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1000s Of People In Sweden Are Willingly Microchipping Their Own Hands, And It Is Part Of The “Transhuman” Movement That Is Sweeping The Globe

Surveillance & Spying |  | The future is coming, and it is going to look very strange. In the past, many authors had raised the possibility of tyrannical governments forcibly microchipping their own populations someday, but what if most of humanity actually embraces this new technology enthusiastically? Today, thousands of people in Sweden are eagerly having microchips inserted into their ...Read More »

Facebook´s Spying Fest at a Glance

Surveillance & Spying |  | (The Real Agenda News) How far can Facebook go as far as spying on you without telling you? Perhaps a better question would be, what can´t Facebook collect from its users. It can do anything it wants. The company has publicly admitted to practices that go beyond anything you could have probably come up with. ...Read More »

The Department Of Homeland Security Plans To Compile A List Of All Bloggers, Journalists And “Social Media Influencers”

Surveillance & Spying |  | Many were hoping that once Barack Obama was out of office we would see less of this Big Brother surveillance nonsense, but instead it seems to be getting even worse.  In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has just announced that it intends to compile a comprehensive list of hundreds of thousands of “journalists, editors, ...Read More »

Dragonfly Eye Algorithm: Big Brother Speaks Chinese

Surveillance & Spying |  | (The Real Agenda News) Perhaps the single most successful lie told by authorities worldwide is that people must be under continuous surveillance to remain safe. This excuse comes second to none, not even convenience, which is the reason why most people sacrifice their privacy. A third, interesting fact is that among the masses, most people still ...Read More »

Facebook is a Hotbed for Illegal Harvesting of Information (VIDEO)

Surveillance & Spying |  | (The Real Agenda News) Facebook wants and has more information from you than your friends’ list or your geolocation. The controversy that is revolving around Facebook does not stop, at least not completely. When Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate, many facts and doubts came to light. This is one of the reasons why ...Read More »

Victory: Virginia Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Police Use of License Plate Reader Technology to Track Drivers, Surveil Citizens

Surveillance & Spying |  | By The Rutherford Institute |  RICHMOND, Va. — The Virginia Supreme Court has delivered a blow to the police’s use of Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) to surveil citizens and track drivers’ movements. The Rutherford Institute filed an amicus brief in Neal v. Fairfax County Police Department challenging the police practice of collecting and storing ALPR data ...Read More »

Reality Check: Is Your Personal Data Safe Online? (VIDEO)

Surveillance & Spying |  | By Ben Swann, Truth in Media |  The Facebook scandal involving personal data mishandled by Cambridge Analytica has raised concerns over the privacy of the information we share on our social media accounts. Some countries have gone as far as to legislate Internet data privacy with laws granting the “right to be forgotten.” Yet Facebook ...Read More »

These Ex-Spies are Harvesting Facebook Photos for a Massive Facial Recognition Database

Surveillance & Spying |  | (FORTUNE)  When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, he tried to describe the difference between “surveillance and what we do.” “The difference is extremely clear,” a nervous-looking Zuckerberg said. “On Facebook, you have control over your information… the information we collect ...Read More »

Facebook's Facial Recognition Tool Faces Class Action Suit over Mishandling Biometric Data (VIDEO)

Surveillance & Spying |  | (RT) Facebook’s misuse of their users’ biometric information could potentially amount to billions of dollars in damages after a federal judge greenlighted an Illinois class action suit against the firm’s facial recognition feature. Facebook violated an Illinois state law by improperly using their photo-scanning and facial recognition technologies and storing biometric data without their users’ ...Read More »

Google's File on You Could be 10 Times Bigger than Facebook's - Here's How you Can Download it

Surveillance & Spying |  |   By Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution |  The perception of Facebook is at an all time low, and they’re receiving a lot of bad press. Despite the fact that it’s probably well deserved, Facebook has still provided a great opportunity for free speech, the sharing of information we never really hear from the mainstream media, and ...Read More »

Zuckerberg Denies that Facebook Uses your Phone's Microphone to Spy on you...Hmm

Surveillance & Spying |  | Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress again today to finish off a second day of questioning on Capitol Hill. His appearance was voluntary and came as a result of the recent Cambridge Analytica data breach that saw the loss of 80 million plus Facebook users’ data. Zuckerberg was questioned on a number of issues challenging Facebook ...Read More »

5 Privacies You Didn't Know You Lost (VIDEO)

Surveillance & Spying |  | By James Corbett, The Corbett Report | We all know that privacy is a thing of the past, right? Pfff. The government spying on everyone? That’s yesterday’s news. But if you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to the obtrusive police state panopticon, you’ve got another thing coming. Here are five privacies you didn’t even realize you ...Read More »

Dept. of Homeland Security will now Track the Actions and Opinions of Journalists and Media Influencers

Surveillance & Spying |  | News has recently come that the US Department of Homeland Security is now looking to build a media monitoring database to track journalists and their ‘sentiment.’ Included in this list will be other media influencers as well. This announcement garnered objection from journalists and influencers, which of course led them to be labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’  ...Read More »

Amazon Now Wants To Photograph Your Home Every Time They Make A Delivery

Surveillance & Spying |  | By Mac Slavo, SHTFplan |  Amazon has decided to offer a new service that seems innocent on the surface. The retailer has begun photographing packages left at homes and sending that picture to the customer’s email address to help them locate packages that may have been hidden. It all seems so innocent. But is it? According ...Read More »

NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users Since 2013, New Snowden Documents Reveal

Surveillance & Spying |  |   By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge |  During his 2015 trial, Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht’s defense attorneys raised questions about the government’s case that, although they were ultimately disregarded by the jury, have continued to bother crypto users with an affinity for so-called “conspiracy theories.” They pointed out vagaries in the FBI’s account of ...Read More »

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