epidemic of Dunning-Kruger. It’s why ignorant people are so certain that they’re right. What’s that, you ask? The Dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which individuals, who are unskilled at a particular ...Read More »

How To Recognize When Your Society Is Suffering A Dramatic Decline

Society |  |   (Alt-Market) When historians and analysts look at the factors surrounding the collapse of a society, they often focus on the larger events and indicators — the moments of infamy. However, I think it’s important to consider the reality that large scale societal decline is built upon a mixture of elements, prominent as well as ...Read More »

The Tools Collectivists Use To Gain Power

Society |  | ( While many divisions within our society are arbitrary or engineered, there is one division that represents perhaps the most pervasive and important conflict of our time; the division between collectivists and individualists. Now, people who do not understand the nature of collectivism will often argue that individualism and collectivism are not mutually exclusive because ...Read More »

Methods For Fighting Back Against Collectivist Tyranny

Society |  | (Alt-Market) In any examination of historical precedence, it is easy to see that the sheer number of collectivist and tyrannical systems have far outweighed any experiments in individual liberty. I have explored the reasons for this in numerous articles, including pieces such as “How To Stamp Out Cultural Marxism In A Single Generation” and “The ...Read More »

10 Truth-Seeker Terms That Are Nonexistent To The Typical Blind Sheep

Society |  | The gap of consciousness, knowledge, and awareness between those that genuinely seek truth and those who blindly believe what they are told by government and mainstream media without challenging the information, is at an all-time high and getting worse. The widening differences between truth seekers and those who are hypnotized in the matrix of lies ...Read More »

How To Respond To Negative People Without Being Negative (VIDEO)

Society |  | First off, I don’t want to get too caught up in this polarity of negative and positive. Just because we may not agree with what someone says sometimes doesn’t make them negative. It’s the same with information, simply because information may show that something going on is wrong, also doesn’t mean it’s negative. In the ...Read More »

The Psychology Of Being A “Non-Conspiracy Theorist”

Society |  | There is a brand of people amongst us. They have no name but they exist. They are everywhere, at work, at home, at school, and in the streets, stores, and shopping malls. It is highly unlikely to not know someone who belongs in this category. It’s the so called non-conspiracy theorists. You know, the guy ...Read More »

How To Keep Yourself Perfectly Brainwashed In The Matrix

Society |  | I was thinking the other day, what if someone was so afraid of the truth that they wanted to stay in the matrix of lies their whole life, what would someone who loves fantasy and lies have to do to remain perfectly brainwashed all the days of their lives? You are probably thinking, why would ...Read More »

How Coincidence Theorists (Non-Conspiracy) Are Playing Key Role In Destruction Of America

Society |  | Given that America for very long time was the symbol of freedom to the world, it is important to point out one particular phenomenon that is destroying America and all of humanity from the inside out is a sickness we see all around us every day and it’s the ‘coincidence theorists’ that scorn at the idea of ...Read More »

5 of the Most Violent Cities in the WORLD Are Right Here in America

Society |  | When you think of the most dangerous, violent cities in the world, do you picture slums in Third World countries with vicious drug cartels or arrogant warlords? Maybe the kind of violence where enemies are decapitated and whole families are murdered seem like things that happen far away in some terrifying, exotic locale. Some of ...Read More »

The New World Order: Does It All Just Boil Down To A Battle For Your Soul?

Society |  | (Alt-Market) From its very inception, the Leninist/Marxist ideology of the Soviet Union made it a central priority to dispel and subjugate religious and spiritual expression. The state was “god.” No other god could be allowed to flourish, for if the people were given license and freedom of belief in something beyond themselves and beyond the ...Read More »

Smashing the Cult of Celebrity and the Disempowerment Game

Society |  | By Dylan Charles, |  At the dark heart of corporate consumer culture lie the social programs that mass-produce conformity, obedience, acquiescence and consent for the matrix. The cult of celebrity is the royal monarch of these schemes, the ace in the hole for mass mind control and the disempowerment of the individual. This is the anointed paradigm of ...Read More »

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